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Re: Forever-Delayed Does WWE

I creamed. Michaels to go over Cena plz.

WWE Title
John Cena (c) vs. Shawn Michaels

- The same old story everywhere. Cena is the Champ. Michaels should win to freshen things up.

World Heavyweight Title
Edge (c) w/Lita vs. Christian w/Tyson Tomko and Maria

- Christian has been there before, he's been built well by you. He'll win.

Intercontinental Title
Umaga (c) w/Armando Alejandro Estrada vs. Rey Mysterio

- We all know the story. Big man looks undeniable, little man causes huge upset.

Money in the Bank and United States Title Ladder Match
Matt Hardy w/Shannon Moore vs. JBL vs. Chris Jericho vs. Gregory Helms w/Shelley Martinez vs. Kane vs. Rob Van Dam w/Paul Heyman vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Carlito (C)

- Picked a few coz I can't decide. Jericho is always gonna be the favourite, but your push with Hardy ended abruptly. Plus, RVD has been near the top in the thread before and deserves another chance. Can't seperate the three.

Tag Champions vs. Tag Champions
MNM (c) w/Melina vs. Londrick (c)

- As much as L/K are the faces, I think a heel needs a win and this could be the one for now. MNM are a quality tag team and with Melina, should get it done.

Hell in a Cell
Retirement Match

Brock Lesnar vs. The Undertaker

- LOL. Obvious. Taker doesn't lose at Mania. No matter what the stipulation, no matter the opponent. Taker wins. BUT, Lesnar won't retire. I think.

Street Fight for control of the WWE
Stone Cold Steve Austin is the Special Guest Referee

Vince McMahon w/The McMahon Family vs. Eric Bischoff w/Jonathon Coachman

- Should suck ass. Vince wins thanks to Austin, then Austin stuns everyone as he should and has a beer bash. RATINGS!

No Holds Barred
Mick Foley vs. Randy Orton

- Mick Foley @ Mania + Hardcore match = Jobbing. Orton needs a kickstart to a push, this is it.

Ric Flair's Final Match
Ric Flair vs. Triple H

- I want Flair to win his final match, but something tells me Triple H will win.

Kurt Angle vs. Batista

- I dislike Batista, so I am hoping Angle wins. Plz.

The Rock vs. Ken Kennedy

- Kennedy isn't ready to go over The Rock really. Rock should win. But, you never know. Maybe Kennedy wins cheaply, he definately should NOT win cleanly.

CM Punk vs. Kid Kash

- Obviously, Punk is gonna be pushed and Kash will go back to the CW division.


And now just a few questions relating to the ppv if you want to leave some more predictions

1 - What match will open the show? IC Title.

2 - What match will be the main event? Sadly Cena's match.

3 - How many titles will change hands? 2

4 - What will be the match of the night? Rock/Kennedy, Michaels/Cena, Triple H/Flair, MITB, Foley/Orton, HIAC. Possibilities are endless imo.

5 - What will be the biggest shock on the show? Kennedy beats Rock maybe? Cena "somehow" retains.

6 - Will there be any surprise appearances? Would it be Mania without them?

7 - What will be the biggest spot of the night? Something in MITB or the Hardcore match.

8 - Will there be any heel/face turns? If yes, who? Maybe Tomko or Maria turn on Christian?

9 - How will Ric Flair's career end? Either a win or a loss. Can't decide

10 - Who will be the 'star' of Wrestlemania 23? Pfft. Prolly Super Cena. Kennedy should be.

Should be a stellar show FD, I look forward to it.


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