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Re: Forever-Delayed Does WWE

Current Wrestlemania 23 Card

World Heavyweight Title
Edge (c) w/Lita vs. Christian w/Tyson Tomko and Maria
Awesome match despite having been done before by other BTBs. It hasn't been done here, and it has great a great long term story, and is a match both men deserve. Although it is becoming a bit meh'ish always seeing "Christian w/ Tyson Tomko and Maria". I think I am ready for Tomko to hit the bricks, tbh. Still can't envision WrestleMania ending with Christian, Tomko and Maria in the ring, as it did last year.

Intercontinental Title
Umaga (c) w/Armando Alejandro Estrada vs. Rey Mysterio
Loving this match up. Classic David vs. Goliath. Can't wait.

Tag Champions vs. Tag Champions
MNM (c) w/Melina vs. Londrick (c)
Another match that will be great to see. Two teams that never got the Mania spot they've deserved in real life. Great to see them used here.

Hell in a Cell
Retirement Match
Brock Lesnar vs. The Undertaker
Totally cool with Lesnar vs. Taker. Perhaps it should be Streak vs. Career, instead of just a career ending match, as Taker will obvioulsy win. Not liking a Hell in a Cell at Mania. I know it happend once, but wrestling was over the top then, and the idea of it is still over the top now. I just can't see the Mania arena housing a Cell hanging from the ceiling. Perhaps it should have been a casket match or a Last Ride Match or something. It will be entertaining nonetheless.

Street Fight for control of the WWE
Stone Cold Steve Austin is the Special Guest Referee
Vince McMahon w/The McMahon Family vs. Eric Bischoff w/Jonathon Coachman
This should be greatly entertaining, and is a match and story definitely worthy of a Mania build. Won't be a technical showing at all, but the fun factor should be there for sure.

Kurt Angle vs. Batista
Should be a good match. Haven't read the backstory, but Angle should certainly help bring the best out in big Dave.

The Rock vs. Ken Kennedy
This will be a good match too. Certainly the microphone buildup to the match would be the best part of the scenario, so it's unfortunate we won't be seeing that. The match won't be the greatest technical match ever, but it should be decent enough. Please let at least one of them cut a promo during the show. Gotta agree with my life partner Renegade though, KK is SOOOOO overated.

I'll pass along thoughts on the other bouts as you announce them, and give predics when the time comes. Good luck friend.
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