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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Nige’s Raw Review

First of all I must say that after that excellent Survivor Series PPV, I was and still am really hyped for tonight’s raw. So here we go with the review….

Orton coming out first was good. It really had to happen after his big win last night. Orton was in character from the get go and this made the promo very entertaining to read. I loved the way you wrote Orton to insult the crowd all the time. This was typical Orton fashion, especially when he was going on about what he has achieved at Survivor Series. Adding the Yankees comment was another good point because the crowd wouldn’t have liked that. Having Shane come out just added more good bits to the promo. I didn’t like the way Shane kept interrupting Orton, but then again that’s probably part of his character. Overall this promo started the show off in a good way, added a great match for tonight, added a great match for Saturday Night’s Main Event, and also moved on from Survivor Series which was good to see.

Punk vs Richards was an average match. I prefer reading promos than matches, but obviously whats a wrestling show without a match lol. The match was fine, and the aftermath was just fine too. I don’t like the Punk heel turn because I’m so used to seeing him face. However it shows you have the creative skill and the confidence to do something like this, and that gets my respect man. Especially because you did it so well too. I’m thinking there will be another match between these two, probably at Saturday Nights Main Event.

Well it looks like a Jericho/Kennedy feud is beginning to take shape. This is brilliant (I have started the same feud on my Raw brand because they are two of Raw’s best up and comers if you will. They are both gold on the mic, and with your writing skills, I’m sure you can pull this off greatly. This promo was okay, a bit boring, but Jericho was absolutely genius. Good work per usual man!

The Steph/Shane/Layla segment was okay I guess. It basically just got the point across that Extreme Expose are coming to Raw. This is good as it shows that getting rid of ECW was a good thing for this thread. However, I do think the promo tried to be more funny than it actually was. I’m not being harsh man, just what I thought whilst reading it.

Rhodes vs Carlito was good as it got them both on TV in an entertaining way. I knew Carlito was about to win. It doesn’t seem like Rhodes has a push in his path anytime soon, but I can see Carlito has something. This mystery man angle is brilliant. I am now excited to see who it actually is. Good work here man on keeping up the suspense.

Carlito and the mystery man backstage didn’t need to happen imo. It could have waited until next week. The Kennedy interview was a nice little addition though as it added more hype to the Kennedy/Jericho feud. I’m looking forward to see how you play this feud. I like the angle your going for too, with kennedy making out as if he’s the best star since Jericho went. Good characterisation again nige.

Jericho was always going to beat Marella otherwise there would be no point in the match. The whole situation with Marella blaming maria happened to fast imo. It was like the second or third line he said. It would have been netter to pan out this storyline for a few weeks before he blamed her. I might have missed something though because I have only really started reading. So my bad if you have been playing this storyline out for a while. Anyway it was cool to see Maria come out at the end of the match actually looking concerned for Marella. I think he will blame her for that loss too. I love the way you are starting new feuds here, they all seem to be unique in their own little way.

The Burke and Dreamer segment backstage was a real surprise. Good to see Dreamer get some TV time because he does deserve it. I’m intrigued about their match nect week now because here could be a possibility now that Dreamer actually leaves after the match. Good suspense building again.

Saturday Nights Main Event hype, it’s looking pretty cool man.

I was quite confused by the aftermath of match four. Was it actually Victoria or was it Mickie James, I just didn’t see how Victoria came into things. The aftermath was good however as you are building up the womans’s division nicely now.

Triple H and Stephanie were well written in their little segment backstage. It was nice little hype for the son storyline. It’s brilliant how you’ve kept this going for the amount of time you have done, without it getting stale. This shows how good of a booker you are Nige.

The main event was brilliant. Well written, and I like how the main event was longer than the other matches, this shows that you have got your priorities right. The content of the match itself was good and the ending was superbly written. Orton winning was goo because he is the WWE Champion and all, but I think a win for Jeff Hardt wouldn’t have been a bad thing in this situation.

The end promo was also showing off your skills. In my honest opinion the promo should have gone before the main event, but as I said before, this shows that your willing to be different and unique which is a very good quality not many bookers have. The promo was entertaining and I love how you had Triple H tease Kennedy whether he was the son or not. With him now not the son (supposedly) I’m left wondering who is.

Overall Nige, it took me a hell of a long time to do this review, but it damn sure was worth it. This is the one thread I have got glued to lately, and when I noticed Raw had been posted tonight I was surprised in a good way. The show moved on from Survivor Series which was good, and it was well written all the way through. You also kept the suspense up for next week. I’m looking forward to Smackdown now Nige, to see how their storylines progress from the PPV. Brilliant work again
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