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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Here we go, the RAW after SS.

Opening promo: Well I must say Orton was in character and I am waiting for somebody to shut him up as I am from NY lol (however some of this is true). You will get repped because I hate Yankees and Orton’s making fun of them. Anyway back to review…Shane is also in character, big announcement for the match tonight. Bigger announcement for SNME, sounds great. I expect to hear from HHH later in the show.

Punk v. Richards- Punk was in total control. Stevie got no attacks in this one. Seems like your trying to put Punk over as a bigger heel than I thought. Turing Punk heel is something I never saw coming so lets see how it plays out. I think it might be hard to pull off this change but his talking after the match was very good I must say. I’m looking forward to a Hardy/Punk feud which I assume is coming soon. Here comes Jeff. He doesn’t talk much in real life but I must say you got his character perfectly. Kind of expected Punk to run away but I didn’t expect Jeff to run down there in the first place.

Jericho/Grisham- Nice little interview. Kennedy/Y2J feud=ratings….or in this case good reviews. not much else to say here.

Layla/Shane-I don’t know why you are brining back Layla. I don’t think she’s so good in the ring and I don’t see a point in bringing back extreme expose but we will see where this goes I guess.

Carlito/Cody-This was an entertaining match. Good to see you brought back the old highflying Carlito. I don’t think I have ever seen him do a double springboard corkscrew senton but I probably have and just never knew that that was what it was called. I have no idea who this guy could be. I assume he’s from OVW because he wasn’t wearing a mask or anything. I’m eager to find out. I think it might be Carlito’s brother actually.

Kennedy interview- Kennedy in character ( I see your promos are your specialty, they have all been great tonight) all I have to say was I don’t think Kennedy would say that he shouldn’t have been eliminated. I think he would brag more about crushing Jericho. I like how he dissed out Fozzy and how he thinks he is so much better. Good promo, lets see what this business is.

Santino/y2j-Glad Maria is gone. I don’t why WWE still has them together. Now for the match. This was a better match then I expected. I assumed this would be a squash. I assume he will blame Maria for not helping.

Burke/Dreamer-Nothing too special about this. I am not all that excited for this match next week but we will see how it turns out. Hopefully Burke will be added to the IC title hunt.

Londrick and Mickie vs. Beth and Redneck Wrecking Crew- Very fast paced match as is every match with Londrick. Hopefully this is the beginning of a C and M/Londrick feud. That would be fun to read.

Aftermath- This was a little bit weird. I doubt the chair would make her bleed so much but I guess the point here was Beth and Victoria entering a feud. Victoria deserves a title match, she’s one of the greatest divas in WWE right now so I hope a feud happens and Victoria ends up winning.

HHH/Steph-I thought you might just drop the son angle but I guess not. Hopefully this works out for the better, especially now that Horny isn’t the son. I do think Shane will tell Vince though. Good promo.

Orton/ Hardy- Well I can see a nice little beat down happening in the end due to the fact that Punk is at the table. This was MOTN by far. All big moves happening at the right times. I assumed Orton would win due to Punk distraction. This Punk/Jeff feud could really be good. I think that HHH is gonna come out to save Jeff from a 2 on 1 beat down….if there s one that is….nope there’s not. Still a good match.

HHH/Kennedy- Kennedy in character again. Maybe a little too much of an asshole but still its fine. I had a feeling he’d come say he was Vince’s son. HHH also in character, I hope he revels the son tonight. I have no idea who it could be, I assumed it was Kennedy but now I don’t think so. HHH was pretty funny in this one. I am guessing HHH vs. Kennedy next week. I doubt he’s taking the title off Orton.

Overall a good show. I was expecting some bigger matches such as rematches but i guess you're saving all the good stuff for SNME. I am eager to find out Carlito's friend and who Vince's son is. This SNME should be really good if you put the matches i think you will on the card.

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