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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

RAW Results
19th November 2007

Syracuse, New York

A recap from the Survivor Series

• Triple H defeating Mr. McMahon in the Streetfight
• Randy Orton overcoming the 3 on 1 odds to win the elimination match

“Wanna Be Loved”


***No time for introductions***

“Burn in my Light” blasts out and a very smug looking Randy Orton walks down to the ring in jeans and a shirt with the WWE Championship over his shoulder


Randy Orton:
You people should be ashamed of yourselves. You should show me the respect I deserve as the WWE Champion


Randy Orton: With all the crap this city has to offer, it’s about time it had a winner, and tonight you’ve got one right in front of your very eyes, in the legend killer, the WWE Champion, Randy Orton


Randy Orton: You all need to shut up, get some respect and listen to what the hell I have to say. But then again, it’s no secret that New Yorkers live up their own ass than to show real winners any kind of respect


Randy Orton: Yeah, I thought that might get the response I wanted, but you have to sit back and understand just what happened last night. . . See last night at the Survivor Series, I eclipsed all other achievements ever set, even ones set by myself. . . Over the course of five years, I Randy Orton have left the Survivor Series as the sole survivor. Four years, you hear that? Four times I’ve walked out to this ring and out lasted every other superstar that is put in front of me. And one by one I knock them out of the park, just like every team playing against the Yankees


Randy Orton: Whether you like it or not, it doesn’t matter because it’s the truth. One by one I took apart three former World Champions, beating every single one of them in the middle of the damn ring. It didn’t matter how hard they tried, how close they came, the only thing that matters is that only one person was left standing at the end of the night, and that was me!


Randy Orton: There’s no need to get upset, it’s just natural. But then again you people probably wouldn’t understand the concept of what I call progression. See last night I didn’t just beat three former World Champions one after another against the odds, I put the legacy of Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker firmly in the past, just where it should be. And as far as Chris Jericho goes, he just found himself in the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong person. It was a performance that I would call legendary, a champion’s performance if you will. I put on a performance that no one else in the WWE could, I survived the best that this company has to offer and proved to everyone, even you ungrateful morons that I am without a shadow of a doubt, the greatest superstar ever to have graced this ring. .


“Here Comes the Money” hits as Shane McMahon walks out to the ramp with a microphone in hand


Randy Orton: With all due respect Shane, I’m kind of in the middle. . .

Shane McMahon: . . . And Randy, that’s as far as you’re gonna get, because someone had to come out here and stop you from forcing these people to stand up and walk out of the arena


Randy Orton: Look, these people need to hear what. . .

Shane McMahon: . . . These people need you to shut up, just like I need you to shut up as I have something to say. . . Yeah Randy, last night you showed us all just how talented you are and that you are a deserving WWE Champion. But the fact of the matter is you weren’t the only person who put on a performance of a champion last night. . . See, Jeff Hardy was actually defending his Intercontinental Championship in an elimination match, and ended up leaving with the title intact


Randy Orton: Shane, there’s a real big difference between who Jeff Hardy beat and who I beat last night

Shane McMahon: Randy, you’re absolutely right, but then again you were talking earlier about something called progression and that sounds a lot to me like how Jeff Hardy is performing right now. . . And tonight Randy, you thought you would come out here and tell us all how great you are, put your feet up and then go home. . . But I have an ever so small problem with that Randy in the fact that as being the acting general manager of Raw, that doesn’t really set well with what I have in store for these people tonight


Shane McMahon: So tonight Randy, right here in that very ring, you will be going one on one. . . with Jeff Hardy


Shane McMahon: We can call it a match of champions if you will

Randy Orton: You’re not serious? Shane, I went through hell to win that. . .

Shane McMahon: . . . Randy, I’m deadly serious. Tonight you will face Jeff Hardy, but that’s not it. . . See in just four weeks time, Saturday Night’s Main Event makes its return, and what kind of a return would it be without the greatest ever superstar to have graced that ring?


Randy Orton: What the hell are you trying to say?

Shane McMahon: What I’m trying to say is, that in under four weeks time, you will be defending your WWE Championship against another former champion, only one you didn’t beat last night


Shane McMahon: You will be defending the WWE Championship against not just a former World Champion, but an eleven time World Champion, the man who last night bled buckets and gave it his all against my own father in a streetfight

***HUGE POP***

Shane McMahon: At Saturday Nights Main Event, you will be facing. . . The King of Kings, The Game, Triple H for the WWE Championship

***HUGE POP***

“Here Comes the Money” hits as Shane smile at Orton, who shakes his head and looks absolutely livid


The aftermath of the Intercontinental Championship elimination match from the Survivor Series last night and CM Punk turning on Jeff Hardy after Jeff retained by pinning Elijah Burke


Stevie Richards vs. CM Punk

Punk dominates since the start, fending off any Richards attack and looking very aggressive as he hit Stevie with some real hard kicks to the mid section. As he tries to wrap the match up, he walks over to the apron after a succession of knees to the head of Stevie and waits for him to get up, holding onto the top rope. Stevie then picks himself up looking groggy and turns round as Punk then springboards off the top rope and connects with a SPRINGBOARD CLOTHESLINE. . . Punk stands right back up with a determined look on his face as he pulls Stevie up to his feet and whips him into the corner. He then charges in and nails him with a knee smash to the side of Stevie’s head and holds onto it as he then turns round, runs out of the corner and plants him with a BULLDOG. . . With the crowd booing Punk as he stands up, he urges Stevie up, lying in wait and looking like he’s ready to explode. As Stevie slowly picks himself up, he then turns round as Punk pounces, lifting him onto his shoulders and sending him crashing back down to the mat with the GTS. . . Punk drops down to the mat and hooks the leg, looking completely emotionless as the ref counts the fall 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . 3.

AFTERMATH: “This Fire Burns” hits as Punk stands back up, walks over to the ropes and demands a microphone as he then walks back to the middle of the ring and his music stops. Stevie is helped out of the ring by the referee as Punk looks on before lifting the microphone to his mouth


CM Punk: I gather by all the heat I’m getting right now, you wanna know just why I did what I did last night to a certain Jeff Hardy


CM Punk: The simple fact is that I don’t owe you or anybody any kind of explanation whatsoever, but being the straight up guy that I am, you are going to get one. . . See all I’ve heard all day back there is guys who aren’t even at my level say that I’m jealous of Jeff Hardy’s popularity and jealous of the fact he won last night and kept the Intercontinental Championship at my expense


CM Punk: That’s why what you people think is completely irrelevant and wrong, because you just jump on the bandwagon and go along with what ever the person sat next to you, in front of you and behind you does. You don’t have a clue what is going on and what could possibly go on inside this ring


CM Punk: You all think you know what goes on, but you don’t. This ring is my home, the place where I excel to a point that no one else can, including Jeff Hardy. And that’s where my problem lies see. It was Jeff Hardy who blindsided me last night, not the other way round like everyone seems to think. It was me who was in the ring with the chance to win the title, and when I had my back to Jeff, what does he do? He makes a blind tag and finishes the match


CM Punk: It’s well known that I am a team player and a straight up guy, and last night I went out and was that same guy, only it was Jeff Hardy who turned the tables and stabbed me in the back. Jeff is the selfish one in all this, not me. He deprived me of becoming the Intercontinental Champion and do you really think I was going to stand back and let him get one over CM Punk? No, that’s not gonna happen. . . See Jeff, this business and the competition that it presents means everything to me and I’m not gonna allow you to hold me back because of your own selfishness. . .

“Loaded” blasts out & Jeff Hardy walks out to the entrance with a microphone in hand

***HUGE POP***

Jeff Hardy: Punk man, you’re not making me out to be the bad guy in all this dude, it was you who stabbed me in the back, not the other way round. If you wanted a shot at the Intercontinental title man, all you had to do was ask

CM Punk: Oh Jeff, it’s way more than that. I want to make you realise that you are the one who caused me to kick your ass and take that strap off your shoulder like I’m going to. But if you’re not man enough Jeff. . .

Jeff Hardy: . . . Man enough huh. Let’s see shall we. . . Last night you say I stabbed you in the back and you didn’t see it coming. Well look real close, because this you will see coming


Jeff runs down the ramp and drops the microphone. He slides into the ring, but Punk turns to the side and slips under the bottom rope, leaving the microphone in the ring as Jeff looks on frustrated

Punk walks round the ring and stares intensely at Jeff and clearly mouths at him “On my terms Jeff, not yours”. Jeff looks right back at Punk and urges him into the ring, but Punk just backs up the ramp as “Loaded” plays again


Todd Grisham is standing by

Todd Grisham:
Please welcome my guest at this time. . . Y2J, Chris Jericho

***HUGE POP***

Jericho walks into the shot, looking quite serious

Todd Grisham:
Chris, last night you were on the unfortunate side of a victory for Team Orton as you and Team HBK lost out. What are your thoughts?

Chris Jericho: My thoughts huh Todd. What do I think about last night? . . . Let me think for a minute. . . no actually wait, I’m there. I think I’m a little pissed off. . . actually I’m very pissed off Todd as it happens. And before you ask why, it might have something to do with that bleached haired fairy who is too stupid he has to say own name twice to remember just who the hell he is, hitting me in the head with a steel chair


Chris Jericho: Yeah that’s it. Those are my damn thoughts ass clown

Todd Grisham: It seems like you and Mr. Kennedy have got off on the wrong foot so to speak

Chris Jericho: Wow someone’s on the ball tonight. I think even double K can see past his own eyeballs to figure out what he did last night and realise it was a big mistake. . . See I know I’ve not been around for a while and that this oversized ego of his doesn’t seem to know what Y2J Chris Jericho is all about. No one with half a brain cell would be stupid enough to scramble my head with a steel chair, but then again he obviously is that stupid

Jericho looks right into the camera with a focused look on his face

Chris Jericho: You might wanna look real close at this Kenny boy because I’m only gonna say it once. . . Y2J is back baby, and last night you made a big dumb mistake, just like Mrs. Kennedy nine months before she pushed out that disgusting, hideous creature known as KENNEDYYYYYY. . . Kenny boy, you better get ready because you’re about to find out why Raw is JERICHOOOOO!


Jericho turns round and walks out of the shot, still looking very focused


Backstage, we see Shane McMahon in his office with Stephanie McMahon Helmsley, sitting down as there’s a knock at the door


Shane stands up as Layla from Extreme Expose walks in, with quite a cleavage on display

Shane McMahon:
Hey, what can I do for you?

Layla: I know we’ve not met, but I’m Layla from Extreme Expose on ECW, well before it got. . . well you know what happened

Shane McMahon: Yeah I remember, how can I not remember you? You won the diva search last year and have put on many an impressive performance on ECW, it has to be said

Layla: Yeah that’s right, and it’s kind of why I’m here Mr. McMahon

Shane McMahon: Layla, you have my undivided attention. And please call me Shane, there's no need to be too formal around me

Stephanie looks up and smiles as Layla looks at her and back to a smitten Shane

Layla: Well since ECW finished, I’ve not had anything to do around here and I thought that maybe you could give me a chance to come to Raw

Shane McMahon: Layla, I think that’s a great idea. You’re exactly what we need on Raw right now. . . Hey, how about we bring extreme expose to Raw?

Layla: Shane, I’d love too, it’s just that Kelly Kelly and I don’t get along. I was thinking about. . .

Shane McMahon: . . . Hey, don’t worry about that Layla. I’m sure I can figure something out for you here on Raw

Layla smiles as Stephanie continues to laugh to herself. Layla then hugs Shane

Layla: Oh thank you Shane, you won’t regret it, I promise

Layla lets go and turns round to walk out of the door with a big smile on her face. Shane doesn’t take his eyes off her as she leaves the room

Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley: Shane, do you want me to wipe the dribble off your chin for you?

Shane doesn’t seem to notice as he looks at the door before snapping out of it and turning round

Shane McMahon: You say something Steph?

Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley: What exactly are you going to do with her?

Shane smiles as Steph then shakes her head

Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley: Actually don’t answer that, I’m going to find her Hunter

Shane McMahon: Yeah whatever

Steph walks out of the room as Shane nods his head for a second and tightens his tie


***MATCH #2***

Cody Rhodes vs. Carlito

Carlito started the match on top, but Cody got back into it, countering a missile dropkick by sidestepping it and then hitting a standing dropkick of his own as Carlito got back up. He then lifts Carlito up to his feet and hits him with a BIONIC ELBOW. . . Cody then makes his own way to the top rope and waits patiently as Carlito stands back up, and as Carlito gets to his feet, Cody leaps off and connects with a DIVING CROSS BODY 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . Carlito rolls through for a cover of his own 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . Cody pushes off and both get back to their feet as Carlito is then whipped into the ropes, but as he comes back, he back flips over Cody, runs through and hits a SPRINGBOARD BACK ELBOW. . . Carlito then runs to the corner and then goes for a DOUBLE SPRINGBOARD CORKSCREW SENTON. . . Cody gets his knees up and into Carlito’s chest, getting a pop from the sell out crowd. As Cody then gets back up to his feet and Carlito picks himself up to his knees, a tanned man with dark hair, wearing jeans and a white long sleeve shirt walks down the aisle, distracting Cody as he sets Carlito up for a DDT. . . The guy then steps up onto the apron, forcing Cody to let go of Carlito, who just drops to his knees. Cody walks across the ring and looks confused at the guy on the apron who then drops down as Carlito then walks behind Cody and plants him with the BACK STABBER. . . Carlito then turns over and covers Cody 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . 3.

AFTERMATH: “Cool” hits as Carlito stands back up and gets his arm raised by the referee. He turns round as the unknown guy slides into the ring and hugs Carlito before they both look down and grin as Cody starts to sit up


Backstage, Todd Grisham is waiting backstage as we see Carlito and the guy from before walking past as Grisham shouts towards them

Todd Grisham:
GUYS! Hold on

Carlito turns back

Carlito: What d’ya want?

Todd Grisham: Who is that you’re with?

Carlito: All in good time Todd, all in good time

Grisham then turns round as Mr. Kennedy walks into the shot with a smug look on his face


Mr. Kennedy: I believe you wanted to ask me a few questions, so I’d appreciate it if you got on with it as I’ve got a lot to do tonight

Todd Grisham: Okay. . . Last night you were part of the victorious Team Orton that beat Team HBK. . .

Mr. Kennedy: . . . That’s right. As if there was ever any doubt to which team would win, all you had to do was look at Team Orton and just see the sheer talent and greatness that was assembled. Not only did you have Finlay, the toughest bastard you could ever have the misfortune to meet, you had the United States Champion, MVP and the WWE Champion, Randy Orton. But of course, there was one star that made that team what it was and that star was Mr. Kennedy


Todd Grisham: Well, I have to ask you about Chris Jericho. I was speaking to him earlier on tonight and he is slightly angry about what you did to him last night in what eliminated you from the match

Mr. Kennedy: I should never have been eliminated at all last night, there was some kind of conspiracy between Michaels’ Team and the referee. There was no way that anyone from that team actually beat me, so I’d get my facts right if I were you before I wipe that pathetic look off your face

Todd Grisham: The facts don’t lie, you were eliminated because you hit Jericho with a steel chair, something that caused him to be eliminated. And it’s fair to say he’s not too happy about it

Mr. Kennedy: I don’t care if he’s happy about it or not, he’s just got to live with that and the fact that since he’s come back, there’s a bigger star around here than him. He can talk himself up all he wants, but it’s obvious to everyone that if Raw is anyone’s show, it’s not Jericho’s, it’s mine


Mr. Kennedy: I mean, who the hell does this guy think he is? He says he left the WWE to become a rock star, but because his band sucked so much, he thinks he’s gonna come back to Raw and try and take my spot. Well you look at me Jericho, once I’m through sorting out some extremely important business tonight, I’ll make sure I give you the welcome back you deserve and smash the other side of your face with a steel chair. . . But right now, I’ve got business to attend to


Kennedy stares into the camera for a second before walking to the side as Grisham looks slightly confused


Santino is in the ring with Maria

Last night there was a carriage miss of justice. I was having my chance to get back my Inter-conti-nental Champion-ship, but for some a reason or another, it was a taken away from me. And you know whose fault it is? . . . It is Maria’s fault


Maria looks shocked as Santino turns to her with a look of anger on his face

Santino: Maria, I was a going to win, but thanks to you I am stood here with an empty hand that should be full of gold, but I am not. And to make sure I do not a lose again tonight Maria, I want you to go leave this a ring and wait for me to beat 2YJ


Maria looks really upset as Santino drops the mic, grabs her hands and tries to drag her to the ropes

“Break the Walls Down” blasts out and Chris Jericho walks out to the ring. Santino lets go of Maria to turn his attention to Jericho, who still looks upset and then walks to the back

***MATCH #3***

Chris Jericho vs. Santino Marella

Santino tried every dirty tactic in the book after back tracking from Jericho as much as he could, managing to convince the referee to look behind and then low blowing Jericho. He stomps the hell out of Jericho as he lies on the mat before dropping down and going for a cover 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . Jericho gets a shoulder up as Santino then sits up and looks angrily at the referee for a couple of seconds before then standing up to his feet and pulling a squirming Jericho back up. As he lifts Jericho up, Santino is shocked as Y2J hits him with a couple of right hands to the stomach and stands right back up, where he then chops Marella across the chest a couple of times and whips him into the ropes and then connects with a BACK ELBOW SMASH. . . He then lifts Santino back up and tries for an irish whip, but it’s reversed by Marella, and as Jericho comes back off the ropes, he slides through Santino’s legs and then connects with an ENZIGURI. . . There’s a huge pop for Jericho as he then grabs Santino by the legs, turns him over and locks in the WALLS OF JERICHO. . . Santino screams out in pain as Jericho puts the pressure on the Italian. Then, Maria runs down the ramp looking concerned for Santino as he sees her and continues to fight the hold for a nearly five seconds before tapping out. . . IT’S OVER!

AFTERMATH: “Break the Walls Down” hits as Jericho stands up, gets his arm raised and then poses for the crowd as Maria looks in from the outside as Santino starts to come round and looks angrily towards Maria


Elijah Burke is walking backstage and doesn’t look too happy as he then turns round a corner and bumps right into Tommy Dreamer


Tommy Dreamer:
HEY! Watch where you’re going

Elijah Burke: You got something to say me old timer?

Tommy Dreamer: Keep talking to me like that and I will

Elijah Burke: What, am I supposed to be scared by that huh? Get real Dreamer. . . see even your name says it. You’re a dreamer, and Tommy, I ain’t

Tommy Dreamer: Really. So is that why you didn’t win your match last night?


Burke stands back from Dreamer, looking pissed

Elijah Burke: My match has got nothing to do with you. And since you asked, it’s a travesty that I’m not the Intercontinental Champion right now after the show I put on last night. I did everything I could, but it was stolen away from me Tommy. . . STOLEN

Tommy Dreamer: It didn’t look that way to me

Elijah Burke: Well maybe you need to get your eyes tested. Hey, you’re about due for your retirement, maybe you should do it quick huh before all your body parts fail too

Tommy Dreamer: There’s life in me yet, trust me. . . If you don’t believe it, I’ll more than happily show you the old fashioned away next week in the ring


Burke smirks

Elijah Burke: You seriously wanna piece of me?

Tommy Dreamer: I sure do

Elijah Burke: You know what? I’m not gonna let an old man down. . . Next week, you’ll get your last request, and then I’ll finish your career


Dreamer starts breathing heavy as Burke just grins and walks off up the hall

A brief history of Saturday Night’s Main Event

NARRATOR: It has a place in WWE history. . . It has a place in the history of sports entertainment. . . but it also has a place in its future. . . For Christmas will not be the same this year for the stars of Raw and Smackdown as Saturday Night’s Main Event makes its return. . . Live on NBC!

The clip cut to a graphic showing “Saturday 22nd December. . . Shaking Up Saturday Night. . . Live on NBC”



The end of the World Tag Team Championship elimination match and the Womens Championship match from the Survivor Series

• Paul London & Brian Kendrick winning the tag titles from Cade & Murdoch
• Beth Phoenix tossing Victoria out of the ring and pinning Mickie James after Victoria hit the Widow’s Peak

**Just before the bell rings, “Lady to Mess With” hits & Victoria makes her way down to the announce table and sits down next to the table, not at it, staring at Beth Phoenix**

***MATCH #4***

Paul London, Brian Kendrick & Mickie James vs. Lance Cade, Trevor Murdoch & Beth Phoenix

Beth looks in control of Mickie after a hard falling clothesline and then tries to finish her off as she lifts her back up to her feet. She then stomps Mickie in the gut and places her head between her legs for a POWERBOMB. . . She is able to lift Mickie above her head, but as she’s about to slam her to the mat, Mickie counters with a HURRICANRANA. . . She’s able to hold onto the legs for a pin 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . KICK OUT! . . . Phoenix is shocked as they both get back to their feet, and back tracks to her corner where she tags Lance Cade in. Mickie’s left with no choice as she then turns back and tags in Paul London. The moment London steps through the ropes, Cade charges at him, but London ducks under the outstretched arm and then hits Cade as he turns round with a DROPSAULT. . . There’s a big pop for London, until Murdoch then decides to get in the ring and charges at him, but London sees him coming and hits him with a DROPSAULT. . . Murdoch is knocked under the bottom rope and off the apron as London then makes the tag to Kendrick. London though stands by the ropes and as Murdoch gets up, he hits a SLINGSHOT CROSS BODY. . . The crowd goes crazy as London lands on the apron and Kendrick stands on the top rope, jumps down as Cade gets up and hits a MISSILE DROPKICK. . . Phoenix then gets in the ring, prompting Mickie to climb through the ropes as she then charges and takes Phoenix down with a SPEAR. . . Cade starts to pull himself back up as Kendrick then runs at him, grabs him by the head, runs to the corner and connects with the SLICED BREAD. . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . 3.

AFTERMATH: “Hey You” hits as London & Kendrick celebrate with Mickie as Beth Phoenix rolls off the apron. After standing back up, she walks over to collect her title belt and then walks past the announce table to stop and look at Victoria. Beth smiles and Victoria then stands up as the two then square up. Beth then turns her head, but quickly turns back and smashes Victoria across the head with the title belt. But as Victoria falls, she drops back and hits her head on the edge of the chair she was sitting on, causing her head to cut open. Beth looks on as blood oozes out of Victoria’s head, and then EMT’s rush down to check on Victoria


Footage is shown of Victoria being taken up the ramp on stretcher by EMT’s and then put into an ambulance during the commercial break. JR & King say she has lost blood and that she is out cold


Backstage, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley are in their dressing room

***BIG POP***

Triple H has stitches in his head and has other visible cuts to his face

Triple H:
Steph, I know what I did to your dad last night was a little over the top, but everything he’s put us through just came flooding through my head and I couldn’t stop it. . . Plus, have to be honest, I kind of enjoyed it

Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley: Hunter, it’s fine, you don’t have to explain to me. When I saw him last night after your match, I was a little worried. I know he’s still in hospital right now, but he’s okay and it’s just precautionary. . . I think what mum and Shane said about the tough love was right, he deserved what he got last night

Triple H: Good things come to those who wait

Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley: Look Hunter, I need to talk to you about something

Triple H: Sounds serious Steph

Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley: It is

They both sit down

Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley: You know that dad knows now about us making out Hornswoggle was his son. . . well Shane came to see me last night before your match and he asked me who our brother actually is

Triple H looks stunned

Triple H: What, and you told him?

Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley: Hunter, I had to, he’s my brother. He has a right to know. But Hunter, he promised not to tell dad, Shane even told him that he couldn’t his kids

Triple H looks at the floor for a couple of seconds before seeming to cool down

Triple H: Yeah, I guess you’re right. Shane’s a good guy, but you do realise that Vince is going to do everything he can to find out who his son really is

Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley: That’s why I was thinking, maybe we should tell him ourselves. He’s going to find out anyway

Triple H: Steph, I know it’s hard for you, but I’d let him worry about that and not us. It’d be like he won if he told him who his son is and that we’ve forgiven him for all the crap he’s put us through the last couple of years. You really want that?

Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley: Yeah, I guess you’re right

Triple H: Look, I know it’s hard for you Steph, but you’ve got me now. You don’t need your dad, and you know, now he’s out of the way for a bit, maybe I can win the WWE Championship without him doing everything he can to stop me. And then everything will have worked out for best

Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley: You’re right. Soon it could all be over

Triple H smiles as Stephanie then puts her arms around him


**Before both Jeff Hardy and Randy Orton make their way to the ring, “This Fire Burns” blasts out & CM Punk walks down and joins JR & The King at the announce table**

Jim Ross: What in the hell are you doing out here?

CM Punk: I didn’t ask you what you’re doing so shut up JR

Jim Ross: After what you did last night, I think I’ve got every right to ask. . .

CM Punk: What do you want me to say JR? I’m down here to beat the crap out of Jeff Hardy huh. That what you want me to say . . . Well I’m sorry to disappoint you JR, but I’m simply here to call the match like you, so keep your nose out of my business otherwise you might be going to sleep earlier than you think


Jeff Hardy vs. Randy Orton

A real back and forth match for the most part with Orton edging it slightly. As the match comes towards the end, Orton nails a tired looking Jeff with right hand after right hand in the middle of the ring and then whips him into the ropes, but as Jeff comes back, he catches Orton with a SPINNING WHEEL KICK. . . The crowd react with cheers as Jeff picks himself back up, followed by Orton as Jeff then puts the WWE Champion on the back foot with a series of right hands. Knocking Orton against the ropes, Jeff then whips him into the opposite ropes and then runs at him as he comes back, hitting him with a FLYING FOREARM. . . Orton drops to the mat as the crowd go nuts again. Orton is quick to follow Jeff back up to his feet as Jeff then kicks Orton in the gut and then nails him with the LEG FEED SPINNING MULE KICK. . . The roof is close to coming off as Jeff then runs into the corner, jumps up to the top rope as Orton gets back up and then jumps off, turning in air, hitting the WHISPER IN THE WIND. . . Huge pop as Jeff then scurries across and makes a cover on Orton 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . SHOULDER UP. . . Sighs ring out as the disappointment is obvious at Orton’s kick out. Jeff then gets back up, not letting himself get frustrated as he waits for Orton to get up, stomps him in the gut and then sets him up for the TWIST OF FATE. . . The fans are on their feet, but Orton is quick to escape, slip behind and then immediately nails Jeff with a SIDE INVERTED BACK BREAKER. . . The crowd’s disappointment again is obvious, but Orton doesn’t mess about as he quickly turns over and hooks Jeff’s legs 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . NO! . . .

Orton looks a little annoyed as he then gets right back up, reaches down and pulls Jeff up, whips him hard into the corner, runs in and goes for a clothesline. Jeff though lifts his feet up into the face of Orton, who then turns round and staggers out of the corner as Jeff pulls himself up to the second rope and then leaps off. But Orton turns round and hits Jeff with a big STANDING DROPKICK. . . Orton looks in control now as he is able to stand back up as Jeff starts to squirm around. Orton then backs up into the opposite corner and stalks his prey as Jeff starts to sit up. That gives Orton all the encouragement he needs as he charges towards Jeff and goes for the RUNNING PUNT. . . But Jeff pulls his head back as Orton runs through into the corner pads. Jeff jumps back up to his feet as Orton then turns round into a kick to the gut from Jeff, who then plants him with the TWIST OF FATE. . . Massive cheers ring out inside the arena, but it takes Jeff a couple of seconds to get back up to his feet before slightly hobbling towards the corner and climbing to the top rope. But as he gets there, CM Punk stands up at the announce table, distracting Jeff, who then turns his head to talk smack at Punk, but gets it right back. Punk then turns his head to look at Orton who remains on the mat. Jeff then turns back, stands up straight and leaps off the top for the SWANTON BOMB. . . OH NO! . . . Orton rolls to the side, helped by the delay, but Jeff is able to roll through into a forward roll in time. As he gets back up, Orton is already up as Jeff then turns round and runs at Orton who is able to leap up and hit Jeff with an almighty RKO. . . Orton turns over and hooks the leg as Mike Chioda counts the fall 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . 3.

AFTERMATH: “Burn in My Light” hits as Orton gets back up to his feet and is passed his title belt by Chioda. Punk remains on his feet and just smiles as he then walks round the ring and back up the ramp as Orton raises his belt in the air


A short highlight reel of Lashley’s Raw history is shown, ending in a black screen with the words



“Wreckin’ Ball” hits & Mr. Kennedy walks down to the ring in casual clothes with a serious look on his face


Kennedy demands a mic, not looking up to the ceiling

Mr. Kennedy:
Look, you all need to shut the hell up because I’m out here for a very important reason, so I’d appreciate it if you shut your stinking holes while I get on with what I have to say


Mr. Kennedy: I don’t know if you heard me, but I told you to shut the hell up


Mr. Kennedy: You know what, screw it, I don’t even care if you hear this or not, because it doesn’t even involve you. . . Now Triple H, I know you’re back there, but I need you to get the hell down here, right here right now


Kennedy waits for around ten seconds, pacing from side to side

Mr. Kennedy: Come on, I haven’t got all night

“The Game” blasts out and Triple H walks down to the ring

***HUGE POP***

Mr. Kennedy: Thanks for rushing down here

Triple H: I was just about to get the hell out of here and I hear you shouting your mouth off for me to come down here, so just what the hell do you want?

Mr. Kennedy: What I want is for you to tell me what I’ve known for the last couple of months, what these people all know and that is the identity of Mr. McMahon’s secret son. See everyone knows who that person is, everyone knows that it could only be one person, and that person is me


Triple H smiles and warms to the situation

Triple H: You think your Vince’s son?

Mr. Kennedy: You’re damn right I do. Isn’t it obvious?

Triple H: Hey, I can’t argue with that, you do both have a lot of similar qualities. You both have strong personalities, you try and get what you want, you’re both the most arrogant people I’ve ever met, but without a shadow of a doubt, you are both assholes!


Triple H: And not small ones either. I’m talking big, wide, stretched assholes like you’ve had each others head hiding up there on a daily basis


Mr. Kennedy: You think that’s funny huh? You think this whole situation is funny don’t you. Well it’s not, so just tell me

Triple H: As a matter of fact, I am enjoying myself and screwing with Vince’s head was almost as funny as seeing you squirm right now. But if you want me to be serious, I will be because like you said, it’s not a laughing matter, relationships are at stake here right?

Mr. Kennedy: Right

Triple H: So, let me cut right to the chase because I kind of like ya

Kennedy looks bewildered

Triple H: Na, not really, but I will tell you want you and these people want to know. . . To answer your question if you’re Vince’s son, I have to say that. . . you are. . . NOT Vince’s son


Mr. Kennedy: You’re lying, I know you are. I am Vince's son. . . Everyone knows it, just grow a pair and admit it

Triple H: Why would I lie huh? What have. . .

Mr. Kennedy: . . . Oh come on, you want to screw with Vince’s head as much as you can

Triple H: Look I did all I had to last night as far as Vince goes. All I want now is to get back the WWE Championship at Saturday Night’s Main Event when I face Randy Orton. Vince can stay at home recovering for all I care

Mr. Kennedy: BULL! Tell me the truth Triple H, you’ve got the proof

Triple H: You’re right I do. But the proof doesn’t just come from what I’ve been told by the son’s mother, it also comes from what I already know

Mr. Kennedy: Oh yeah, and what’s that?

Triple H: See, I’ve seen your mum backstage a couple of times right?

Mr. Kennedy: Yeah you might have, but you bette be damn careful what you say

Triple H: See I thought that was the case, but I see why you think you could have been Vince’s son had I already not known what I do. That being that not even Vince, not even Vincent Kennedy McMahon would become so desperate or sink that low to have sex with your mother


Kennedy snaps and throws a punch at Triple H, but The Game blocks it, kicks him in the gut and pedigrees him. But before he gets back up, Randy Orton runs down the aisle and slides in the ring. He stalks Triple H as he gets up, and as Triple H turns round, Orton leaps up and connects with an RKO. The crowd boo like crazy as Orton stands back up and stares down at Triple H as Raw goes off the air


CM Punk df.
Stevie Richards
Carlito df. Cody Rhodes
Chris Jericho df. Santino Marella
Paul London, Brian Kendrick & Mickie James df. Lance Cade, Trevor Murdoch & Beth Phoenix
Randy Orton df. Jeff Hardy

Tommy Dreamer df.
Colt Cabana
Hardcore Holly df. Jim Duggan
Elijah Burke df. Val Venis


WWE Championship
Triple H vs. Randy Orton (c)

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