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Re: Official Indy DVD Help Thread

Unfinished Business 2007

Larry Sweeney vs. Claudio Castignoli - ** 1/2

Fun way to open the show. Match consists of Sweeney working a southern heel style to get the best of Claudio, using cheap tricks such a choking him with tape, ahh that Sweeney is always good times.

Allison Danger & Sara Del Rey vs. Daffney & Talia Madison - * 1/2
Pretty unspectacular women's match (not that I expect much out of Allison Danger) with a run in!

The Heartbreak Express & Pelle Primaeu vs. The Heart Throbs & Shiima Xion - ** 1/4
I don't know what is more frightening, HBX as faces or the fact that I thought the Heart Throbs looked rather good and were the best part of the match. Still just a card filler tag team match.

Jack Evans vs. Gran Akuma - ***
Well Akuma to be quite frank doesn't seem to be capable of bringing much personality or storytelling ability to his matches (IMO) but he can do some pretty fancy MOVEZ! And thats what this is, a MOVEZ match but it was still rather enjoyable and entertaining.

Jimmy Jacobs vs. Jimmy Rave w/DP, Milo Beasley & Shane Hagadorn - ** 1/4
For me this match had two things going against it and one thing that really worked. What was against it are it was a pretty standard Rave heel match and the fact I just can't get behind Jacobs as a babyface, but what really worked for me was how the finish came off nearly perfect with the all the interferance. Poor Jacobs felt the power of DP from all around.

FIP Heavyweight Title Match
Roderick Strong (c) vs. Brent Albright - *** 1/4

Strong just gets dominated from the get go and it really gets the point across that Albright is bigger, stronger and certainly a threat to the title. Strong does a nice job of telling a story of how he has to adapt to survive Albright.

YRR (King & Rance) vs. DP Associates (SHINGO & Hagadorn) vs. Black Market - ** 3/4
Basically this was a 4 on 2 handicapped match with the DP Associates and YRR teaming up on Black Market. This match actually really worked for me as I think Murphy did a good job of getting beat down by the 4 heels for a majority of the match but it made sense since he was so much bigger than everyone attacking him that he was able to make comebacks or at least survive the way he did, it also doesn't hurt that Black Market is WAY over in FIP. Of course the heels were bound to eventually turn on each other since only one team can win which allowed Black Market to steal the win.

Tables, Ladders & Chairs Match
Seth Delay vs. Sal Rinauro - *** 1/2

Sal is awesome (clap clap clap), no seriously I think the guy is great and vastly underrated. He did such an awesome job in this match being a cheapskate and a coward but at the same time was selling and bumping like an absolute pro making Delay and the match look really good. I also liked the fact that this match brought the highspots (the backdrop Sal took off the turnbuckle to the floor through the table was awesome) without every really getting to the point of feeling like overkill. Although the FIP crowd normally good for getting pissed over screwjobs or heeling kinda dissipointed me with the reaction to the finish of this match.

Dog Collar Match
Erick Stevens vs. Steve Madison - ****

Great, great match. Everything that a DCM should be, both guys did an awesome job working the gimmick, the match was heated and Madison did a good job telling the story he felt he was in over his head while Stevens was just out for some revenge. Stevens bladejob was pretty sick as well, looked like he was at about 0.8 on the Muta Scale.

-Mystery- you were right this was an awesome match and thanks for recommending this show.

Overall Show Rating - **** (Very Good)
Probably my favorite FIP show I currently own. Everything (aside from the womens match) was Decent or better and I was very entertained by this show. I recommend it if anyone wants to check out some FIP (or why FIP crowds rule).

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