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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

WWE Survivor Series review

Tag Title elimination match:
Great choice of match to open the show, and would really get the crowd into the show. Was slightly surprised that Richards and Dreamer were the first team out, as you have given them a small push over the last few weeks. Not too surprised at Deuce and Dominoís elimination leaving The Hooligans and Cade and Murdoch. A lot of great action between those two teams and wasnít 100% sure on who would win the match. Sliced Bread and itís over. Would of liked to of seen London get the pinfall since Kendrick got both of the pinfalls, but otherwise was a good match to kick things off. ***

Interesting segment here, dragged on a bit too much for my liking however. It is going to be interesting to see who Vinceís illegitimate son is. I would think Kennedy, but yet again thatís a bit too obvious so there might be a chance it might be someone else.

Bobby Lashley? Whoís Bobby Lashley? So forgettable..

Six Man Tag
Six-man tag was a pretty decent match but I however think there was some unrealistic moments like the Angle Slam and the Moonsault by Charlie Haas. A lot of near falls in this match kept the match entertaining. Harry Smith looked very good in the match blocking the Masterlock and coming close with the Running Powerslam. The match picked up a lot when Drew McIntyre came in and I had a feeling that the UK stable would get the win. But my prediction before the match was right as the UK lot had a lot of momentum going into the match. Decent ending to the match with some nice heelish tactics by Benjamin. I expect the UK lot to get a win back in the future. **3/4

Womens Title Match
This is pretty much the best Womens match the WWE could give us, and good to see that you have utilised this match quickly. With the three workers that were in this match, I was actually surprised to be interested in reading this match lol. It was another action packed match, havenít seen a match go really slow yet. No surprises about Beth being the victory, but the ending keeps Victoria looking strong as it was her finisher which did the job **3/4

Meh promo here, got the main purpose across though. Slight spelling error at the start of the promo was the only minor problem. Good to see that there will be no interference during the match, but I somehow expect to see Miz and Morrison get involved somehow.

Triple H interview was very solid, did think however that the promo should of seen Triple H more intense than as a comedian.

Cruiserweight Match
Just got to say now that it would have been better, if you had announced who had been eliminated in each match. Anyway the match itself was great and so far is definitely Match of the Night. Was another very enjoyable match, as It was yet again non-stop action. Wasnít so keen on Matt Stryker getting eliminated first, as he has the mic skills to become a good champion instead of a jobber but whatever. Was also very surprised to see Jeter and especially Chavo eliminated as early as they were. The final two is Dykstra and Sydal and Dykstra is the Champ! Big shock for me here as I didnít see Dykstra winning it over some of the other superstars, and I also see Dykstra as more of a United States Title contender than Cruiserweight. ***3/4

Another interesting McMahon segment, but hopefully this will be the last one. Was very interesting to see Shane not tell his dad who his son was, and the ending suggests that Kennedy will be the son. But I think thatís a bit too obvious, it would be better if it was a surprise like Chris Jericho. I wonder what brilliant booker used that idea?

Intercontinental Match
Like the last match was an entertaining match, but wasnít as keen on this match as the Cruisrweight match. The match didnít really pick up till halfway through the match. I was very disappointed to see Elijah eliminated, but you did do a good job of making him look very strong through out. I was a little confused by the ending as I though that Punk and Hardy would then wrestle since they were the only two left, but noticed that it was the last fall to win the title. Not a big fan of that as I would have liked of seen Punk and Hardy wrestle. But the aftermath makes up for it, and it is great to see Punk turn heel in a thread, and a Punk/Hardy feud will be very entertaining. ***

Orton/Batista promo was very good and both men sounded in character throughout. I liked how Edge used Orton to set up Batista for the attack, but I have a feeling now that Batista might retain the title.

Street Fight
With the buildup to this match I was looking forward to this match. And it was a very well written intense match between the two, and even though it was a little short was still a good match. It was good to see that it wasnít completely a squash and Vince got some offence in without someone coming down to help him. I had a feeling that Vinceís son was going to come down to make the save and help Vince win. I liked Vince going to finish off Triple H with the pedigree only to be back body dropped. Good to see Triple H a good clean dominating victory over McMahon, as there was no way McMahon could beat him without any interference. Wasnít the best streetfight, but was fun for what it was worth ***1/2

Another solid promo here, HBK seemed to be in character throughout. Liked HBK hitting the Sweet Chin Music on Matthews, as it shows HBKís intensity going into the match.

World Title
Was a little surprised actually to see this was not the main event, as I rank a World Title match over a Survivor Series match, but seeing as though there is a World Champion in the other match I can understand why. Liked the way you used Umaga throughout, as he looked like a Bad Ass in the middle of the match and was actually hoping he would win, even though I knew he wouldnít. I had a feeling that Edge was going to win the match after the Spear on Umaga, so was very surprised to see him kick out. Was a shame to see Batista retain the title, I wasnít so keen on the ending with Batista hitting the Batista Bomb straight after the Edgecution and would of liked to see him atleast hit the Spinebuster beforehand. This was a great match and I will rate It the same as the Cruiserweight match which I would still rank MOTN so far. ***3/4

Main Event
MOTN by bar for me, was an excellent well written match. Was a lot of action to follow and a lot of superstars to use in the ring in 25 or so minutes and you did a very good job of spreading the action. All the eliminations were pretty much as I expected them to go leaving Orton and HBK. Was great to see HBK using the Sharpshooter ten years after Survivor Series 97. HOLY COW at Orton winning the match. Was very surprised to see HBK lose the match as you made him look like Ortonís bitch on Raw (Or Smackdown?) and now for him to lose to Orton basically removes a lot of creditability he had. Would of preffered HBK to win the match to add heat to the feud leading to a future HBK/Orton match, but is nice to see a surprise thrown every now and again. ****1/4

Overall was a great show, and was much better that you wrote the matches in full rather than just a long recap of the ending. All matches were very action packed and enjoyable, some decisions I wasnít so sure on but overall a good PPV especially the second half of the PPV. I still think though that you could better this PPV in the future. Overall the grade I would give it is a B just under a B+
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