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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

I just wrote my whole FUCKING review out and for some damn reason my Internet Explorer shut down. I swear on my life I was just about to post the damn thing but it fucked up, all I have is this saved:

Bradley's Survivor Series Review: Condensed because I am Ill
A good opening video package to start off, good to see that you didn't pack it with every feud you have under the sun but no Smackdown World Title video package was a letdown. Nice banter between the two sets of announcers introducing the matches, I always found you to be good at writing these types of dialogue.

This first match should be very interesting, I am a little worried you will pack too many things in to a short space of time as it is elimination but the vast array of styles should make this a very interesting fight indeed. After a predictably slower start with Cade and Richards (I would have chosen these two to start to make the rest seem better) it picks up. I didn't like Richards completely dominating the champion, I am pretty sure Cade is something like 6'5 as well but it is nice to see someone push Stevie once in a while. Shame to see no Londrick in the opening but you made a good job of a nice back and forth encounter so far and the physicality in the match is immense. Shame to see Stevie and Dreamer go first, I wouldn't have liked seen them go this early because basically it killed all of their momentum, even if it was with slightly underhand tactics. OUCH at London missing the 450 splash, that one must have hurt a hell of a lot. I don't remember ever seen Domino go for the Cobra Clutch but it was probably the best move to use in the circumstances to wear down London after that massive move and to stop him from getting an advantage. Nice paragraph explaining the submission and the escape btw. DAMN London and Kendrick were really working as a team to eliminate Deuce and Domino. A back flip dropkick was a nice PPV-type move and a high impact ending made it all the sweeter. This is what is HAD to come down to, the fan favourites against the champions, good move. A great story emerging with the champions trying to wear down Londrick with pure strength and then Londrick try to battle out of it. A few good moves in the outset especially with the enzugiri, a great way to get a big man down. Now, the ending, don't quote me on this but I am not sure if London can hit Cade in the face with a boot, unless it was from the top rope. An awesome ending to an awesome match, if this is a predecessor for what is to come then I think I may wet myself. (Note: Is Goodnight Nurse a Northern word for something? :P

Interesting McMahon promo now. Stephanie looks up to something dubious. It's all getting a bit emotional, I would have liked an appearance from Hornswoggle to add to the emotion. I strongly sense a Shane turn, how bloody awesome that will be. Shane vs. Hunter at the Rumble plz.

Lashley coming back should be pure awesomeness, I wonder where he will fit in though? A feud against Burke wouldn't go amiss.

A very interesting match here, a very unique faction you have in the UK Pack, they are being pushed straight in to the big time which is good. You really showcased your writing skills here, a lot of action in the first half. I don't know in depth everyone in the UK Pack but the moves they used were good. A Bulldog Bomb not getting the three count was criminal but you gave Haas some heel heat there. I like that move, is it his Smith's finisher? It gets very technical later on which I am liking, I didn't see Masters being in a team like this, he seemed to get upstaged during the whole match as well. My favourite part was when Smith basically broke free of the Masterlock which was a good move. It was a shame the UK Pack lost on their PPV DEBUT but it wasn't exactly clean. They put up a great fight and it was a good match, one for the future I think!

There has to be a WWE title match in the 15th anniversary show, or at least a return from Cena.

Women's triple threat matches are fun to write. Anyway a nice with Mickie going kamikaze on Beth, Mickie looked very weak in the opening basically getting brushed aside like that so that wasn't exactly uplifting. I don't think we need every move that isn't a punch in capital letters, I don't mind it but it isn't neccessary. Victoria is looking insanely strong, easily getting the upper hand on both of her opponents, she should get a strong push. You definitely made this match PPV-worthy with moves like the moonsault and the enzuguri so it all had a big time feel to it. Surprised Mickie didn't get a real chance to mount much offense, nice use of a DDT cutting Beth's momentum short. The ending was perfectly written, it played out a little bit like mine at Vengeance with a reversed finisher and a complete robbery of a win. Beth was made to look powerful at the end (wo)manhandling Victoria. Shame Mickie was underused compared to the other two but still a worthy match for the women's title.

A slight spelling error at the beginning of Regal's promo but I'll let it slide. Regal was definitely in character sounding all snooty. Nice to see Edge go in to one of his rambling psycho states and I don't think Edge will take the win now which is good.

This HHH promo was a real mixed bag. He should have been a hell of a lot more intense, he kept slipping in to DX mode which I didn't like, especially for this type of intense rivalry. It gets a hell of a lot better towards the end and it reminds me of (I think) the promo HHH had 2 weeks ago on your RAW, very emotional and got the point across very well. Recap: Bad first half, great second (much like Blackburn)

You know that I have been looking forward to this match all night because your match on RAW last week was so damn awesome. A very pacey start which sets the tone for the match really, how you keep it from being a massive clusterfuck I'll never know as there were bits that seemed hectic but were never jumbled up or unclear. Striker as a whipping boy makes no sense after splitting from BDV as he needs a good singles push. He didn't perform to badly and although he went first you did cite a good reason for it (fatigue) so that was fine. I wouldn't have put out the shooting star press so early in the match either. You pulled out pretty much every move in the book which was a great thing because, like with the women's match, it feels like a PPV standard match. Kenny should have covered Jeter as it makes more sense as he doesn't want to be upstaged by his former Spirit Squad teammate. Sydal is on fire, a standing shooting star press is a damn awesome move and you made Kenny look strong by kicking out of it. I loved the part where Chavo was eliminated, he thought he had the chance to eliminate Yang because he missed the missile dropkick but he was too arrogant and was made to pay, good job there. Yang is definitely a great prospect and you are using that to your advantage, surprised Yang recovered from Noble's series of moves and was the Hurricanrana a pinning combination or was it just the straight move. Because it seemed a little weak to be eliminated like that. The old leg drop from Kenny, I remember the last one he did on PPV in your old thread, off the ladder... awesome moment that was. Sydal was never going to recover after missing the 450, a very big move indeed. Sydal has so many awesome moves it's unbelievable, I'll never know why Sydal didn't pin Kenny after the Cyclorama but it was a good match and Sydal vs. Kenny would be an awesome feud if this match is anything to go by. One of the CW matches of 2007/08? You bet it is.

My other comments were something like I didn't like Santino getting eliminated early and nice Punk heel turn, shame he couldn't do it in the actual match. Vince/Hunter was a fantastic, brutal fight and it truly signified a battle and when HHH didn't go for the pin at the end it showed he wanted to seriously hurt him. The WHC match was entertaining because of the varying styles and I liked how you made Umaga look strong, despite not looking like winning. I REALLY liked the main event, a lot of action, Orton/Michaels opening and ending were my favourite bits and I rated it 9.5/10. I may add the rest of the review in at a later date but right now I don't have the time and I feel too pissed off. This is three times now in as many months this has happened! Again, really sorry.

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