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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Nige. great show my man. I am nearly done reading it. I was going to post the first half of my review now and finish it off at home when I get back from college, but I've decided to just post it all in full when I'm done EDIT:

Nige’s Survivor Series PPV Review

First of all, I liked the opening video package. As Alim said in his review video packages are somewhat of a necessity. Reading what I have missed in the main feuds was good. I also liked that you didn’t highlight all of the feuds because it would have been too crammed imo. The ones you did highlight were good. I still think you should have made the cideo bigger, as in wrote it out in full, but meh video packages aren’t that much of a necessity lol. Good job with this.

The opening match was a good one to choose. It was fun to read because it was a very fast paced match. It was the perfect opener because it would have got the crowd riled up for the rest of the show. Everyone got a good amount of in ring time to showcase their skills, so this was a plus. You had a good choice of winners too because London and Kendrick were by far the best team in the match, or at least in my opinion.

The promo next was clearly written and furthered this feud even more. I like how you use your imagination Nige. Having Michaels be the one behind the messages instead of Jericho, and having Hornswoggle turn out not to be the son. The promo was a shock but it was a good shock man.

Finally Lashley is returning. I really like Lashley so I hope for big things for him. I think this is a great time to bring him back too.

Yeah The UK Pack are good. I’m just not a fan of stables. I just find it hard to deal with. This does not take away the good booking your doing, I just find it hard. I thought the UK Pack would have won too. I wonder where they go from here.

The 15th anniversary show is looking pretty good. I think it will be one of the best shows you write.

Beth retaining the championship was a good call. The match was the right length for my liking because I don’t really like to read long massive matches, especially diva matches. You made each woman look string though.

Well thought out promo here with Edge and Regal. You have booked all of these matches to be really exciting and this is why I like your thread. It looks like Edge is not winning later. I actually didn’t think he would win anyway.

Again another nice promo. Triple H was well written in character. It certainly makes this match look brilliant. It has been booked superbly lately and this is the match I am most looking forward to tonight. The reason it was such a good feud and build-up is because it’s personal.

Nice to see things shaken up a bit with new champions Nige. Kenny is my pick too. I really hope that you build him up well and eventually move him up to the United States Championship, and then maybe the World Title Scene Meh I can dream reet? The match itself was a gooden because you kept things going at a plausible pace, thus making it as exciting as it possibly could be.

Just more hype for the Street Fight. Brilliant hype I might add though

The Intercontinental Championship match had a match of the night tag imo. I don’t like the fact that most of these matches tonight are traditional survivor series. I know that’s what you went out to do, but that’s just my personal opinion. Good match, great action and a fantastic finish.

Triple H winning the street fight was predictable, although it was brilliant. The match was a pure out brawl, which is what it is supposed to be. Ending was a bit iffy but other than that an excellent read. This is my match of the night simply because I love gimmick matches that have lots of action inJ

Batista winning I didn’t see. I actually did think Umaga would have won the match. Everyone was booked each in their unique way which I liked. Umaga was booked the strongest imo and that was a good call. That’s what made me think he would win. The match was good to read. A bit slow at parts but good enough for my liking.

Saturday Nights main event returning too. In my honest opinion this is a bad move, with the 15th anniversary show coming up. However two more shows to read isn’t a bad thing.

A brilliant main event for a brilliant PPV mate. I really liked seeing Randy Orton win the match. As usual you booked everyone superbly, and like Kid O Mac stated, Orton was booked so well for his character, and for his tradition at this PPV. A great mix of talent and styles for the main event and it ended a brilliant show.

Overall for the most part, this show was brilliant. I disagree bringing back Saturday Nights Main Event, near another special show, but I’m sure you can do some good things with them both. The matches were well written, and you really are showing how much you can improve man. Good writing and it was a joy to read

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