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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Survivor Series Review:

I must admit that the last month's (thread time) storylines got me interested in this thread, especially the Triple H/Mr. McMahon feud.

Opening Video: Great opening video to highlight the matches for the PPV. This should be a great PPV, due to the great hype and build up that it has recieved from Raw and Smackdown.

World Tag Team Championship-Elimination Match:

Decent match to start the show off with. Since you didn't announce who was eliminated, it was kind of diffcult to see who was still in the match. Glad to see that Londrick are the new champions. ***

Shane/Stephanie Promo: Great promo to put over the upcoming street fight. The street fight should be one of the Matches of the Night.

Six Man Tag Match:

Not surprisingly this match is on early in the PPV. WGTT and Masters getting the win, was not a surprise, as they were the better team, IMO. The stars of the match however where Hass and Benjamin. ***

Women's Championship:

With the three divas involved in this match, I'm surprised that the match was kept short. However, all three divas were booked extremely well in the match. I thought Victoria might win the title, but it's Beth who retains the championship in a great match. **1/2

Edge/Regal Promo: Short promo, that basically puts Edge at a disadvantage in the match. However I have a feeling that Edge might still become the World Champion, by the end of the show.

Triple H's Promo: Promo of the night so far. This feud has been booked so well, unlike any other feud I've seen in BTB in quite some time. I'm sure that the Street Fight match will be a classic.

Cruiserweight Championship:

Excellent match man! I thought that Jeter would win the match, but it was not to be. While some of the eliminations were done in a quick fashion, the match never slowed down, which it shouldn't do, since a bunch of Cruiserweights in the match. As the match continued, it became clear however, that Kenny would be winning the match. As expected Kenny wins the match, and is the new Cruiserweight Champion. ***.5

Shane/Vince Promo: Strong promo here to continue this excellent feud between Hunter and Vince. This promo was almost flawless, as it really put over the huge match.

Intercontinental Championship:

Not surprised about the first two to go, as that was kind of expected. However the match was able to pick up during the middle part of the match. I thought that the match ended though when there was just one survivor, regardless if one team has been eliminated. Hardy and Punk wins, and Punk makes the match decision more understandable, by hitting the GTS on Hardy after the match. Jeff vs. Punk for the IC title, will be gold! Good match. ***1/4

Orton/Batista Promo: Nice to see that the history between the two is discussed in this promo. The attack from Miz and Morrison to Batista was well booked. However with that said, now it looks like Batista will be retaining his World Heavyweight Championship.

Street Fight:

Now this was a fight! Despite the fact that the match was kind of short, the match was excellently written from the beginning to the end. Though the ending of the match was a bit unrealistic, the match was great in its storytelling of the feud. Great match, and no surprise that Triple H wins the match. ***.75

Michaels Promo: Michaels really puts over the feud, and the upcoming Elimination Match. As much as I want Michaels to win, I have a feeling that Orton's team will be winning the match.

World Heavyweight Championship:

I must say that Umaga up to the end of the match was booked real well. Edge was booked greatly as well. However the finish kind of brought down the match. Umaga should have taken more than the spinebuster, before rolling out of the ring. That kind of took away the strong booking he had in this match. As far as Batista retaining his title, it was kind of obvious that it was going to happen, following the earlier attack to him from Miz and Morrison. ***.75

SNME is returning soon, as well as the upcoming 15th Anniversary Raw Episode. Both shows should be excellent, IMO.

Main Event Traditional Elimination Match:

Excellent match to end the show. I'm not surprised that Orton won the match, as he needed to win the match. However the way Orton was booked in this match, was genius, and goes right with his legacy at the Survivor Series. Excellent booking of Orton, for an excellent match! ****

Overall Comments: I know this is only the second PPV that you've written in full. With that said despite some of the matches, ending too quickly, the show was still great. The Matches of the Night, IMO, were the World Heavyweight Championship, the Street Fight, and the Main Event Elimination Match. Once again, great PPV, and looking forward to the next Raw and Smackdown, in this thread! Overall Score: 80/100 = B!
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