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Re: Forever-Delayed Does WWE

Originally Posted by TheROCK RULZ_23 View Post
Both of those matches for Mania should be awesome! When are you going to start posting shows in full again, cause i have heard either after Mania for SummerSlam.
99% likely to be after Wrestlemania, although with me nothing can ever be certain

Batista vs. Kurt Angle

• Neither man appeared to have anything specifically on their agenda going into Wrestlemania. Batista had been defeat at No Way Out in the number 1 contenders match while Kurt Angle had been in limbo after losing at the Royal Rumble.

• Kurt Angle has spent some time re-establishing himself on Raw, beating the lower card wrestlers each other, while he was crying out to get himself involved in a bigger match at Wrestlemania

• The night after No Way Out Kurt Angle cut a promo saying that it was a travesty that he didn’t look as if he was going to be at Wrestlemania. He says that he is an American hero and one of the greatest wrestlers of all time, and yet no-one was willing to face him at Wrestlemania. He was interrupted by Batista who came out to and told Kurt Angle that if he wanted an opponent, he had one in him. Batista told Angle that it looked like he had nothing to do at Wrestlemania, but he would be happy to shut Kurt Angle up.

• The match was signed the following week with Kurt Angle telling Batista that although he wasn’t planning on facing him at Wrestlemania, it will do as a stepping stone towards his return to the main event. Angle told Batista that he may be the big shot on Smackdown, but that means nothing to him. Angle reminds Batista that the last 2 years Shawn Michaels and Rey Mysterio have both thought they could get the better of him, only to be proven wrong. Batista tells Angle that he is not HBK or Rey... he is the Animal, and just like Angle he has a point to prove. He says he should be in the main event, but he’s not, so instead he will take it out on Angle. The segment ends with Angle hitting the Angle Slam to Batista, but Batista getting back up to his feet.

• The next 2 weeks sees each man dominate on their own brand, picking up wins against inferior opponents, only for Kurt Angle to attack Batista after one of his matches with a steel chair. Angle beats down Batista and then attacks the ankle of Batista, hitting him with repeated chair shots, before making him tap out to the ankle lock.

• Batista is unable to show up on the following weeks show due to his injury, leading to Angle coming out instead and proclaiming that he has tamed the animal, and then gone onto destroy it.

• Final Raw before Wrestlemania saw Batista show up on Raw and challenge Kurt Angle to come to the ring and face up to what he did. Angle refuses to come out, saying he has proven his point and doesn’t want to injure Batista anymore so that Batista hasn’t got any excuses for his loss at Mania.

• A match is booked on Smackdown as Batista teams with ??? against Kurt Angle and ??? (again, to be revealed later on when that match is announced), ending with Batista hitting the Spinebuster to Angle during the match. Batista then goes for the Batista Bomb, only for Angle to slip out of it and lock in the Ankle lock on Batista, damaging his fragile ankle even more going into the Wrestlemania match.
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