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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Alim's Survivor Series Review

Well, once again, I'm sorry for not reviewing your Cyber Sunday pay-per-view, but I was really caught up. I'm back, and I'm here to review your Survivor Series pay-per-view which looks extremely solid like I have said before. You already know I had an almost 2 month hiatus from BTB, so I really couldn't follow your thread from a little before Cyber Sunday until now. With that being said, forgive me if I get some of the things wrong, and don't hesitate to correct me afterwards.

Alright, first thing's first, the opening video package for the pay-per-view. Now I see this being very necessary, because I'm a video package whore :P. I found this a little to one sided if you know what I mean. In the video package you only had clips and captions of only two storylines, when you could have had more. You could have had some for the WHC match, IC title match, CW title match, there's a lot you could have put in there. So I kind of found the video package sloppy, sorry.

What a match to start off the show! Seriously, this match was so fun to read, it had all the moves that gets the crowd fired up, and I even noticed you had London do a 450, but sadly he missed. The nearfalls in this match really got me going too, because as I'm reading, I see "1..... 2..... NO!" there were just so many, damn. I think you also did a really, really good job of getting everyone the same amount of time in the ring and to showcase their skills, but I would have liked to see a bit more of Dreamer and Richards, but they got eliminated early on. I kept seeing the Cyclone DDT though, I must have seen it 3 times I think, that move was a bit overused. Great match to kick off the show. ***1/4

Great promo with Stephanie and Shane. You have really improved on your promos ever since you've started this new thread, and that was also evident on the Smackdown before this show. I'm still not entirely familiar with this storyline, but by the looks of it, you have Vince not accepting Triple H into his family, so you got some real life stuff going on there too, I have never seen that before in a BTB, which is great. I'm guessing Hornswoggle is not Vince's son, thank god lol. I was surprised that you had Stephanie tell Shane who the son was, I was sure she would have kept it a secret for a little while longer.

Lashley returning is great. Will add some even more star power to Raw.

I like the fact that you always have atleast one stable going on in your thread. In your last thread you had the whole Ric Flair/Johnny Jeter/CM Punk thing going on, and in this thread you have the unique UK Pack. I would have actually thought this guys were heel, but they turned out to be face after I noticed that they got a pop when they came out. Exciting moves in this match too, such as the moonsault, shooting star press, etc. The heels getting the win was surprising, because I thought the UK Pack would win their pay-per-view debuts, I guess not. **1/2

Nice to see your using video packages wisely. I mark for video packages. 15th Anniversery show was expected, but I still find it early when it should really be in January.

This is like a dream feud at the moment for the WWE divas, I'm glad you have it in your thread. Thank you for writing your matches in full, because it really adds to the pay-per-view and I find it more exciting to read full matches on pay-per-view then recapped ones like you've always been doing, and I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one. You made this match exciting too, many nearfalls again and lots of moves that you wouldn't expect seeing. I think you kind of made Beth look a little weak with the finish though, you just had her pick up the scraps from Victoria when she could have done it herself. Still pretty solid though. **3/4

Regal and Edge promo was pretty good, there really isn't anything I'd fix about it, it was pretty straight forward and got the point out pretty clearly. Miz and Morrison not being able to interfere doesn't matter imo, I still think Edge will pick up the win some how.

Without a doubt this feud between Vince/Triple H is the top feud in your thread right now. This interview had solid written all over it. Triple H was completely in character, and I could picture him perfectly by reading the interview. I expect a really bloody battle between the two.

The Cruiserweight title match was definatly Match of the Night so far, by far. Really enjoyed this match because of all the action going on. You showcased the lost Cruiserweight Division extremely well. All of the guys got to showcase themselves like you've been doing for the other 3 matches too. I was actally surprised to see Sydal go all the way to the end, I thought it was going to be Chavo vs. Jimmy Wang Yang to be honest. Despite Sydal losing, he still made a good showing since he lasted all the way to the end. Wouldn't be shocked to see him get a push towards the CW title. ***3/4

Really heated promo with Shane and Vince. The tension is really building up, big time, and the fact that you had Vince say he doesn't need anyone anymore hit the spot right there. I see the illegitimate siding with Vince some how, but man, this is definitly my favorite storyline in this thread. It's so heated, I love it. When you had Kennedy say 'Good to see you sir,' I knew you were foreshadowing something...

Another great match dude, but I still think the CW title match was a tad bit better. I really didn't see Jeff Hardy retaining the gold, but I guess you had to do it because of this next feud which I see coming... Punk vs. Hardy. I'm extremely glad that it won't be a face vs. face feud, if the feud even happens, which I'm sure it will. Punk is an amazing heel, and I can see you taking him to great heights. ***

A confrontation between the WWE Champion and the World Heavyweight Champion... interesting to say the least. It was nice to see you brought up the past about how Batista and Triple H screwed over Orton a few years back, but it's kind of getting old now. We see that a lot nowadays. Something tells me that this isn't going to be their final confronation for the time being.

As expected, a bloody brawl between Vince and Triple H. I knew it was going to be a traditional street fight with nothing too intense such as diving off ladders. It was a good match though. You used Vince very well by using the heel tactics such as running away at the start of the match. I was glad there wasn't any interference either, it just added more to the match. Fun match. ***1/4

Another intense promo, which was solid. HBK seemed in character throughout, and I agree he has bitten off more then he can chew, but hell, he's the Heart Break Kid! Him superkicking Josh Matthews was very unexpected, but it added more heat to the match later on.

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! BATISTA RETAINED! I wanted Edge to win lol. I didn't think Umaga would win at all, and you didn't have him get pinned either, which was a right move to make so you could keep Umaga as that dominate monster, unlike what WWE is doing right now with him.. This was a solid match, but I still think the CW title match is MOTN so far. ***1/2

Saturday Night's Main Event should be good, and after taking a look at the poster, it looks like Batista, Randy Orton, and Triple H will have some big parts on the show.

Excellent main event. My second favorite storyline in this thread, and it was a great way to end the show. There was so much action, but it all flowed together greatly. The eliminations were all at the right time imo, and it was good to see Orton the soul survivor, but it doesn't make HBK look weak because he put up a great effort. I'm also surprised Undertaker got eliminated by Orton, I would've thought he'd get out via DQ or something, but that's what's so good about this thread, the surprise factor. I liked HBK using the Sharpshooter too :P. Excellent main event man. ****1/4

Overall, an amazing show. All matches were top class with tons of action and emotion. I'm really glad you wrote this pay-per-view in full because I could enjoy it to its full potential. You've improved immensly, especially your promos. I hope you continue to write your pay-per-views in full. Overall, I give this show ****. Good job.


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