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Re: Forever-Delayed Does WWE

Street Fight for control of the WWE
Vince McMahon w/The McMahon family vs. Eric Bischoff w/Jonathon Coachman
Stone Cold Steve Austin as special guest referee

• This match has a lot of history behind it. From the on-set on the Monday Night Wars to the hiring of Eric Bischoff as Raw GM, they have never seen eye to eye on anything. Throughout Eric’s time as Raw GM he was constantly upstaged, embarrassed and taken advantage of by Vince McMahon.

• After losing to John Cena back in June, Eric Bischoff was fired as Raw General Manager, only to re-appear after Summerslam.

• Eric Bischoff’s team won a match at the Survivor Series to ensure that he was allowed to appear on Monday Night Raw again, but the following night Eric Bischoff announced that he won’t be exercising that right while Vince McMahon is in charge.

• At New Years Revolution Eric Bischoff appeared and challenged Vince McMahon to a 1 on 1 match at Wrestlemania, telling him that this needs to be sorted out man to man.

• Eventually Vince McMahon decided to address Eric after weeks of ignoring him and the fact he had made the challenge. Vince said he wanted nothing to do with Eric, until Eric started showing up on Raw again, only this time acting as if he was the General Manager. Vince came down to the ring and told Eric that at Wrestlemania he was on... but he wanted to add a few stipulations. Vince told Eric that the match would be a street fight, which was fine with Eric. Vince then said that if Eric loses, he is never allowed to appear on WWE Television again, which again Eric agreed to. But then Eric came in with a counter-offer. If he wins the match, he is re-instated as Raw General Manager, which Vince agreed to. But Eric hadn’t finished, saying that he will re-instate himself as general manager, because if he wins, he wants control of the WWE!

• The following week Vince made an appearance to formally accept the challenge after talking it over with his family. Vince said that the WWE has been his life, and after Wrestlemania he still expects it to be his life. He says that he has been waiting a long time to kick Eric Bischoff’s ass, and that is what he will do at Wrestlemania. Eric Bischoff then showed up and asked Vince why he didn’t show up when he first made the challenge, back in WCW? He says that Vince is scared of him as he knows that he cannot beat him.

• Vince re-appointed himself as permanent Raw General Manager, but Eric Bischoff started to be a pain in his side after he started to bribe the referees to call the match at Wrestlemania in his favour, talking to various wrestlers about how they would benefit from him being in charge of the company. Eric made promises to various wrestlers that they would get title shots etc if they helped him out at Wrestlemania.

• Vince wasn’t happy with this and threatened to fire anyone who was caught speaking to Eric Bischoff, which led to Linda McMahon coming out. She said that although she hopes her husband wins, as the CEO she has to remain impartial. She says that she has decided to strip both men of any power they have until Wrestlemania for the good of the company. She also announced that the match needed to have a special guest referee to avoid any controversy... leading to STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN RETURNING TO THE WWE. Austin said that he was the perfect choice to referee the match as he couldn’t give a rat ass about either man. He said he was going to call it straight down the middle and if anything untoward happens, he would open up a can of whoop-ass on them. Austin was then appointed temporary GM of Raw

• Jonathon Coachman pledged his allegiance to Eric Bischoff and challenged Vince to a match, saying that Eric was the only man to ever give him any kind of respect in this business. Instead, Shane McMahon made a return to accept the challenge, and later that night he beat The Coach in a street fight. Shane said he would be in Vince’s corner at Wrestlemania, while the Coach would be in Eric’s.

• 2 weeks before Wrestlemania Eric Bischoff cut a promo saying that although they may not like it, he will be a better owner of the WWE than Vince. He recalled all the highlights of his WCW days, before mentioning some of the lower points of the WWE’s history. He then showed a video detailing Vince’s worst bits, including him turning on Shane, Stephanie and Linda at various times. He then appealed to the 3 of them to think deep down about what Vince has done to them. He tells Shane to think about how he put him out of business, he tells Stephanie to think about the I Quit match they had, he tells Linda to think about all the times Vince embarrassed her by making out with other women. Eric then says if he wins, he will give the McMahons 50% of the WWE... as long as they support him at Wrestlemania.

• The final show before Wrestlemania saw Vince talk about his long history with the WWE, only for Eric to be in the sound truck and mix up the videos, showing ones of Vince screwing Stone Cold Steve Austin. He then shows some more videos of Vince screwing over Bret Hart, Hulk Hogan etc and then says that without Vince, the WWE would be a better place to be. He then mentions that out of the list of people that he has spoken to about being in his corner at Wrestlemania, at least one of them has defected to the Bischoff camp. He tells Vince that just like at WCW, he has kicked his ass... and at Wrestlemania, he will kick it out of the WWE for good.
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