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Re: Forever-Delayed Does WWE

Here's the first match announced for Wrestlemania, along with the accompanying details about the feud leading up to the match. The next match should hopefully be posted tomorrow.

World Heavyweight Title
Edge (C) w/Lita vs. Christian w/Tyson Tomko and Maria

• After Edge defended his title at No Way Out, and Christian won the fatal 4 way to become the number 1 contender, this match was set in stone as Smackdown’s main event for the ppv.

• The two had previously had some interaction on Smackdown before No Way Out... Christian debuted on Smackdown by interrupting an edition of the Cutting Edge to state that there is a new revolution on Smackdown. At the time he congratulated Edge on winning the title and for turning over a new leaf, and we even saw a reunion of Edge and Christian when they teamed up to take on Rob Van Dam and Randy Orton.

• After No Way Out there was more heat between the two of them, yet they both remained face to begin with. Christian cut a promo about how great it felt to once again be going into Wrestlemania to challenge for the title, and made the point that last year he won a world title and that Edge lost a world title. Edge came out and told Christian that although it happened last year, history will not repeat itself. Edge told Christian that they may be brothers, but that won’t stop him kicking his ass if that is what he has to do to keep the title. Christian said the same about Edge and although they shook hands, there appeared to be some tension between them

• Week 2 saw Edge and Christian continue their war of words. Edge started the show by showing a series of home videos of Edge and Christian as children and then when they started wrestling together. The videos showed that although they were close, it was always Edge that got the win in the matches they had. Edge then talked about their careers in the same way... he was the first to win a title, the first to win a World title, the first to main event a PPV etc. He says that this is why he will retain the title at Wrestlemania, because he has always been the better brother.

• Later in the show Christian was scheduled to face Rob Van Dam in the main event, which he won after hitting him with the Unprettier. Edge then came out and applauded Christian before offering to shake his hand. Christian accepted and the two of them locked eyes with each other

• Week 3 saw Mick Foley announce a series of matches for Saturday Night Main Event, one of which would be Christian and Maria against Edge and a partner of his choosing. This led Edge to cut another promo on Christian, talking about how Christian no longer sees Edge as his best friend... that is now Tyson Tomko. Edge continues to try and make Christian seem like the bad guy in this, until Christian points out that Edge abandoned him first, and said that Tomko was there when Edge wasn’t

• Saturday Night Main Event saw Lita make a re-appearance as Edge’s partner. Lita, who left the WWE to work with her band, returned to the WWE and scored the pinfall over Maria in the tag team match. Edge and Christian were brawling outside the ring when this happened.

• Edge was booked to face Tyson Tomko this week and suffered a shock defeat when Christian cost Edge the match after hitting him with the title belt. This was in revenge for the fact that Edge had insulted Maria earlier in the show. The war between the two men started to get physical as Christian ended the show holding Edge’s title belt in the air

• The penultimate week before Wrestlemania saw the show begin with a Christian produced video... it had Tyson Tomko as the narrator, while Christian and Maria dressed up as Edge and Lita. Midway through the video Edge and Lita came to the ring and cut off the video, saying this is exactly what you’d expect from Christian. He said that Christian could never take anything seriously and his attitude could ruin Wrestlemania for him. Edge said that this is the biggest match of the year yet Christian is just making unfunny parodies. Christian then came to the ring and said that he is deadly serious about winning the title, and is just trying to add a bit of humour to the show. He shows another home video, this time of Edge never being able to take a joke as a child, while Christian was always the more popular of the two.

• Later in the show Edge and Christian teamed up in the main event against Brock Lesnar and Randy Orton, only for the match to fall apart when Edge accidentally speared. Christian believed that Edge did this on purpose and chased after him, while back in the ring... (this match will be returned to in future previews as something else happens involving Orton and Lesnar)

• On the final show before Wrestlemania, Christian said that last week Edge showed his true colours when he speared him during their tag team match. He says that everyone remembers Edge as the bad guy and last week he showed that this nice guy act is just a ruse. Edge came out and then said that he didn’t mean to Spear him at all, but he’s now wishing that he did it again and again. He says that Christian just showed his true colours... the whiny character who feels he needs to be popular. Edge says that Christian couldn’t take the fact that he was more popular and so he felt the need to assassinate his character. Christian responded by saying that he doesn’t just feel more popular, he knows that he is... to which the crowd cheer as Christian got a bigger pop from the crowd when he asks them. Again, Edge doesn’t appear to like this and tells them all that it doesn’t matter what the crowd thinks, he knows that he will retain the title at Wrestlemania. Christian says he doesn’t think so, as Edge is running scared... he says he will win the title and once again be World Heavyweight Champion, and that’s how he rolls! Christian then walks away from Edge, while Edge looks pissed off in the ring
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