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Re: Rate & Mini-Summarize the Last Movie You Saw

The Thing- A film by John Carpenter, the same guy who brought you Halloween. This film is about a group of men in Antarctica that are attacked by an alien being known as The Thing. The thing can take the form of humans which causes suspicion among the men. Overall, this film is great. I can see why this film is considered as one of the best horror films of all time. Kurt Russell does well in his performance. If you haven't seen this, go out and rent it for sure.


Creepshow- a movie composed by Stephen King and George Romero that consists of five horror stories. I liked the idea of the film, and I guess I will review each segment of the film on its own.

Fathers Day- a story about a father who comes back from the grave to get revenge on those that killed him. The whole time I thought that the guy was saying "Wheres my cane?", when in reality he was saying "Wheres my cake?" Was kind of short, I guess it was ok. 5/10
The Lonely Death of Jordy Verill- definitely the worst of the five. This one stars Stephen King and is about a man who turns into a plant after touching a meteorite. Horrible indeed. 3/10
Something to Tide You Over- this one was sheer brilliant. About a man (Leslie Nielsen), who plots revenge on his wife and her lover. He takes them to the beach and buries them in sand and lets the tide do the rest. A pretty good one, had me interested throughout. 8/10
The Crate- about a monster in a box that kills and feeds on humans when it is unleashed. Not bad at all, the second best story from the 5. 7/10
They're Creeping Up On You- about a greedy stuck up man who has an infestation of cockroaches in his house. Pretty simple plot, I think more could have been done with it. 6/10

Overall, Creepshow is a good experience.


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