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Re: Rate & Mini-Summarize the Last Movie You Saw

Originally Posted by iCe View Post
Dude I saw that Movie when I was a Kid and it sucked my little brother saw it a few weeks ago and he's 7 he got up and turned that TV off, the movie just plain sucked MJ and Looney Toons oh yea that's an instant Classic
If you recall, the main reason Rockhead even watched this film was because of the "craze" it had back in the day--meaning that you were in the minority if you didn't like this movie as a kid. I'm not saying you can't have your own opinion, but the success of the movie when it first came out is the proper frame of reference to be looking from.

And as for your little brother not liking it, that makes perfect sense: It's 2008! Michael Jordan has been retired for years, and Looney Toons doesn't even play on TV anymore. Of course a kid influenced by current pop culture won't be able to relate to most of references made in this movie, but shouldn't that be expected considering that it was made in 1996? I refer you back to my first post on the subject:

Originally Posted by Ill Will
Well yeah, if you watch it NOW it sucks (12 years after it came out), but when you're eight years old, and Michael Jordan is the biggest thing in sports, it's the best movie ever. It's obviously a kids movie (an outdated one at that), so if you're any older than twelve, and you're watching the movie any later than 1998 (...), then you're bound to not like it.
I'm not just trying to defend the movie, but logically, if both of those conditions aren't met (impossible anyway), then you won't find this movie to be very good. It just doesn't make a lot of sense to bash the movie when you take neither the time frame nor the age of the viewer into consideration.

As for the skits I don't consider that acting like a real comedy movie i.e Knocked Up, Super Bad, Juno ect.
Yeah there's a difference, but to save us from getting into a "what is acting?" discussion, why do you think that this difference makes you unable to rate the movie?

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