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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Heyman Deciple’s SmackDown Review

Hey Nige sorry for not reviewing you lately, what can I say the holidays make me lazy, Any way here’s the review.

Batista – Edge, John Morrison, Miz – William Regal: Batista’s promo was damn good. Then out comes Edge, Morrison, and Miz who as a group I really like. Edge delivers a fine promo himself and then here’s William Regal who makes a handicap tag match for later in the show. All in all this was a great segment.

Kenny Dykstra and Jamie Noble join commentary: This was a nice quick segment as Noble and Kenny join the commentary that I really enjoyed. JBL telling Cole to basically shut up is always fun and Jamie Noble was really in character as he pretty much told Michael Cole to do the same.

Matt Sydal & Johnny Jeter vs. Chavo Guerrero & Matt Striker: This was a solid match and a nice win for Sydal and Jeter. What happened after the match was good too, as it looked like Kenny and Noble might go after Sydal and Jeter but then out came Super Crazy and Jimmy Wang Yang and we have a little bit of a stare down. Good stuff.

William Regal – Shawn Michaels: Nice interaction here between Shawn and Regal as Regal books Shawn in a Main Event tag match with Shawn teaming up with Matt Hardy and them taking on MVP and Finlay. Which should be a great main event. The segment then ends with Shawn letting it be known he has his eyes on a future World Title shot.

Harry Smith vs. Charlie Haas: This was a great match as I am a fan of both guys work and I was glad to see Harry Smith get the win. We also got some solid Survivor Series hype as each man had their Survivor Series partners with them around ringside.

Jamie Noble – Kenny Dykstra – Chavo Guerrero: This was good, as we get some more of Jamie Noble’s awesomeness. I liked how Noble put Kenny in his place regarding the Cruiserweight Title and then Chavo enters the situation and lets it be known that he’s the man that will ultimately walk out with the Cruiserweight title.

Estrada and Umaga interview: Nice interview here with Estrada, as I found him to be very entertaining here as he talked about the Survivor Series World Title match with Batista and Edge and then the tag match later in the show as Umaga will team with Batista.

Undertaker vs. Kevin Thorn: Good match, I felt that you helped to make Kevin Thorn look real good here even though he was defeated by the Undertaker. As I said, this was very good.

MVP – Finlay: This was a fun segment, I enjoyed MVP’s promo as they talked about Survivor Series, as well as the tag match later. And the New England Patriots reference was just awesome.

Shawn Michaels Interview: I really liked Shawn’s interaction with Anastasia. This was damn funny stuff. Shawn’s promo was good too and the Finlay sex toy line was great.

Batista & Umaga vs. Edge, John Morrison, & Miz: Good match, I liked how at the end Umaga left Batista laying which enabled Edge to pick up the pin fall victory over Batista. I was happy with this ending as it was a good win for my new second favorite super group after The Mets; Edge, Morrison, and The Miz.

Survivor Series promo video: This was well done as the video did a good job of hyping up the Survivor Series and making people want to see it.

Shawn Michaels & Matt Hardy vs. MVP & Finlay: This was a great main event, too bad it ended in a disqualification but still it was a great match and I actually liked the attack from Randy Orton and Mr. Kennedy with the element of surprise and all. This also does a nice job of building towards Survivor Series with Team Orton beating down Shawn Michaels and Matt Hardy. The show then ends strong as the lights go out and the Undertaker is in the middle of the ring as Team Orton is on the outside.

This was an amazing show; I give it a 9 out of 10.

And if you feel like giving my BTB a look that would be appreciated, Thanks.

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