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Re: Rate & Mini-Summarize the Last Movie You Saw


Two high school students are trying to get laid before they move on to college.One of their friends gets a fake ID so they can get some alcohol for a party that is being hosted by a girl that one of the boys likes and he thinks that if he gets all the alcohol he can get some pussy or atleast a blowjob and the same goes for the other boy as there is a girl he likes and he is supposed to buy her some special vodka.Their friend goes into the liquor store to get all the alcohol with his fake ID,he is about to pay the lady for the alcohol as his ID passed the ID check by the clerk, just as he's about to pay for the alcohol a robber comes in and punches him then steals all the cash out of the registrar.The cops come and the two boys outside waiting for their friend think he got busted but he didn't as the cops were there for the robbery.The cops check the boys ID and they really think he's 25,he ends up getting a ride from the cops as the other two boys run off with a dude that hit one of the boys with a car,they go to a party to get alcohol,a bunch of adults are there,one of the boys sees a huge bucket of alcohol and he's on his way to get it but he ends up dancing with a girl and he gets period blood on his jeans, that lady turns out of the be party host's fiancee.The boy with the fake ID ends up having lots of fun with the cops,they all end up at the party with the alcohol as the dude with the fake ID took it when he left the store.The one boy is about to get laid but the girl pukes and it ends there.The dude with the fake ID is about to get laid but the cops he was having fun with barge in,the other dude ends up not getting anything as the girl basically doesn't like him.

Overall I thought this movie was pretty funny and I enjoyed it.It's one of those movies where it's really almost 2 hours but it goes by really really fast and it feels more like 30 minutes.

8 out of 10

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