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Re: Rate & Mini-Summarize the Last Movie You Saw

Batman Forever - After the two pretty sucessful Batman & Batman Returns Tim Burton flicks, Joel Schumacher took over the movie franchise & Michael Keaton was replaced by Val Kilmer in the role of Bruce Wayne.

Although the critics seem to get worst and worst as the "Batman" movies went (until the return of series with Christopher Nolan & Christian Bale) I found the movie (after having not looked at it for a good 7 years not that bad at all. I think the plot to the story is quite good. The tag team of villains comprised of two of the best actor of our generation, Tommy Lee Jones (Two Face) & Jim Carrey (the Riddler) adds a lot to this movie and the addition of Robin to Batman's "stable" of "super hero friends" adds up for the fact that the movie is quite long (122 min.) for the amount of "real" action we see throughout.

I didn't really care for the love story between Nicole Kidman's character & Bruce Wayne's as, like any Batman movie, Bruce's love affairs never work out. And going the opposite way would also make no sense at all.

I'd recommend this movie based on a few things. The decors to the revamped Gotham City are worth looking at at least once. The comedy between the characters is always well played out and the struggle of Chris O'Donnell's character could warm someone who's feeling quite low on energy or love.

But as much as Val Kilmer almost made me cry in his "blind man" movie and, as much as I liked him in "Heat", he doesn't fit the "Bruce Wayne" persona. At times it almost feels as if this "Bruce Wayne" is a long lost cousin of the real "Bruce Wayne" that has lost all of his "comical" side and that really is nothing more than a schizophrenic in a bat costume. I guess it's hard to judge the "Bruce Wayne's" of this world as there have been so many incarnations over the years, whether in movies or cartoons, but this one doesn't really beat out any of the other versions, even Adam West's.

All in all, it's a movie you really need to watch at least once if you're a fan or die hard fan of the Batman character. If you are not, maybe have a plan "B" in tow if you get bored watching it. All in all I believe this movie would have been better if there hadn't been a follow up movie that almost killed the "Batman" series forever altogether. But if you take away the fact that the 4th movie was a total waste of time, this one is not as bad as some people make it look. Batman does indeed live Forever, as proof of today's rebirth.


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