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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Nige's SmackDown! Feedback

~This is my first time ever reading one of your shows, so bare with me

It was big to kick things off by announcing who the GM was. I was a little surprised to see that it was Regal. I figured that after Shane went on and on about how this person was great, it would turn out to be Stephanie, or even him. Regal is a good choice, but make sure you develop something out of him. Right now on Raw, he doesn't really have a character, and it's hard to tell whether he's heel or face. He can be pretty good at both, so guide him down a path. I was a little surprised for Kennedy to come down, but it was realistic that he wanted to be in a match, because 'he's the greatest superstar in the Survivor Series Elimination Match.' It seems as if you're building Shane up as a face, or maybe you're just giving him face moments. A lot of people actually admire Shane, so work with that if you have to. It was realistic for Kennedy to ask for a match, and then end up against somebody like The Undertaker. I can see him attacking Taker during his match against Finlay later on.

~Harry Smith debuting soon? I hope playing this vignette on SmackDown means he's going to SmackDown, because it would be better for him to start there, and not on Raw, imo.

I think that it's a good choice to bring back the Cruiserweight Title. I think that you can book it right, unlike WWE did in it's last few months. You have some good talent, but WWE never capitalized, I mean, they put the title on Hornswoggle, and I know that you're a way better booker than that. I thought maybe a Cruiserweight tag team match would have been better than a Fatal Four Way, but the match was entertaining, and entertaining=ratings. It was a toss up for who would win, and I actually liked that Super Crazy won. It gave him a little bit of momentum, and I can see him winning at Survivor Series, and then feuding with Chavo.

~An interesting rivalry developing here with these teams. I guess there's a match between these teams at Survivor Series. (just checked, yep) Pretty interesting, but I think that the heels will pull off the victory at the Series.

~Orton sounded too desperate. Orton's never afraid of losing, and is always cocky and thinking that he'll win. I don't really think Orton would sort of discuss a plan, or whatever you want to call it -- it just was unrealistic and wasn't his character at all. MVP wasn't that cocky either, which made him out of character as well. This wasn't the greatest segment.

I figured Smith would win, because of what happened earlier. It was a solid match, and Masters did a good job of jobbing to him. Smith looks like he's a technical wrestler, imo, but that's just me. He's pretty easy to write, because his moves are pretty basic. You did a good job of writing this match.

~Whatever Shawn has instore for tonight sounds pretty bid, and you hyped it up perfectly. Great job here.

I guess this is why the other Cruiserweight match was a Fatal Four Way, and not a tag team match. Jeter and Sydal built some momentum here, but I'm glad that Dykstra and Noble didn't look weak. This match was pretty solid for the most part. The Jeter Kick is a solid finisher, and will definitely put the lights out on several opponents.

~Harry Smith getting put in the match was pretty bid, especially since he's just beginning his career. I think he'll get eliminated early at Survivor Series, unless you're pushing him, because then he'll end up being the Sole Survivor.

~Kane's out? I guess it's a good way to get rid of him if you have nothing really planned for him.

I was really looking forward to Undertaker vs. Finlay. The finish was realistic, and it helped the build-up to the tag team match at Survivor Series. There weren't a lot of big moments in this match, which was upsetting, because I expected a whole lot of 'em from these two. The only really big move was The ChokeSlam. The other's were just sort of big, if you know what I mean. Just try and add in more big moves.

~Orton still wasn't in character. It was a little annoying, but I got over it after there was almost a brawl between Porter and Kennedy. It's going to be interesting to see what happens at Survivor Series.

Umaga definitely is going to be hyped up as the strongest man in the World Title Match at Survivor Series, no doubt about it. It's fine though that you're building him up as really strong, because it's Triple Threat, and there's more than one opponent. It was realistic for Batista to attack Umaga like that, and then to include Edge in the segment was the icing on the cake. I liked how you gave Edge some momentum, just like Umaga, but they're both getting the momentum off of Batista. Hopefully he builds some momentum next week.

This match was by far MOTN. It was priceless, and you wrote it perfectly. It had some major moments, which was awesome. Undertaker and Finlay coming out was predictable, but realistic. Chris Jericho returning was absolutely shocking! I didn't think he would return after Michaels did. It was a little bit of overkill to have Jericho and Michaels to return so close together. It was a great match though.

Overall this show was really good. You're an established booker, and it shows in your shows. Survivor Series is shaping up nicely, and I'll review it.
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