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WWE.com - HOMEPAGE (Smackdown Results - 9th November)

9th November 2007

Mobile Civic Center
Mobile, Alabama



***“Here Comes The Money” hits & Shane McMahon walks down to the ring to a pop***

Before I get down to business, I feel the need to tell you all that my being here tonight has nothing to do with the unfortunate situation my father finds himself in right now. I said all I needed to as far as that is concerned for this week, but I will say that next Monday night. . . I shall be at Raw to make a few things clearer. . .


Shane: . . . And what I have to say tonight will have a knock on effect of what I say on Raw, because right now I have to announce just who the board of directors decided to appoint the new general manager of Smackdown. . .


Shane: There will be a huge knock on effect this Monday night as the decision that the board has made is what you can describe as controversial. . . See the decision was based on finding someone who had recent experience in dealing with WWE superstars, someone who has demonstrated authority and won’t allow themselves to be taken advantage by any of the superstars on the Smackdown roster. . . And after a month of searching for this person, the right candidate fell right into our hands after they rather surprisingly threw their name into the hat. . . And when they did that, it all clicked and fell into place. . .

Shane: Like I said before, this could be seen as somewhat controversial, but after a lot of deliberation, we the board members decided that this person was absolutely the right person for the job. . . not just for the benefit of Smackdown, but for Raw too. . . I can see by the expressions on some of your faces that you’re slightly confused, but let me try and clear it up for you. . . With the situation on Raw right now with my father, it is very beneficial that he has as little power or authority as possible, so by this decision that we have taken, my father’s power is even more limited. . .


Shane: I think it’s best to say that my father’s associate as I should put it has decided to leave Raw for pastures new here on Smackdown. . . So without wasting any more time, I give to you, your new general manager of Smackdown. . . William Regal


"Born Naughty" hits & Regal walks down the aisle to mostly boos as Shane claps in the ring. Regal gets into the ring and is passed the microphone by Shane

Regal: Greetings to you all here in Mobile. . .


Regal looks slightly taken aback by the boos

Regal: First and foremost I would like to extend my deepest sincerities to the WWE board of directors for offering me the opportunity to become the new general manager of Smackdown. . . It really is a tremendous honour for me to join Friday Night Smackdown once again, and to have complete control over the proceedings as opposed to having work under Mr. McMahon on Monday Night Raw. . . So tonight, I intend to make my mark for how I want to take Smackdown forward. And to do that, I am going to make two matches that I think everyone here would like to see, including myself. . .


Regal: At the Survivor Series, there is going to be one of the biggest ever traditional elimination matches, a match I am proud to say I myself made. . . And right here tonight, we are going to see the participants from the two teams meet, because in this very ring it will be Finlay taking on. . . The Undertaker. . .


Regal: And in addition to that, the first main event under my divine leadership will see Montel Vontavious Porter and the WWE Champion Randy Orton take on Matthew Hardy and Shawn Michaels. . .

***HUGE POP***

“Wreckin’ Ball” hits & Mr. Kennedy walks down to the ring***


Kennedy gets in the ring and collects a microphone in front of a stunned Regal & Shane

Look Regal, I’m not out here to offer you my congratulations or anything, cos personally I think it’s great you’ve left Raw, and to be honest, I don’t really care. In fact I might even have found the urge to crack a smile if I wasn’t so pissed off right now. . .


Kennedy: See my ears must be playing tricks with me, because correct me if I’m wrong Regal, I’m part of that match at the Survivor Series and I don’t seem to have been put in a match tonight. . . You’re gonna have to explain something to me cos I just don’t understand what freakin planet you’re livin on right now. . . How the hell can you exclude Mr. Kennedy, the biggest star in the whole damn greatest ever Survivor Series elimination match from getting in this ring tonight and beating the blue hell out of every single member of Shawn Michaels’ team?


Regal: To be quite honest with you Kennedy, I don’t care for your tone and strolling down here, proceeding to insult me in the way you just have. . . But to answer your question, I was given no instruction that you were on your way here tonight, so I had no reason to put you in a match, and there is no room for any more matches despite you asking in such a polite manner

Kennedy: You know what Regal, it makes sense you make that dumb call, because this way, Smackdown can just carry on the way it has since I left. . . it sucks! . . . Everything about it sucks. Its second rate general manager, second rate superstars and second rate fans. . .


Kennedy: Yeah, that’s right. . . you all suck just like your new general manager. . . and thank the lord he’s left Raw to come the this joke you call a wrestling show


Shane taps Regal on the shoulder and asks for the microphone

You know Kennedy, it really is true what people say about you. . . you really are an ass


Kennedy shakes his head in disbelief

Shane, if you knew me at all, you’d know that I couldn’t give a rat’s ass what anyone thinks about me. So say whatever you want, it doesn’t matter to me one little bit

Shane: Oh don’t worry I will, because I believe I can help you with what you’re looking for. . . See you wanted a match, but obviously that can’t happen tonight, but it can on Raw. . . Now that William here has left Raw, there is no general manager, but as I seem to have the power and a lot of how can I put it. . . dislike for you Kennedy, I can give you what you want. . .


Shane: So this coming Monday night, if you want a match so bad, you can have one. . . And it’s not going to be against just anyone, it’s going to be against someone who I’m sure would love to get their hands on you, seeing you like to brag about how much you beat him last year

Kennedy: Spit out Shane huh. . .

Shane: Monday night on Raw, just six days before the Survivor Series, you’re going one on one with The Undertaker

***BIG POP***

Kennedy looks at Shane with fire in his eyes as Shane & Regal laugh with “Here Comes The Money” playing


A video promoting the debut of Harry Smith later on is played, highlighting he is the son of the British Bulldog

Matt Striker’s music hits & he makes his way down to the ring in his ring gear, collecting a microphone from Justin Roberts


Everyone should know by now, but as you are all from this disgusting and quite frankly, uneducated state (HEAT) you probably are unaware that nine nights from tonight, there will be an elimination match to determine who acquires the currently vacant Cruiserweight Championship. . . And as I am about to demonstrate, I will prevail victorious with the championship that only I deserve as I am without doubt. . .

“Muy Loco” hits & Super Crazy makes his way down to the ring, upsetting Striker as he is cut off


Chavo Guerrero & Jimmy Wang Yang then make their entrances to start the match

Jimmy Wang Yang vs Super Crazy vs Chavo Guerrero vs Matt Striker

Chavo has been working on Super Crazy, pulls him up to his feet, stomps him in the gut and sets him up for a brain buster, but as he gets him up in the air, Crazy starts to try and wriggle free, and is able to get down to his feet. As Chavo turns round, Crazy chops him, grabs his arm and whips him into the ropes, and as Chavo runs back, Crazy nails him with a spinning heel kick. With the crowd cheering Crazy, Striker slides back in the ring and charges at him, but is on the wrong end of a DROPSAULT. . . Striker down to the mat as Crazy stands tall, unknown to him that Jimmy Wang Yang is climbing to the top rope, and as Crazy turns round, Yang with his back to Crazy, leaps off the top for a HURRICANRANA into a pinfall 1 . . . 2 . . . NO! Chavo breaks it up by diving across his knees with an axe handle to the back of Yang. All four men with the exception of Crazy get up around the same time and it’s Striker who takes the initiative, firing with right hands to Yang, knocking him against the ropes, but as he turns round, Chavo runs over and goes for a clothesline, Striker ducks it and both Chavo and Yang go flying over the top rope. Striker smiles and turns round to see Crazy getting back up to his feet, walks over and reaches down to pick him up, but Crazy sits up and rolls him into a small package 1 . . . 2 . . . KICK OUT from Striker and both men get back up to their feet. Crazy fires at Striker with kicks to the gut, runs back into the ropes, but Striker catches as he comes back with a forearm to the face and tries to set him up for a snap suplex to follow it up, but Crazy is quick to slip behind Striker and takes a couple of steps back. As Striker turns round, Crazy connects with a SAVOTE KICK to the face. He then runs to the ropes close to the corner, jumps onto the ropes and nails a DOUBLE SPRINGBOARD SPLASH. . . crawls back across the mat and covers Striker 1 . . . 2 . . . 3.

AFTERMATH: “Muy Loco” hits again as Super Crazy gets back to his feet, looking shocked as he gets his arm raised for the victory. Chavo pulls himself to his knees on the outside, leans on the apron, looking really angry


There’s a lot of commotion as backstage officials all stand round inside a locker room. One of them shouts for a medic as they stand apart and we see Dave Taylor on the floor, looking out cold. We then see The World’s Greatest Tag Team & Chris Masters standing down the hallway laughing as a medic runs down the hall and into the dressing room. As the medic starts to check on Taylor, Paul Burchill & Drew McIntyre run frantically down the hall and into the room, not registering fully that Shelton, Haas & Masters are outside. Burchill & McIntyre then see Taylor out cold on the floor, turn back and see the trio outside smiling. Burchill & McIntyre’s faces turn bright red as they turn to see all three men laughing outside, who then see the anger on the British duos faces and turn to run down the hall. McIntyre is about to run after them, but Burchill pulls him back and turns to check on Taylor, as does McIntyre then, but still looks pissed.


We see Randy Orton in the back with MVP & Finlay


Guys, what happened Monday night is all in the past, you’ve got to make sure it stays that way. . . See at Survivor Series I. . . we can’t afford to lose to Shawn Michaels and his team. Do you realise what we have to lose if his team eliminates every single one of us? . . . I’m the WWE Champion, the Legend Killer, the biggest star in this company and I can’t let my reputation. . .

MVP: Randy, you’re not the only one with it all to lose. In the space of a year, I’ve made a bigger impact than anyone else ever has on Smackdown. . . And just like you I’ve got a championship around my waist and I’m not gonna let anyone’s ego, including Mr. Kennedy’s get in the way of ruining everything I’ve done in the last twelve months

Orton: Look, we’ve just got to forget about Kennedy and his ego alright. . . We’ve all got to focus on the big picture and what is important, and that’s removing Michaels’ team one by one, either before or at the Survivor Series. . .


Orton: We’re more than capable of winning tonight and at the Survivor Series. . . I believe in me and the both of you to get the job done with or without Kennedy’s ego getting in the way of all this. . . And if there’s any doubt, we can go out there tonight and set the record straight for all the non believers here and watching at home. . . I’ve got faith that we can all walk out there tonight and embarrass Shawn Michaels, Matt Hardy and The Undertaker, just like we’re going to do in over a week’s time when it really matters. Shawn Michaels can pull out whatever surprise he wants to tonight because the plain fact is that it doesn’t matter one bit whatever he’s got up his sleeve

MVP: You’re right Randy, right on. . . If Shawn Michaels thinks he’s gonna come over to my show, try and take away my limelight, he’s dreamin’. . . This surprise he’s got is gonna be just like Shawn Michaels’ career. . . a non event. . .


MVP: But I’ve got a surprise ready and waiting for him. Not only is he messing with future of this damn business in the franchise player, but he’s got to step into the ring with the legend killer and the toughest son of a bitch walking this planet at the Survivor Series, and he can sure as hell count on getting the fight of his life, courtesy of MVP and Team Orton


Orton: That’s what I’m talking about, that’s the spirit we need if we’re gonna pull this off, and I know we can pull it off tonight and next Sunday because we’re Team Orton and I’m damn proud

Orton, Finlay & MVP shake hands and smile sadistically



As Harry Smith makes his entrance, he gets a huge pop from the crowd

Harry Smith vs Chris Masters

Masters forces Smith up against the corner with hard right hands to the head, and then proceeds to unleash some hard rights to the chest of Smith. As Smith looks groggy, Masters tries to take the advantage by whipping him into the opposite corner. He takes a second before charging in at him for a hard clothesline, but Smith steps out of the corner and Masters runs into the turnbuckle pads, Smith steps behind him and rolls him up 1 . . . 2 . . . Masters powers out with a hard kick up of the legs, pushing Smith backwards to the mat. Both men get up to their feet at the same time and Masters runs at Smith, but Smith ducks a clothesline, spins Masters round, kicks him in the gut and sets him up for a suplex. He lifts him above his head for a vertical suplex but keeps him up for just over five seconds, getting a huge pop from the crowd before slamming him down to the mat. Smith is quick to move across the mat on his knees to hook Masters’ leg for a cover 1 . . . 2 . . . NO! Masters just kicks out and Smith looks gutted as he puts his hands over his face. With the crowd getting behind him, Smith gets back up to his feet as Masters starts to sit up. Smith reaches down and helps him up to his feet before scooping him up onto his shoulder for the RUNNING POWERSLAM. . . The crowd go nuts as Smith then backs up to the corner, then runs out towards the far side of the ring, but Masters slips down, pushes Smith into the turnbuckle pads and then tries to lock in the MASTERLOCK. . . Smith tries to fight it as Masters tries to get it locked in, and Smith is able to escape after powering out before Masters could fully apply the hold. Smith then slips behind Masters and plants him with a GERMAN SUPLEX. . . The crowd cheer again as Smith hits it, but takes a couple of seconds to recover before getting back to his feet, pulling Masters up, stomping him hard in the gut, then scoops him onto his shoulder once again. He then walks over to the corner with Masters on his shoulder and again charges out, this time planting him with THE RUNNING POWERSLAM. . . A huge pop meets as Smith hits it, moves across the mat and goes for the cover 1 . . . 2 . . . 3.

AFTERMATH: Smith can’t believe it as “Britannia” plays throughout the arena. He climbs to the top rope and poses for the crowd as Masters starts to come round, looking pissed as he sits up on the mat. Smith smiles and is about to leave the ring as Masters stands up when Paul Burchill & Drew McIntyre come running down the aisle. Masters is quick to see them and is able to get out of the ring, climbs over the barricade and runs through the crowd to escape them. Burchill & McIntyre look on in anger as Smith watches on


Anastasia is backstage at the interview set

Ladies and gentleman, please welcome my guest at this time. . . the Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels. . .

***HUGE POP***

Anastasia: Shawn, tonight you say you have a big surprise in store for Team Orton. . . What, if anything can you tell us?

Shawn: Well I could tell you anything I wanted right now to scare the hell out of Team Orton, like we’ve got Spiderman on our team or God himself, but the fact of the matter is Anastasia. . . it’s a surprise, and I’m keeping that way. . .


Shawn: See that’s kind of why it’s called a surprise, and if last week wasn’t surprise enough for Randy Orton and his team when I made my return, then he’s in for a shock tonight. . . If finding out they’re going up against the legend that is The Undertaker at the Survivor Series was a surprise, then guess again Randy, cos tonight’s gonna be a blockbuster of a surprise. . .. . .


Shawn: It’s gonna be like waking up on Christmas morning to find Santa ready and waiting with your presents in hand, waiting to hand them over. . . It’s gonna be something similar to walking downstairs and finding a million dollar bills shining right in your face. . . But Randy this is gonna be more like a nightmare for ya son, because you’re gonna find out that together with myself, Matt Hardy, The Undertaker and the final piece of the jigsaw, you might as well forget about winning at the Survivor Series. . .


Shawn: Everyone here in Alabama tonight sitting out in this arena is gonna be on their feet screaming. Everyone at home will be jumping up off their chair’s and screaming at the top of their voice because they’re in for the shock of their lives. . .


Shawn: And just to warn everyone watching tonight, you’re not going to see Randy Orton walk out there with a personality. . . although that would be one hell of a shock. You’re not gonna see Finlay pull a chalily from where the sun don’t shine, and you’re not gonna see MVP looking in a mirror and finally realising he looks like an ass. . .


Shawn: This is gonna be a shock that’s not only good news for Team HBK, but for the WWE and its fans. . . Tonight you’re gonna see the Heartbreak Kid pull one out of the bag, just like I’m going to at the Survivor Series, where Team HBK will reign supreme. And Randy. . . there’s not a thing you can do about it

***HUGE POP***

HBK smiles at Anastasia before walking out of the shot with a wide grin on his face

From last week when Johnny Jeter & Matt Sydal confronted Kenny Dykstra & Jamie Noble, telling them that they will be making their debut against them this week and will be in the elimination match at Survivor Series for the Cruiserweight Championship


Johnny Jeter & Matt Sydal vs Jamie Noble & Kenny Dykstra

Noble has been taking the beating to Sydal, but the youngster has been frustrating Noble by continuing to kick out and get back up. Noble starts to get angry and after a two count, he pulls Sydal back up to his feet, chops him across the chest, whips him into the ropes, but as Sydal comes back off the ropes, he ducks under Noble’s arm, runs through, back off the ropes but into a leg lariat from Noble. It’s Noble who reacts first, getting back to his feet and again lifts Sydal up, then sets him up for a TIGER DRIVER. . . but before he can get Sydal’s arms hooked, Sydal is able to fight the hold and back body drops Noble. As Noble hits the mat, Sydal too drops to the mat, still feeling the fatigue of the match. Both men start to come round and then crawl towards their respective corners, tagging in their partners at the same time. Jeter & Dykstra climb through the ropes and charge at each other, then pummel each other with right hands, and it’s Jeter who gets the momentum, connecting with three right hands in a row. He grabs Dykstra by the arm, whips him into the ropes, and as Dykstra runs back, Jeter leaps up into the air and hits a BACK ELBOW SMASH. . . The crowd cheers Jeter as he gets back up, willing Dykstra up to his feet, and slowly he pulls himself back up, Jeter runs at him, stomps him in the gut, grabs hold of Dykstra’s head and puts it under his arm, runs to the corner and plants him with a TORNADO DDT. . . Big pop as Jeter hits it and he then quickly crawls across the mat to try a cover 1 . . . 2 . . . Noble in, pulls Jeter off by his feet to stop the cover, bringing in Sydal. Noble sees Sydal coming towards him and walks over, but Sydal plants him with a right hand and follows up with a SNAPMARE DRIVER. . . Noble hits the mat and rolls towards the apron and to the outside. Jeter is back on his feet as Dykstra slowly pulls himself back up, and as he turns round, Jeter connects with the JETER KICK. . . Dykstra hits the mat and Jeter then reaches over and hooks the leg for the cover 1 . . . 2 . . . 3.

AFTERMATH: Dykstra sits up and watches on in shock as Jeter gets his hand raised by the referee. Sydal gets back in the ring and hugs Jeter, as the duo look delighted with their debut victory. Dykstra, still sitting up can’t believe it and holds his head in his hands as he then falls back and bangs his hands against the mat with Jeter & Sydal looking on smiling


Backstage, we see William Regal in his office, looking quite happy at his pictures of the Queen and Elton John as Paul Burchill & Drew McIntyre then storm in

Did you see what those guys did to Dave before? He’s hurt badly and the doctor says he’s out of the Survivor Series. . . what the hell are you going to do?

Regal: It’s very good to see you too Paul by the way. What is it with people’s manners tonight?

Burchill: To hell with manners Regal, what are you going to do about what happened to Dave?

Regal: Well that’s an interesting question isn’t it Paul, seeing the last time we were together on Smackdown, you made me look like a complete and utter fool on world wide television. . . What makes you think I want to help you now?

McIntyre turns to Burchill

McIntyre: I’ll take care of this. . .

He then turns back to Regal

McIntyre: Look, yes you two have got history, but so do you and Dave. . . Are you really going to let those three cowards get away with what they did to our and your friend?

Regal has a think, and does look genuinely disgusted at the actions of Masters and The World’s Greatest Tag Team

Regal: You’re right, of course you are. . . I’ll tell you what I’m going to do. At the Survivor Series, your match will still go ahead, just you will be joined by a new partner. . . Harry Smith. How does that sound gentleman?


McIntyre: That sounds just fine by me, thank you

Regal: You’re welcome

Burchill: Yeah, thanks Regal

Regal: My pleasure

Burchill & McIntyre look relieved as they then walk out of the office with Regal smiling but with a serious expression on his face

From last week when Kevin Thorn was disqualified in his match against Kane, and then proceeded to beat the hell out of Kane with a steel chair, targeting his right leg


Michael Cole & JBL tell the audience at home that they have an update on Kane’s condition and that he will be out for around two months with some ligament damage in his right knee

The Undertaker vs Finlay

After starting the match aggressively, Finlay found himself up against it as The Undertaker got right back into it. Taker whips Finlay into the corner after a series of hard right hands, charges in at him and nails him with a hard clothesline. Taker just takes one step back before pulling Finlay out of the corner and whipping him into the opposite corner, running and connecting with another hard clothesline. This time, as Finlay staggers out of the corner, Taker turns round, runs into the ropes, comes back and goes for a BIG BOOT. . . but Finlay sees it just in time, ducks under the boot, runs into the ropes, runs back and clotheslines Taker, who falls to his knees. Finlay then continuously pummels him across the back with his boot. Taker drops from his knees to the mat as Finlay then drags him away from the ropes and applies a MODIFIED INDIAN DEATHLOCK. . . With the crowd cheering Taker on, he starts to fight the hold as Finlay looks almost possessed, trying to keep the hold locked in tight. Taker reacts to the crowd’s support and with a look of determination on his face, he manages to pull himself closer and closer to the ropes, but Finlay is as determined as ever and won’t stop. It’s not enough though as Taker pulls himself towards the ropes, reaches out and grabs hold of the bottom rope. There’s a huge pop as the ref then tells Finlay to let it go, but he keeps it locked in for as long as possible, reaching the four count before eventually letting go. He gets back up and grabs hold of Taker’s leg, trying to pull him back across the mat, but Taker uses his strength and pushes Finlay back with his right leg. Taker then pulls himself up to his feet with the aid of the ropes as Finlay then walks back over to him, but is on the receiving end of a hard right hand that knocks him down to the mat. Finlay is quickly back up to his feet, but Taker meets him and whips him hard into the ropes and lifts him overhead with a BACK BODY DROP. . . Finlay lands close to the corner and as he comes round, he reaches out to grab his chalily. Taker walks over to him and drags him across the mat to the centre of the ring, unaware Finlay is hiding the chalily under his body. Taker then lifts him up to his feet and grabs him around the throat for a CHOKESLAM. . . but it’s too late as he sees what Finlay has in his hand as Finlay then smashes Taker across the head with the weapon, forcing the ref to call for the bell.

AFTERMATH: The referee stands in front of Finlay to avoid any further damage to The Undertaker as “Lambleg” hits. Finlay looks down at Taker and seems satisfied before smiling and leaving the ring. As he climbs to the outside and walks up the aisle, he turns round and looks back, but as he does, Taker sits up and turns his head to stare intensely at Finlay, who looks slightly concerned


Randy Orton & MVP are getting ready in their locker room when Mr. Kennedy walks in. Orton & MVP look up and aren’t happy


Hey Orton, I need to know somethin right now

Orton: Well, are you gonna stand there and wait for me to work it out, or are you gonna tell me what made you storm in here?

Kennedy: What the hell were you thinkin, hitting me with that chair Monday night huh?


Orton: Look, you’ve got to calm down for one. . .

Kennedy: Calm down huh. . . Look at my head, thanks to you I’ve got staples in there, and you’re tellin me to calm down champ?

Orton: If you seriously think I’m dumb enough to hit one of my own partners with a steel chair before the Survivor Series, then fine. But the truth is it was an accident. . . Michaels moved and that’s why the chair hit you, not because I hit you on purpose. . . Look I’m sorry, I never meant for you to end up with staples in your head, although after you said you were on Team Kennedy Monday night, it felt good for a split second, I have to admit

MVP: It’s no wonder his big head got in the way Randy

Kennedy: Yeah, look who’s talking buddy

MVP squares up to Kennedy, but Orton gets in between them


Woah guys, stop it. We might not like each other, I accept that, but we’ve got no choice but to stick together, because together we are more than capable of beating and embarrassing Shawn Michaels and his team at the Survivor Series. . .


Orton: Between us and Finlay, we’ve got all the talent and fight we need to win that match, and if we just try and get along for just over a week, just a week is all I ask, and we could all walk away with one of the biggest wins of the careers. . .


Orton: Now are you with me?

Kennedy & MVP stare at each other, before nodding at Orton as the Legend Killer smiles and then the camera fades out


“Virtual Voodoo” hits & Umaga makes his way down to the ring with Armando Estrada


Haha, everybody listen to me. . . Ju all know my name, and you know who dis is standing next to me. . . the next World Heavyweight Champion, the Samoan Bulldozer. . . UMAGA


Estrada: Ju might not like it, but you have as you say, no choice but to lump it. . . Last week he destroyed the World Champion Batista and beat Edge. Let’s take a look at the footage

Last weeks match with Umaga & Edge with Batista as referee. Umaga getting the win after Batista got involved with Edge before Umaga finished him off and then took apart Batista after the match

There you see, it is not a lie, nobody can stop the Samoan Bulldozer. Not Edge and not Batista. . .


Estrada: And that is why my unstoppable monster will leave the Survivor Series as the new World Heavyweight Champ. . .

“I Walk Alone” blasts out and Batista walks out to a thunderous ovation

He gets in the ring and takes the microphone off of Estrada, who looks intimidated as Umaga stars right through Batista

Batista: You wanna talk huh? . . . Well tell your Samoan Bulldozer, I don’t


Batista smashes the microphone into Estrada’s chest, drops his title belt, and then starts throwing right hands at Umaga, who returns them. Batista gets on top, landing three rights in a row, knees him in the gut, then whips him into the ropes and is able to spine buster Umaga, who rolls out to the apron and out of the ring. Estrada then clubs Batista from behind, but it has minimal effect as The Animal then turns around to a big pop and pulls Estrada into position for the Batista Bomb, lifts him above his head and boom, Estrada hits the mat. Batista then stomps Estrada’s body out of the ring as the crowd stand to their feet, going crazy until. . .

“Metalingus” plays out and Edge walks out to the entrance with a microphone in hand


Edge: Wow that was impressive Batista, real impressive. . . That’s the first time I’ve seen you look that good since. . . actually I’ve never seen you look that good before. . .


Edge: You know what you should do Batista, save up all this fire you’ve got for the Survivor Series, because you’re going to have to be more than impressive, you’ll need a miracle if you’re going to leave with that World title of yours. You know why you big dumb freak? It’s because that title is mine, and there’s absolutely jack you can do about it


Edge laughs as Batista smirks sarcastically before seeing the microphone from before and his belt on the mat and picks them up

Your title huh? Funny you say that because it seems to have my name on it. . .

Edge looks pissed

Batista: Now if you want to come down here and fight me for it right now, be my guest

Edge looks livid

Edge: You know what? I might just do that


Edge starts to walk up the aisle, still with the microphone, but stops half way up the aisle

Edge: Actually Dave, thinking about it. . . I think I’ll wait

Batista shakes his head and is about to speak again, but from out of nowhere, John Morrison and The Miz jump him from behind, pummelling him with shots to the back and get him down to his knees as Edge looks on smiling from the aisle. Miz & Morrison stomp Batista constantly across the back as he falls to the mat. As The Animal let go of his belt, Morrison sees it and picks it up, then instructs Miz to pull Batista up. Miz is just able to pull him up as Morrison backs up with the belt in hand. After waiting for Miz to get Batista up, Morrison then runs towards The Animal and swings the belt at his head, but BATISTA DUCKS and the belt connects with The Miz’s skull, knocking him to the mat. Batista then unleashes right hands on Morrison as Edge looks on worried from the outside. Batista whips Morrison into the ropes and plants him with a spine buster. But as he gets back up to his feet, Edge runs and slides into the ring, and as Batista turns round, Edge charges at him and connects with a SPEAR


The crowd are all over Edge as he stands back up, looks down at Batista and smiles. He then sees the World title, walks over, picks it up and then raises it above his head while staring down at Batista. Umaga then starts to come round on the outside, still groggy, looks inside as Edge sees him and makes a point of raising the belt higher in the air as “Metalingus” hits and Edge stands tall


Shawn Michaels & Matt Hardy vs Randy Orton & MVP

Michaels & Orton slug it out in the middle of the ring with HBK getting on top, connecting with a succession of jabs to the WWE Champion, before knocking him down to the mat with a hard right. Orton is up to his feet again quickly, but Michaels knocks him straight back down with another hard right hand. Again Orton is back up almost straight away as this time, Michaels whips him into the ropes, and as Orton comes back, Michaels connects with an INVERTED ATOMIC DROP. . . Orton is in pain but doesn’t drop to the mat as Michaels then scoop slams him back down to the mat. With the crowd on their feet and cheering Michaels on, he walks over to the corner and climbs to the top rope. MVP then, not so discreetly, runs across the apron, distracting Michaels, who then looks down at MVP and kicks him off the apron. As Michaels turns back round, Orton is getting back up to his feet and decides to jump down and goes for a DOUBLE AXE HANDLE. . . but Orton stomps him in the gut, and as Michaels’ feet land on the mat, Orton then plants him with a SIDE INVERTED BACK BREAKER. . . Orton turns over on the mat and hooks Michaels’ leg for a cover 1 . . . 2 . . . NO!! HBK kicks out to a shocked Orton, who then stands up and tells the referee it was a three. As Orton yells at the ref, MVP climbs back up to the apron and shouts at Orton to tag him in, which he does, walking over and calmly tagging him in. MVP then climbs through the ropes and walks over to Michaels, slowly picking him up to his feet and whipping him into the corner. He takes a second before running in, but Michaels gets his boot up into MVP’s face. As MVP staggers back across the mat, HBK charges out of the corner and clotheslines MVP down to the mat. Michaels then turns round and sees Matt appealing for the tag, and Michaels obliges as he walks over and tags in Matt, but doesn’t climb through the ropes, instead he runs across the ring and knocks Orton off the apron. He then climbs through the ropes to the outside and the shock of Matt who looks on from the inside. Matt watches on as Shawn pulls Orton to his feet and whips him into the steel ring steps, with the crowd cheering as Michaels gets a real crazed look on his face. But as Matt has his back turned, MVP gets back up to his feet and spins Matt round, setting him up for the PLAYMAKER. . . MVP takes his time, giving Matt the opportunity to escape from his grasp, then slips behind MVP, and as MVP turns round, Matt plants him with the SIDE EFFECT. . . Huge cheers break out, and at the same time, Michaels strips the announce table after smashing Orton’s head against it. He then pulls Orton back up and lies him down on the table as Matt slowly reaches over and places his arm across MVP’s chest 1 . . . 2 . . . KICK OUT! . . . Michaels climbs up to the apron and then to the top rope as the crowd cheer him on and Micky Henson pleads with him not to do it, but Michaels pays no attention as he leaps off the top rope and hits the ELBOW DROP ONTO THE ANNOUNCE TABLE. . . HOLY SHIT! MICHAELS AND ORTON GO THROUGH THE ANNOUNCE TABLE. . . Matt gets back up to his feet and looks on in complete shock, Henson leaves the ring to check on Michaels & Orton. As Matt stalks a motionless MVP to get to his feet, Mr. Kennedy runs down to the ring, slides in and low blows Matt from behind. Matt falls to the mat as Kennedy slides back to the outside, all oblivious to Henson as he continues to check on Michaels & Orton. Kennedy looks under the ring and pulls out a chair, slides back in the ring and waits for Matt to get back up to his feet, urging him up, ready to explode with the chair in hand. Matt gets up, turns round and Kennedy explodes with a CHAIR SHOT ACROSS THE SKULL. . . Kennedy drops the chair, looks down at Matt and starts talking smack until. . .

The lights go out and a GONG is heard

***HUGE POP***

The lights come back on and The Undertaker is in the ring. Kennedy turns round and looks shocked as Taker hits him with an uppercut thrust and knocks him down to the mat. Kennedy is back up quickly and on the receiving end of another uppercut, but this time Taker grabs him around the throat for a chokeslam. The crowd go crazy, but Finlay charges down the aisle, slides in the ring and clubs Taker from behind, forcing him to let go of Kennedy, who drops to the mat. Finlay continues to club Taker, but Taker turns round, blocks a right hand and unleashes several hard rights on Finlay, whipping him into the ropes and hitting him with a big boot. Taker then pulls Finlay up to his feet and plants him with a chokeslam, but just as he hits it, Kennedy is back on his feet with the chair in hand. The crowd try to warn Taker with lots of nervous screams, but as Taker turns round, Kennedy takes his head off with a huge chair shot to the skull of the dead man. Kennedy drops the chair, then gets down to his knees and talks smack in Taker’s face, with MVP coming round and getting back to his feet too. Just as Kennedy and MVP stand back up, the lights go out again and there’s a huge cheer as the fans realise this must be the surprise and Michaels’ final team member. After about 10 seconds of darkness, a video plays on the tron


“Break The Walls Down” blasts out & the lights come back on

***HUGE POP***

The returning Chris Jericho is at the top of the aisle doing his signature entrance, turns round and sees Kennedy & MVP looking on in absolute shock as the crowd go nuts and Smackdown draws to a close

Cole: I don’t believe it John. . . Chris Jericho is back in the WWE, and he’s joining Team HBK at the Survivor Series

JBL: Unbelievable Michael, I never thought I’d see that punk again

Cole: Jericho’s not a punk and now he’s on Michaels’ team. . . we’ve got ourselves one hell of a match at the Survivor Series. . . Good night everyone, we’ll see you next week


Super Crazy df. Jimmy Wang Yang, Chavo Guerrero & Matt Striker
Harry Smith df. Chris Masters
Johnny Jeter & Matt Sydal df. Jamie Noble & Kenny Dykstra
The Undertaker df. Finlay
Randy Orton & MVP vs. Shawn Michaels & Matt Hardy ended in a No Contest

Mike DiBiase, Ted DiBiase Jr & Afa Jr df.
Nic Nemeth, Mike Mondo & Kofi Kingston


World Heavyweight Championship
Batista (c) vs Umaga vs Edge

Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Match
Team HBK (Shawn Michaels, Matt Hardy, The Undertaker & Chris Jericho)
vs Team Orton (Randy Orton, Finlay, Mr. Kennedy & MVP)

Triple H vs Mr. McMahon

Intercontinental Championship
Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Match
Last Fall Wins the Title

Jeff Hardy (c), CM Punk & Cody Rhodes
vs Elijah Burke, Carlito & Santino Marella

Cruiserweight Championship
Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Match
Last Fall Wins the Title

Jimmy Wang Yang, Super Crazy, Johnny Jeter & Matt Sydal
vs Kenny Dykstra, Jamie Noble, Chavo Guerrero & Matt Striker

World Tag Team Championship
Elimination Match
Paul London & Brian Kendrick vs Stevie Richards & Tommy Dreamer
vs Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch (c) vs DeuceNDomino

WWE Womens Championship
Mickie James vs Beth Phoenix (c) vs Victoria

Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Match
Paul Burchill, Drew McIntyre & Harry Smith
vs The World’s Greatest Tag Team & Chris Masters

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