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Re: WF BTB: Thread Name Change and Partner Request Thread

Here's the thread: http://www.wrestlingforum.com/booker...cw-2001-a.html

I'm am currently doing my first BTB, it is a continuation of the invasion storyline between WCW and WWF, where Flair is 50% owner of WWF and will prolong WCW's existance on WWF programming. I feel I can produce some good storylines for some of the roster, but I have others that are filler and I don't know a lot about (low/mid card WWF guys), and my match writing sucks as well.

Would anyone be interested in helping me to write a one show per week (RAW) which has something going on for everyone, and which contains good match writeups? I'd be happy to communicate with a partner through PM on this forum, Email or even MSN Messenger.

I almost feel as though my poor matches are the biggest thing bringing my BTB down, since I'm not getting a lot of feedback so far (I'm very greatfull for those that have commented.) I'm more than willing to share my future booking plans with a partner so that they are clued in to where I want to go (either on a general overall, or what I want to do with specific guys). But of course I am more than willing to make alterations to what I have planned to accommodate new input, and listen and learn from someone who knows WCW history and the InVasion time period, and is an experienced and successful BTB'er. Since this is my first BTB and I don't want it to die, I'm greatfull for any help I can get

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