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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Alright Nige, heres my review.

Opening Promo- Good opener to the show, Both men in character. I liked the way Orton mocked Shawn for moving over to smackdown. I look forward to Orton and HBK having one last encounter at Survivor series, assuming that HBK does infact move to SD- which btw is a great idea. The tease of saying "join the likes of The Undertaker, Batista and Rey Mysterio on Friday Night Smackdown" is great all of those possible fueds are very exciting and would really freshen up HBK. On a side note- I love how nobody ever expects to be superkicked, its always so obvious that its coming aswell .

Punk/Hardy vs Burke/Santino- I like the combo of Punk/Hardy, I cant wait for this SS match, it should be very interesting I think that either Punk or Jeff will win, with a heel turn in there somewhere. Back to the match- good choice for the first match, some nice action from both sides, felt sure that Punk/Hardy would win, good to have Jeff pick up the pinfall.

Vince/Regal/Coach promo- Nice start with Coach trying to get under Regals skin, typical Coach. Then we have Vince appear, with a funny little bit from Hornswoggle, Vince confronting Steph later should be interesting

HBK/Hardy promo- Wonder who HBK is on the phone to, Hmm I like Hardy and HBK teaming but i have a huge suspicion that Hardy wont forgive him for costing him the US title. Wow Taker/HBK/Hardy is quite a team, even if it is unrealistic, i just dont see Taker teaming with Hardy or Shawn. but its all good. Main event should be explosive.

Cody/Carlito- a decent match up, Both men came of looking good but it was important that Carlito won here as the loss doesnt damage Cody as much as it would hurt Carlito, especially with Carlito winning dirty. I dont think either man is going to win at SS.

Orton/Kennedy- Another fine promo, again in character, but then again they always are in this thread. I like Mr Kennedy being in the team, really fits in with the other young stars like Orton and MVP. They go well considering its like the future against the older generation with Hardy/HBK and Taker, all fairly seasoned stars. The only thing is that I dont think Finlay fits in with the others- as i said last week.

Punk/Hardy- As I said earlier Im sure these two are the most likley winners, a good promo, Punk and Jeff work well as they are both competitive faces- I still see a heel turn but i could be wrong.

James/Victoria- Was decent womans match until Beth got involved. Liked the announcement from Regal ( its not often that the GM, or anyone for that matter seems to even notice the womans division- gives it a little more credibility )

Tag Match- great tag action i like Dreamer and Richards' tag team, i've always liked Stevie so its good to see him being used. Cool bump from Kendrick. Cade and Murdoch cheat to win again. Good tag match

McMahon Family Promo- Great storyline, definetley the most dramatic in this BTB, treads a fine line almost breaking kayfabe with mentions of Vince off camera but its well managed. Emotional Promo from Steph/Trips/Vince best promo of the night. Loved Linda and Shane going against Vince- noone in his family is backing him up, nice twist. huge match for SS, should be a great street fight. Im loving this story and cant wait to see what you intend to do come survivor series.

Main Event- Great main event with some great action. DQ ending was predictable but was the best choice as it would weaken whichever team lost. Nice to see HBK get another super kick into Orton he's came out on top tonight.

Overall a very exciting Raw, fueds were nicely continued. SS is shaping up to be very very good. Great work.

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