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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Hey i've been meaning to give your show a review for a while now so here we go.

opening promo- a good opener here, all the men were perfectly in character, epecially Edge asking for batista to be stripped off the title and saying what Vince would do. Looking forward to finding out the GM and the Edge/Umaga match should be interesting especially with Batista as ref- goof work.

Jimmy Wang Yang vs Chavo- obvious choice for an opener- good way to get the show underway, typical win for Chavo with the roll up

Edge/Armando- Great little promo here, in character again. Very tense and more problems for Edge, i liked Edge tryin to divert attention to Bastista.

Jeter/Dykstra- Good promo here again, I liked the tension between Noble (Dykstra irritates me lol)Its cool to see Johnny Jeter back i always thought that they ruined the spirit squad there should have been more fueding between their members. Any way, im sure one of these men will win the strap leading to a good fued.

6 man tag match- good match, glad your giving burchill a chance as he is disgracefully under used by WWE, im a big drew mcintyre fan but only because i saw him wrestle in a shitty little gym hall with an indie fed in Scotland years back and he looked awesome, glad he's made it. Back to the show-

MVP/Hardy- typical MVP to begin with, then out comes Hardy, im glad they have a match tonight- should be great. No idea who the captain will be.

WGTT/Masters- cool to see alot of in fighting, i saw that some people didnt like the teaming of masters with WGTT, but i like it i think he kinda fits. Should be cool to see what his idea is.

Thorn/Kane- The match itself was a well written "bigman" match, It was also some clever booking- makes Thorn look strong by destroying someone like Kane, I see your going to repackage Kane, I look forwards to this, hopefully he'll come back mental again.

MVP/Finlay/Orton- Some good and bad points here. Didnt like Finlay saying it would be an honour, i just dont think he'd say that- not to Orton certainly. However MVP was good here, trying to sorta kiss up to Finlay, and finlay saying havent you heard the rumours was funny, i was imagining MVP starting to get pissed off with them.

Main Event- Great match with all the usual slow counting from Batista etc, i didnt expect a win here i thought it would be a no contest but a good win for Umaga, I liked Umaga beating down Batista at the end and it gives him a much needed boost- though obviously he's not going to win ( i hope )

Harry Smith should be good

HArdy/MVP- I didnt expect a win here for either man, as i didnt see the title changing on SD right after a PPV. It extends the fued well though. Match was going well up until it ended. Cool to see HBK on smackdown, cant wait to see how he does. Just one thing i dont think a save_us promo really suited Shawn. Unless your kinda going for a more retro shawn michaels from the 90s. In which case its all good

overall a very good show, nearly all characters are brilliant, matches are fine and some nice storylines, good work.

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