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Re: WWE: A Strong Response


We spoke to Stephanie McMahon earlier today at a WWE press conference for the upcoming Saturday Night’s Main Event in December, here are some important quotes.

On the next Saturday Night’s Main Event – “Taking out the majority of our pay-per-views like we have, means that Saturday Night’s Main Event will become more like a pay-per-view. It will have high profile matches and will become more wrestling based than the entertainment side you have seen since its return on NBC.”

On the angle with her and Triple H – “It is something that has been discussed over a long period and we felt that the time was right to bring out into the open as far as television goes. You are always getting to get negative feedback as it’s part of this business and always will be, but we feel this angle will bring a lot of entertainment, twists and turns on Raw for a good period of time.”

On the Survivor Series – “We wanted to make our pay-per-views more meaningful and by keeping the big four, bringing back the King of the Ring and taking the shows to large arenas, we felt we had to go one step further and actually make the shows unmissable to our fans. The traditional elimination match is a concept we are proud of and it is something we believe is unique in the business and more importantly, excites the fans as it’s something they don’t get to see very often. And that’s exactly why we’re putting so many of them on this year’s show, with the added bonus of championships being on the line in some of them too.”

On the possibility of bringing in Michael Shane, Low Ki & Ron Killings – “Not really my area right now but all I can say is that Michael Shane has been training at FCW as far as I’m aware on a tryout basis. Being Shawn Michael’s cousin is obviously something that could possibly help him down the line, but it’s not gone as far as being offered any kind of contract yet. I’ve not spoken to anyone about him specifically since he’s been in Florida, but apparently he is doing okay. As for the other two, it’s just rumour and if I’m getting my facts right, they’ve only just been released or quit in the last week so it’s hard to comment. Ron’s worked for us before, so we know a little about him, whether we bring him in or not isn’t an issue right now. You know the open house rules still apply, we’ve got some stars ready to come back from injury and have called up some talent from developmental too so signing new talent isn’t high on the priority list right now.”

On the 2008 Royal Rumble – “It won’t be any different to any other year to be honest. It’s a concept that has served well for many a year and there is no need to change it. We always look to improve our product on a daily basis, but the whole Royal Rumble concept is based around the Road to Wrestlemania and the 30 man match which has worked greatly for us. We may see some more high profile matches on the card, but don’t expect to see anything out of the ordinary. But of course going back to Madison Square Garden is a great occasion in itself, so obviously we can’t wait for what will be a great show I’m sure.”

On Wrestlemania 24 – “It is going to be an incredible night without any question. To answer your question about the card, we have worked on it and have six big matches pencilled in plus the Money in the Bank ladder match as well as two other significant matches. This years or should I say next years Wrestlemania will be something that we will be taking very seriously, more so than in previous years as we want to get back the feel of 15 years ago when the event really meant something, so a lot of work will be going into getting it just right.”

On the possibility of Chris Jericho returning – “The rumour mill and the internet community is one thing we will never be able to get rid of. This is something that has been going on for a long time and I think a lot of people expected Chris to be behind the cryptic messages that were appearing, but that was never the case as you found out on Friday night. Chris is someone we value highly and he has a lot to offer our product, but whether or not he does return is something you’ll have to wait and see.”
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