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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Thanks for the reviews guys, the Matt Striker part of the opening promo was something i debated taking out, but i decided against it as i needed him in the show to make a statement and i had other promos that needed to be there. It was a mistake i admit, worst thing is i knew it too!

Anyways, some news from my 21st favourite website and yours, Pro Wrestling Insider!

Wow, what a week in the WWE. Stephanie McMahon announces herself and Triple H as an on screen married couple to infuriate her father, Shawn Michaels makes his return as the face of the Save_Us videos, knocking back the anticipated return of Chris Jericho and we see the Survivor Series card develop into what looks like being an amazing show, based around traditional elimination matches.

Where do we start? I guess the main talking point right now is the return of HBK last night on Smackdown. Many were expecting it to be Jericho as we found out that the Saviour was going to be revealed, but we should have guessed, being in San Antonio that it was only going to be one person and the show stopper is now back and back as a team captain against Orton’s team at the Survivor Series. This match is hoped to be one of the biggest ever elimination matches in Survivor Series history and with Finlay already on Team Orton, expect to see MVP added to that list and we hear one more as it will be a 4 on 4 match. Right now, Michaels’ partners are expected to be from Matt Hardy, Triple H, The Undertaker and Rey Mysterio. That is not confirmed as Rey could be ruled out until after the show and other twists are to be expected after this week. As for Michaels’ future, it is not sure whether his debut on Smackdown was con-incidental or not as he may in fact be joining the brand from Raw, but there is no official word just yet.

As we saw last night, Shane McMahon announced that he and Linda will be at Raw on Monday night to try and smooth out the problems between Stephanie, daddy dearest and Triple H after the revelation this past week. This is a storyline set to run for a while, we’re not sure what role Shane will have, but if he is to side with anyone, it is bound to be with his dad. From what we here, there could be another cat let out of the bag this week as far as this storyline goes but will not be on the same scale as what we heard this week.

The Survivor Series is shaping up nicely now and the card looks very appealing to the fans who enjoy the traditional elimination matches. At the moment, there are three scheduled and two of them will decide singles titles too with both the Intercontinental and Cruiserweight Championships on the line for the first time ever in this kind of match. We are also led to believe that there could be at least two more elimination matches added to the card in addition to a Womens title match. We learnt that Batista will be defending his World title against Umaga and the fit again Edge at the pay-per-view and right now, it is not decided who will leave as champion and the possibility of Umaga winning is being strongly thought through as creative are very high on him.

Last night, Shane McMahon announced on Smackdown that the new General Manager will be in place next week. We have absolutely no idea who it will be, with Mick Foley being the only acting GM in with a shout as Shane, Stephanie & Edge are all pre-occupied with their own storylines right now. Other names in the frame are Eric Bischoff, Stonecold Steve Austin, JBL, Ted DiBiase (now that his sons are in developmental) & Dusty Rhodes.

We saw Kane taken apart by Kevin Thorn with a steel chair on last night’s episode of Smackdown. The reasoning of this is Kane will take some time out for a while and will most likely be repackaged for a return in late December or early 2008, at the same time giving Thorn a push up the roster that will surely divide fans. Again, creative are very high on Thorn and will continue to use him while he’s still over.

Questions have been asked about the situation between The World’s Greatest Tag Team, MVP & Chris Masters. They are not currently in a faction, but the plan is to group them together very soon. MVP, Shelton Benjamin & Charlie Haas have worked together on screen lately, and this week Masters joined the tag champs to take on the British trio of Drew McIntyre, Paul Burchill & Dave Taylor simply because he is in the process of putting Burchill over right now. The likelihood is Masters will be like the heavy for the three athletes if everything goes as planned.

Johnny Jeter & Matt Sydal made their Smackdown debuts this week and quickly told us they would be part of the elimination match to crown a new Cruiserweight Champion at the Survivor Series and that next week they will make their in ring debuts against Kenny Dykstra & Jamie Noble. Expect quite a push for these two as they are both highly thought of backstage.
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