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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Smackdown Review

Good opening promo, all four characters were in character but the only problem I had was that it dragged on a lot mainly because of the Matt Stryker bit at the end which was a bit pointless, and you could have had the Stryker bit as another short promo. Big announcement about the main event at Survivor Series and nice booking for tonight with Batista special referee for Umaga v Edge.

Always a good choice to start off the wrestling side of the show with a Cruiserweight match to get everyone pumped up for the rest of the show. From the ending it looked like a pretty good match, would of expected some interference from someone in that Cruiserweight match at SS but nice to see it ending with no interference. Good victory for Chavo giving him some momentum for SS.

Nice little promo here and no longer is Umaga on Edge’s side which adds some spice to the match at Survivor Series.

Nice promo here, interesting to see Dykstra in the CW Division. Looks like Johnny Jeter and Matt Sydal will be a tag team which could help the tag team division a bit.

Good six man tag team match here and I am liking that you are giving Burchill a bit of a push beating Masters continually. However I can not see Burchill hitting Masters with the C4.

Decent promo here which got interesting when Matt Hardy came out and we had the confrontation between the two. Another big match made between MVP and Hardy, but I can’t see Hardy taking the title off him. Only problem with the promo was their characters sounded a bit off at times but otherwise it was alright.

Well you made it an interesting promo even though all three men have a personality of a pencil. Will be interesting to see what Masters is planning.

Kane v Kevin Thorn would be a pretty good big man feud to see. Looked like a pretty good match not too keen on the ending but smart booking to continue the feud and at the end of it you made Kevin Thorn look very strong with the beatdown he put on Kane.

Nice promo here, Finlay being on Team Orton Is a good decision. Will be interesting to see who the second teams captain is.

Great match here between Umaga and Batista, bit surprised that this wasn’t main event at first but looking at the ending of the show I can see why now. Good ending to the match with Batista attacking Edge leading to Umaga get the victory. Great aftermath as well with Umaga beating down Batista and you have made him look the favourite going into the triple threat match

Very good main event and good to see that HBK is the guy behind the save us promos instead of the obvious Chris Jericho. Team HBK v Team Orton should be a great match and looks like you are going to continue the Orton/HBK feud.

Overall was a pretty good show again, Survivor series is surely building up to be a good show. 8/10
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