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Re: WWE: A Strong Response


Nice opening with a fuming Edge interrupting Coach, who was annoying me so thank you Edge for doing that. Edge speech was in character and I hope h gets his title shot. And then Shane comes out and gives it to him, but I’m slightly confused, he has a title shot but if he doesn’t fight in that match he doesn’t have it, or is it that him and Umaga is a NO.1 contenders match? Anyway it’s all good and the match should be good later tonight, Striker coming out was well pointless because he didn’t really get to say anything, anyways ignoring that good way to opening a promising show. Then that SAVE_US thing came up and well I know who it is now because I skipped to the end theater day: D.

The match was well not exciting and wasn’t as CW as I would like, meaning more spots you know but with Chavo in there it’s hard to do I suppose. Edge and Estrada was okay I guess cleared up that there deal is off now which is good, is Umaga more of tweener now? Edge kicking a wall, he’s not a stressed little toddler lol? Nice way to introduce Jeter and Matt S, at SS I the CW open, hopefully they wrestle next week, Noble and Dykstra seem to have some chemistry, weird way to end it with they “we’ll see” “yes, we will” “good” “yes” kind of thing. Still it was nice way to introduce the new superstars.

I mark for the C-4, and it was good to see him use it in the match and well this match was nothing special but did its job, I hope Burchill gets a title shot soon, and maybe pushed for the US. WGTT and the British lads should be a good match for the titles if you go down that road, WGGT still champs right? I forget?

Okay MVP blabbering on about how he is great yep. Waahey here come Matt, what’s he got to say, starts off with a cheap pop, fair enough, and then they go back and fourth saying I’m better than you, heard it all before, Shane comes out and announces the main event and man this is one hell of a main event! US Title match, can’t wait going to be a quality match. WGGT are tag champs thought so, and that promo if you could call t that was okay at best nothing announce and the Tag Tittles will be on the line at SS I’m guessing.

Best match so far and good to see you have gone with Thorn having a new look, these two monsters would have a good feud in my opinion and hope to see them at SS. Match was good, with both getting in moves, was gunning for Thorn but a DQ was a nice finish. Hopefully another match next week.

Really liked the promo between the three guys here, it was nicely put together and didn’t getting boring. Finlay on Team Orton is a good decision as I really like him, very nice promo. Great action packed match, the Batista and Edge interaction was great and his plan backfiring once again and costing himself the ‘W’ was great. Umaga destroying both of them gives hi ma his monster look still, but he has no chance at SS and that the way it goes to be honest.

Main event time and Orton coming down to ‘Scout’ the other captain I didn’t by and I feel this rumor everyone is talking about will show up. Firstly this match was great just as good as the CS encounter, it was back and fourth with both men showing offence and MVP and Hardy both coming off it with credibility. Then the big one I didn’t think for one second the other captain was linked to the SAVE_US videos and well it was great, now this was why Orton was at ringside, the man who he put out of action coming back is GREAT BOOKING! Also I saw DiBiase names on the dark match, which is cool; hopefully they get a call up.

Overall again another great show and the answer to the SAVE_US videos, some good matches and some average matches, good used coming threw, shame Matt Hardy title shot was ruined by Michaels. Card is looking good for SS, only problems that a few pointless promos in this edition of SD!

Or is it?
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