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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

The Apextation Review.

Opening Promo
I thought the opening promo was right on the money. Edge wasting no time getting out there to spew his frustrations on the acting GM was very in character. Even more so trying to get Batista stripped of his title instead of defeating him like a pro was typical Edge fashion.
And then with Shane making his way out, things only got better. I liked the way Shane showed that he was the top dog there by showing Coach who was Boss. And then it was on to Edge with Shane putting the question that maybe it was him that maybe it was indeed his own fault what happened at Cyber Sunday, but again typical Edge putting the blame anywhere put on himself. And then Shane ended the segment with a the Smackdown Main event made for Survivor Series, the main event made for tonight and a great stipulation where Edge has to compete (he isn't ready to go yet) or he is out of the WHC match at SS. Now thats storyline progression. Loved it.
My only gripe is that I feel the segment should have ended here to two HUGE matches made. The segment ended on a more average note of Striker coming out and the result of it all was him throwing his name into the Cruiserweight Survivor Series match. The fact that you even portrayed Shane not giving a damn at what he had to say made me care even less about Striker coming out. I just this could have been done later on in a short backstage segment.
All in all, up until Striker made his presence known, I thoroughly enjoyed the opening segment. Great way to kick off the show.

Chavo vs Wang Yang
Good choice as an opening match. Two of the top cruiserweights in the Survivor Series match up going at it. I liked the ending. As believe as you could write Chavo. I would have liked to see more involvement with the other Cruiserweights but I guess that will happen in weeks to come. Good first match.

Edge and Estrada, Backstage Confrontation
While I enjoyed the Edge/ Estrada interaction, Estrada's character seemed a little off. To me he had a little bit too much "balls" telling Edge not to cut him off and so forth. But I did like the overall story behind it. Now Umaga has a reason to go after Edge. It also gives Edge more reasons to bitch, which is great for his charater (the whole world is out to get him). I like the fact that now all three men have reasons not like to each other in different ways. Makes the feud all that more enjoyable.

Short and sweet. I thought the way you initially used Noble and Dykstra was great. To heels trying to get a better stance in the match at Survivor Series by teaming up but being that they are heels are at each others throats within a minute. Good character use.
And wow, Johnny is back and has brought in Matt fn' Sydal. Very interested to see how you use these to guys. Finally we will get to see Johnny and Kenny go at it as I was disappointed when WWE pulled the plug on that one. I smell a nice feud over the Cruiserweight title with these two.
And what a match for next week! I am hyped for the two debuts and overall for the direction of the Cruiserweight division which is a hard thing to get me caring about.
One complaint I would have about the segment is that you debuted not one but two guys in a backstage segment with no hype at all. I guess their real debut is next week but I would have preferred Johnny to debut like this and said he was bringing a friend to Smackdown next week to take the two of them on. Instead Sydal's debut was wasted on a backstage segment that didn't even have him say a word. And why would Sydal stand there and let Johnny, Dykstra and Noble for that matter say that they will ALL walk away with the title. While he just says nothing and seemingly accepts it. Would have liked to see some backbone.

6 Man Tag-Team Action
Decent 6 man tag match on paper. But I wouldn't be to keen on seeing this in real life. With that said since it IS just on paper, I liked it. The breakdown chaos was inevitable leaving Masters and Burchill going at it, the two guys I want to see go at it. Although I'm not the biggest Masters fan, I'll wait and see what you have in store for him. Nice ending with the right guy going over. I'm hoping that Burchill moves away from Masters soon.

MVP / Hardy Promo
It started off well with MVP coming out and hitting on all the usual MVP points. Hardy comes out and we get some good ol' Hardy/MVP interaction. The thing I found is that I felt like I was watching a Smackdown episode from 6 weeks ago. I felt like nothing new was brought to the table. But for what it was it was an enjoyable read with the characters being portrayed correctly.
That is until the "rumour" came up. Both characters seemed off when discussing the rumour. With lines like:

Matt: "I’m not screwing with your head. . . On my life, I swear I’ve heard that rumour all day"

Its just I feel like the US Title focus was lost during this. But it was nicely tied up with Shane coming out and clearing up the "rumour" somewhat and making a very fitting main event for the night.

By the time the promo ended, I was hyped for the main event and was very curious about the whole Survivor Series second captain talk, which is a great thing.

WGTG / Masters
Nice little backstage segment with the losers of the previous 6 man action. Although I'm still not that into a team of Masters and WGTG but I am curious to see what Masters has up his sleeve so it worked in that respect.

Thorn vs Kane
Now this can be all types of awesome. I liked the back and forth match. And the DQ had to happen for this feud to have legs and legs it should have. Finally Thorn can be that sadistic monster we all know that he has inside of him. And hopefully this can give Kane some new life too. A new monster opponent should do him the world of good. I can't for this feud to get going because I am already salivating at the thoughts of it. Great job.

More rumour talk
I was torn on this segment. I feel that it was needed but then again it did build up the second captain and it did get Finlay involved in the mix. I did feel that Finlay was a little off character. Especially when accepting Orton's offer, Finlay would never say that it would be an honour to be on Orton's team, Finlay is a veteran for over 30 years and a tough bastard, he beats up on people like Orton. I would preferred Orton to bait him onto his team eg:

Orton: Finlay, I saw what you did at No Mercy and I gotta hand it to you man, that was one of the most vicious chairs shots I've ever seen. As we all know you love to fight...so how about it man, at Survivor Series you be on my team and this time you get to beat on not just one guy, not just two guys, not even three guys but on FIVE guys.
Finlay: Five guys?
Orton: FIVE guys...
Finlay: *Finlay lets out a smirk, extends his hand to Orton* Well then, I guess you got yourself a deal then...

Thats just how I would have imagined something like that going down. Nonetheless a good setup for later on in the night.

Edge vs Umaga
Great action packed match. I liked the Batista/Edge interaction with Edge's actions backfiring once again and costing him the victory. Next week I'm hoping to see made to look a little strong since he just took a clean enough pinfall to one of his competitors at Survivor Series.
I didn't like the way Estrada told Batista to raise Umaga's hand and Batista ACTUALLY went to raise it. It made Batista look dumb for thinking that Umaga would actually let him. And made Batista look like he doesn't have a set for not just telling Estrada where to stick his request. But the bright spot to come out of this was that Umaga was booked perfectly with domination over both Batista and Edge and was made to look strong again after his defeat at Cyber Sunday. So now all bets are off and its all to play for.

Main Event
Nice fight between these two. I felt like that they knew each other and were actually in a feud. One thing I got confused over is the ending. MVP low blows Matt but the ref never called for the ending. So is it officially a DQ? I mean sure the match ended but it annoys me that we are meant to assume that its over. But I get the DQ ending, it extends the feud which is a good thing.
Because the main story here is HBK returns!! A cool swerve instead of the obvious Jericho comeback. HBK Captain sits well with me! Should be a great build and an even better match!

A very enjoyable show. From start to finish I was never bored once. There were parts that I thought could be improved but I have already covered them perviously but other than a few minor things an all round great show. Well done

One more thing. The match length you have is totally fine. Anymore than that would be a strain on yourself and a strain on your readers to read and review FULL matches on a weekly basis.

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