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WWE.com HOMEPAGE (Smackdown Results) - The Saviour Arrives!

2nd November

Freeman Coliseum
San Antonio, Texas

A recap from Cyber Sunday of Batista defeating Umaga in the Last Man Standing match with Edge as Special Guest Referee



ďHard HittingĒ plays out and The Coach walks down to the ring with a smug smile on his face. He is passed a microphone by Justin Roberts


Coach: I can see you're all surprised but there is no need to avert your eyes, it is me, The Coach. . . and I am here for you, the Smackdown fans. . .


Coach: Alright, I admit it, I'm not here just for you. . . I'm here for the exact same reason Mick Foley was last week, and that's for the chance to become the next general manager of Smackdown. . .


Coach: That's right. . . I want back the job that was taken away from me by William Regal on Raw. . . I didn't deserve to lose my job, it wasn't fair and there was no need for it to happen. . . And look what's happened since, Raw's become a sinking ship and that's all down to William Regal becoming the general manager at my expense and me becoming nothing more than Mr. McMahon's babysitter. . .


Coach: . . . And just as Regal told me at Cyber Sunday, I too have had enough of being treated with no respect. . . so from now on, I'm all business. . . No one disrespects The Coach anymore, and that goes for every single one of you too. . .


Coach: You all need to show me the respect I deserve because I'm going to make this years Survivor Series the greatest ever, obviously if I'm given the chance to become the full time general manager. . . Like I said, this Survivor Series will go down in history, and it will be even bigger than Cyber Sunday. . . Now that brings me to an announcement I need to make concerning something that happened this past Sunday in the I Quit match between Rey Mysterio and Finlay. . .

Coach: I'm sure you're all aware that at the end of their match, Finlay knocked Rey Mysterio out cold with a steel chair, meaning Rey physically couldn't say the words I quit. . . Rey was taken to a local medical facility suffering from what we know was a concussion, and as a result, Rey won't be here tonight and will be out of action for at least three weeks. . .


Coach: And I must also tell you that The Undertaker too is not here tonight following an injury he received last week. . .

ďMetalingusĒ blasts out & an angry Edge makes his way down to the ring


Edge: Let me stop you right there Coach, no one cares about Rey Mysterio and The Undertaker, or should I say no one important cares about Rey Mysterio and The Undertaker. . .


Edge: The one thing on everyone's mind right now is confusion. . . Confusion because right now, Batista is still in a job after he attacked the special guest referee at Cyber Sunday


Edge: You liked that huh? . . . You liked seeing Batista catch me with the spine buster?


Edge: Well enjoy it, because the next time you see me in the ring with Batista, I will be taking back my World Heavyweight Championship


Edge: But Coach, you've got a reason for being here and so do I. . . But I need to ask you tonight just why Batista hasn't been punished for attacking a referee? . . . A referee who wasn't cleared to compete in the ring. . . Had it been any other referee, Batista would have been stripped of the World Heavyweight Championship. . . so why the hell has he still got my title around my waist?


Edge: Don't listen to these people Coach, no one cares what they think, now do the right thing and strip Batista of the World title


ďHere Comes The MoneyĒ hits & Shane McMahon walks down to the ring, getting a big pop

Edge, Iíll get to you in a minute but first off Coach, I need to put you out of your misery. . . You might have been slightly misled before you came here tonight. . . It appears that you said you would willingly be the general manager for tonight, but no one told you that earlier today we appointed a permanent replacement for Teddy Long, and that person will be starting right here next week


Coach looks really angry

Coach: So I'm working for free tonight. . . that's what you're telling me?

Shane: (Sarcastically) That's right and it upsets me a great deal to have to come out here and tell you that. . . Now you can stay on for the rest of the night if you so wish

Coach: Are you kidding me? . . . You expect me to act as general manager tonight when you've already picked who you want? . . . Well Shane, you can shove it because nobody takes advantage of Jonathan Coachman!

Coach drops his microphone and storms off to the back, looking really pissed off as Shane then turns to Edge


Shane: Yeah right Coach. . . Anyway. . . let me get this right Edge. . . You want me to strip Batista of the World title?

Edge: Yeah, if you know what's right, that's what you'll do TONIGHT


Shane: Okay, I hear what you're sayin. . . Had it been any other referee, he would have been punished, no doubt about it. . . But the fact is Edge, it wasn't any old referee, it was you. . .


Shane: And maybe youíre so angry because it was all down to you

Edge: Are you out of your damn mind? . . . How the hell can it be all my fault?

Shane: If you hadn't tried abusing the power you had a couple of weeks ago and made yourself the referee, it wouldn't have happened. . . So all in all Edge, it was you who put yourself in that position at Cyber Sunday. . .


Shane: So Iíve got to decide what I should do about this, and I can only think of one solution. . .

Edge: Yeah, stripping Batista of the World title


Shane: Or and maybe we'll go with this idea instead. . . At the Survivor Series, we'll let you try and take the title off Batista the old fashioned way, in the middle of the ring. . . and since you're not scared of Umaga, like you said last night. . . it'll be a triple threat match for the World Heavyweight Championship


Edge: That's your solution? . . . Your solution sucks. . . Why don't I just go ask your dad what you should have done and then we'll get the right decision


Shane: Now I'm glad you mentioned my father because that's why I'm here tonight. . . But first, as you want to run your mouth, I've got a great idea. . . Since you're not worried about Umaga. . . right here tonight you're going to face him one on one. . . and Batista will be the special guest referee


Edge is fuming

Edge: What the hell's wrong with you huh? . . . I'm not even cleared to wrestle yet

Shane: That changes everything Edge, Iím sorry. . . If you don't compete tonight, you won't be getting your title shot at Survivor Series. . . Does that change your deicison?


Edge looks like he's going to explode. He shakes his head and drops his mic and storms off to the back

Shane: Like I was saying, the reason I'm here is to talk about what happened Monday night on Raw. . . To answer the question on everyone's mind. . . what Stephanie said was true, she and Triple H are in fact married. . .


Shane: Well I'm glad you think it's good news because my father doesn't. . . Obviously you've guessed that from his behaviour lately, but what I have to say is that both myself and my mother Linda will be at Raw Monday night along with Stephanie and Triple H to try and smooth things out if you will. . .

Matt Striker's music hits & he walks out to the entrance with a microphone in hand & Shane looks confused


Striker: Shane, as saddened as we all are regarding the situation your family finds itself in, there are more pressing matters like the Cruiserweight Championship match at Survivor Series. . .

Shane looks up at Striker, looking really bemused and not seeming to care

Striker: We learnt last week that the vacant Cruiserweight Championship will be contested under traditional elimination rules, and I condone that decision. . . The Survivor Series is a historic event, and such an event demands the most talented athletes to compete under such rules. . .

Shane: And you feel that you should be one of them right?

Striker: Shane my friend, that is why you are such a respected individual. . . you always make the intelligent decision, and by. . .

Shane: Hey. . . if you want to be part of that match, that's fine by me, just do me one favour. . . shut your mouth and stop talking crap. . . I've said all I've needed to and you come out here and waste my time. . . Just go back to your hotel or do whatever you've got planned for tonight because I've got more important things back there to deal with than you


Shane drops his mic and ďHere Comes The MoneyĒ hits just as Striker lifts his microphone to his mouth, but decides not to speak, opting to walk to the back instead



Get Ready!
The time is near!
Time for the Saviour!

*ďChavo ArdienteĒ hits & Chavo Guerrero walks down to the ring in his ring gear*


Chavo: There is no need to boo everyone, because your real saviour is here. . . Chavo Guerrero. . . Thatís right San Antonio, Iím back!


Chavo: And let me tell you how great it is to be back inside this ring. . . I feel like I need to share this moment with somebody. . . So what Iím proposing is that any superstar from the cruiserweight division comes down here to join me in this ring right now and I will show them and all of you why I will once again become the Cruiserweight Champion at the Survivor Series. . .


Chavo waits for several seconds

Chavo: Come on, thereís no need to be shy

ďGonna Punch Someone TonightĒ hits & Jimmy Wang Yang walks out to a big pop

A recap from last week of Chavoís return, attacking Jimmy Wang Yang after Yangís victory in a tag team match

Jimmy Wang Yang vs Chavo Guerrero

ENDING: After being shocked by Yangís effort, Chavo was on the back foot and Yang was going in for the kill. He whipped Chavo into the ropes, ran back into the opposite ropes, ran back and connected with a spinning heel kick, getting a pop from the crowd. Chavo didnít take long getting back up, but looked slightly dazed as Yang waited patiently and then went for a leg feed enziguri. Chavo ducked the kick as Yang dropped to the mat, but then pushed up with his free leg and kicked Chavo off. Yang was up quickly and ran at Chavo, who saw it coming and quickly grabbed Yangís arm, then whipped him into the ropes and tried for a standing dropkick, but Yang held onto the rope as Chavo fell down to the mat.

Yang then saw an opportunity and ran to the corner, then jumped up to the top rope and went for a moonsault, but Chavo was able to roll out of the way as Yang then crashed into the mat. Chavo then sat up, crawled across the mat and tried for a cover, but Yang kicked out at 2. Chavo rushed to finish the match and pulled Yang up to his feet, set him up for a BRAINBUSTER, but Yang slipped down off his shoulders and rolled Chavo up, with Chavo just able to kick out in time. Both men were back up quickly and Yang ran at Chavo who was standing by the ropes. Chavo stomped Yang in the gut as Yang ran towards him and rolled him into a small package, holding onto the ropes for a three count and the win.

AFTERMATH: ďChavo ArdienteĒ hits as Chavo stands up to his feet and gets his arm raised. He looks down at an upset looking Yang and laughs at him before climbing through the ropes and walking to the back


Edge is pacing up and down his locker room when Armando Estrada walks in with an intense Umaga


Estrada: Edge. . . we need to talk

Edge: Do we? Cos according to Shane McMahon weíve got to do more than talk. . . Iíve got to wrestle Umaga tonight, and if you havenít realised, Iím not physically cleared to compete tonight. . . oh and my favourite part of this crap. . . Batistaís the damn referee


Estrada: (In his Cuban accent) We did not come here to talk about the match tonight, but the match at Cyber Sunday

Edge: What the hell are you talking about?

Estrada: We need to talk about what happened at Cyber Sunday. . .

Edge: Yeah. . . what about it huh? . . . Me getting spine bustered by Batista?

Estrada: Donít cut me off Edge, I wasnít finished

Edge: Good cos maybe you can tell me what the hell youíre doing here barging into my locker room like this

Estrada: What the hell Iím doing here is you promised me and Umaga that you would make sure he won the World Heavyweight Championship on Sunday night. . . But, there is one tiny problem Edge. . . that didnít happen did it? . . . And right now, we have an unhappy Samoan monster

Edge looks at Umaga, who is breathing heavy and staring at Edge

Edge: Look, I did all I could and I went for Batista, but somehow the big freak spine bustered me and another referee came down. There was nothing else I could do. . . Look youíre angry and I get that, I would be too, but youíve got to look at who the real problem is. . . Batista. . .


Edge: . . . It was Batista who stuck his nose in my business as referee and cost you the match, not me. . . How is us two facing each tonight gonna help anyone?

Estrada: You gave us your word that you would make sure Umaga won the World title and you didnít deliver. . . So from now on Edge, youíre on your own and all deals are off. . .


Estrada: . . . Umaga will win the World Heavyweight title on his own at Survivor Series and he will beat you tonight


Estrada smirks before he turns round and walks out of the room with Umaga following, still looking angry while Edge walks towards the wall and kicks it hard


*Jamie Noble & Kenny Dykstra are in the hallway*


Dykstra: Can you believe how great itís gonna be at Survivor Series? . . . A traditional Survivor Series elimination match for the Cruiserweight Championship. . . I know itís over two weeks away, but man I canít wait, Iíve had no sleep since last Thursday

Noble: Boy, you need to relax

Dykstra: How can I relax?. . . Iíve got a chance to become the Cruiserweight Champion for the first time in one the biggest matches of my career. . . how can I possibly relax?. . .

Noble shrugs his shoulders

Dykstra: . . . You know who our problem is donít you?. . . Chavo Guerrero. . . Heís so selfish and will see us both eliminated just so he can get closer to winning the title, but Iím not gonna let that happen

Noble: Kenny, Kenny youíve gotta control yourself and quick. . . Look right, you can count on me. If we work together and get through everyone else, thatís half the job done boy. . . But then, itís every man for himself and Iíve been Cruiserweight Champion before and Iíll do it again, no worries

Dykstra: Iíve not got a problem working together, but when it comes down to it, thereís only gonna be one winner. . . and thatís me. . .


Dykstra: I wasnít called the hottest young talent on Raw for no reason Noble. . . At Survivor Series, Iím gonna show everyone just why that was, including you

Noble: Yeah, that right huh boy?!

Noble gets in Dykstraís face when something catches Dykstraís attention and his eyes wander and the camera zooms out and we see two young guys in jeans and t shirts. Dykstra looks shocked

Dykstra: No way man!

The camera zooms in a little and we can see one of them is Johnny (Jeter) from the Spirit Squad, the other is not known to the WWE audience

Johnny: Itís been a long time Kenny

Dykstra: Never mind that, what the hell are you doin here Johnny?

Johnny: You really wanna know?

Dykstra: What do you think? . . . Iíve not seen you for nearly a year and you show up like this, youíre damn right I wanna know

Johnny: Fine. . . Iím here for the same reason you are, and so is my good buddy Matt Sydal here

Dykstra: I didnít ask who the hell your friend is, I asked what you were doin here

Johnny: Itís simple Kenny. . . When we heard about the Cruiserweight title match at Survivor Series, we made the call and got the answer we wanted. . . weíre in

Dykstra: Youíve gotta be kidding me

Johnny: Sorry bro, I canít say I am. . . You know, Iíve been waiting for the chance to come back and put you in your place. . . Iíve seen you parading around like youíre some kind of big star and now Iíve got my chance to do something about it, as has Matt. . . And after Survivor Series, you wonít be walking around like Mr Big Shot or the Cruiserweight Champion

Dykstra starts to laugh

Dykstra: You think Iím worried about you two?

Johnny: Get over yourself. . . You know what, we donít even have to wait until Survivor Series because we just came from talkin to Shane McMahon and he said that right here next week, me and Matt will be making our Smackdown debuts, and well. . . against you two


Dykstra looks pissed as Noble steps in

Noble: Bring all youíve got next week boys, it ainít gonna matter, weíll beat ya like weíre gonna at Survivor Series. . . You two, Jimmy Wing Wang and Super Crazy are all goin down at Survivor Series

Johnny: Fine, letís just wait and see shall we

Noble: Yeah, lets

Jeter & Sydal smile as they turn round and walk up the hall while Dykstra looks really pissed


A recap from the last two weeks when Paul Burchill beat Chris Masters in back to back episodes

Paul Burchill, Drew McIntyre & Dave Taylor vs The Worlds Greatest Tag Team & Chris Masters

Shelton is in there with McIntyre and is on the back foot as McIntyre lashes out with hard right hands to the head and whips him into the corner. He takes a second before charging in at Shelton, who gets his foot up and into the face of McIntyre. The Scotsman staggers out of the corner as Shelton then pulls himself up to the second rope and leaps off, connecting with a BULLDOG. He quickly scarpers across the mat to try a cover 1 . . . 2 . . . Kick out from McIntyre, but Shelton isnít wasting any time as he pulls McIntyre back up to his feet and then turns round to run back into the ropes, comes back and goes for a clothesline, but McIntyre too connects for a DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE. . . Both men down and they start to come round and crawl towards their respective corners. Burchill is screaming for McIntyre to get across, and eventually he does, tagging Burchill in, just as Shelton makes the tag to Masters. Masters charges across to Burchill, but Burchill ducks underneath Mastersí outstretched arm and plants him with a SIDE SUPLEX. . .

Masters holds his back, but is still up quite quickly as Burchill is ready and waiting, hitting him with a hard chop across the chest and then whips him into the ropes. Masters comes back and is on the receiving end of a powerslam from Burchill who holds on for a cover 1 . . . 2 . . . Haas runs in and pulls Burchill off Masters by his feet. That brings in Taylor & McIntyre and then Shelton to help out Charlie. Burchill gets back up and has a look of fire in his eyes, walks over to Haas, hits him with a hard right and clotheslines him over the top to the outside. Shelton gets back up after a right hand from Taylor and is cornered by all three and decides to slip under the ropes to safety, but is followed out by McIntyre & Taylor who take the fight to Shelton & Haas. Burchill is about to turn round when Masters, back on his feet tries to stitch in the MASTERLOCK, but Burchill is able to slip behind Masters, spins him round and hits him with the C4, reaches across and covers him 1 . . . 2 . . . 3.

AFTERMATH: Burchill stands up and gets his arm raised as McIntyre & Taylor get back in the ring and congratulate him as Shelton & Haas look on angrily from the outside


*ďIím Comin hits & MVP makes his way down to the ring in a suit, with his United States title around his waist*


MVP: You know what? . . . Not even you jealous wasters or being in San Antonio is gonna get me down. . . nothing is gonna wipe this smile off my face tonight


MVP: Carry on doing that, I donít care, I couldnít care less if you all start what you do so well in Texas. . . but if Iím being honest, youíve gotta stop doing that cos inbreeding isnít good for the kids people


MVP: I would say sorry if I was lying or I was wrong, but we all know thatís not the case. . . you people are sick


MVP: Then again, you donít get to live the life I do, the life of being on the V.I.P. list of every A list party in America, the life of the only individual walking this planet who can rightfully claim to be half man, half amazing


MVP: All the hate in the world isnít gonna change that, and not even Matt Hardy could change that at Cyber Sunday. And thatís why I stand here tonight in front of you, still the WWE United States Champion. . .


MVP: Thatís right, after all me and Matt have been through, I came out on top like I said I always would. . . like there was ever gonna be any doubt. . . There is no one in the world, let alone San Antonio who can take away from me what is mine, and that is why I am without a doubt the greatest ever United States Champion. . .


MVP: Iím just tellin it like it is, and if you canít handle that, maybe you should get off your knees and away from your sisters and brothers long enough to realise that


MVP: Sunday night I showed everyone watching around the world that I am a global star, I showed everyone that Matt Hardy is more than likely to be from San Antonio and most importantly and best of all. . . that I am the undisputed United States Champion. Howíd ya like that huh?


Just as MVP lifts the microphone back to his, ďLive for the MomentĒ blasts out

***HUGE POP***

MVP looks angry as Matt Hardy makes his way down to the ring with a microphone, not looking too happy

Matt: Just for the record. . . I would be proud as hell to be from a great place like San Antonio. . .


MVP: You came out here just to say that?

Matt: No man, the reason I came out here was to tell you to shut the hell up


MVP: Excuse me. . .

Matt: These people arenít the only ones sick of hearing you talk crap week after week and I thought Iíd come out here and set the record straight. . .


Matt: Yeah, you might still be the United States Champion, but you know just as well as I do and these people do that at Cyber Sunday, I dominated your ass from the first bell to the last, and the only reason youíre still the champion is because you tried to cheat your way out it and luckily for you it backfired and I just happened to make one of the biggest mistakes of my entire life

MVP smiles as Matt looks real intense

Matt: Smile all you want, the fact is I showed you up Sunday night and the only reason I didnít win the match was because I hate you more than anyone I ever hated. . . But you know one thing man


Matt: I know the same thing you do and it scares the hell out of you

MVP: What the hell are you talkin about?

Matt: We both know now that I can beat you


MVP: Matt, youíre crazy. . . You canít beat me, you proved it at Cyber Sunday, thatís why Iím still the champion and it donít matter if you think you can beat me Matt because youíve had all your chances. Your shotís gone, no more chances Matt, youíve used every last one. . . No more chances left Matt


Matt: Yeah, the only reason youíve said that is cos you know you got the ass kicking of a lifetime and you donít wanna go back. Deep down you know you canít beat Matt Hardy


MVP: Matt, even if what was true, and itís not by the way. . . it doesnít matter because Iíve put you behind me. . . Because Matt, if you hadnít already heard, at the Survivor Series thereís gonna be the biggest ever traditional elimination match, and I wanna be part of it. . . hell I donít wanna be just part of it, I wanna be the second team captain


Matt: You mean you havenít heard?

MVP: Heard what?

Matt: Iím sorry to screw your plans up, but thereís a rumour been going round the back all day that the second team captain is here tonight

***BIG POP***

MVP: Donít mess with me Matt, youíre just saying that cos you want another shot at my title, but itís not gonna happen, you hear?!

Matt: Hey, I admit I want another shot at the United States title, but Iím not screwing with your head. . . On my life, I swear Iíve heard that rumour all day


MVP: Quit playin Matt, no one belie. . .

ďHere Comes The MoneyĒ hits & Shane McMahon walks out to the entrance with a mic in hand, leaving MVP looking confused


Shane: Guys, without trying to disturb the rumour mill, secrets sometimes get out, but it doesnít mean that this one is true. . .

MVP: Hey Shane, I donít need two people playing games tonight. Is there a second captain or what?

Shane: Quite honestly. . . Iím not at liberty to discuss that right now. I think youíll just have to wait and see. . . But thatís not the only reason I came out here because I couldnít happen to overhear what you guys were saying. . . I saw what happened at Cyber Sunday in your match and Matt, youíre right, you were very unlucky. . . stupid, but unlucky too. . . So what Iím gonna do is this. . . MVP, you donít have any say who gets a title match or not, thatís not down to you. . . and tonight, that responsibility just happens to fall to me. . .


Shane: . . . So right here tonight in that very ring, it will be MVP facing Matt Hardy, for the United States Championship

***HUGE POP***

ďHere Comes The MoneyĒ hits again as MVP shakes his head in disbelief as Matt smiles right at him


An unhappy looking Worlds Greatest Tag Team are in the back when Chris Masters walks up to them, too looking angry


Masters: Guys. . . I canít believe we just lost that match

Shelton: What do you mean we?

Masters: Youíre putting this on me? . . . Itís not my fault. . . blame that Paul Burchill, that guy is really pissing me off now. I donít get how heís beaten me three weeks in a row

Haas: Sounds pretty simple to me

Masters tries to get to Haas but Shelton stands out and holds him off

Shelton: Look Chris, you lost the match for us tonight. . . Not me, not Charlie. . . you. . . Weíre the Tag Team Champions, and weíve not been round here long. . . We canít afford to lose matches right now, especially against those guys. . . You get what Iím sayin?

Masters: Yeah I get what youíre sayin. . . Youíre sayin you couldnít hack it on Raw so you came over here where you could win matches

Shelton looks pissed as Haas then steps out and gets in between Shelton & Masters

Haas: Hey guys, stop it huh

Shelton calms down and steps back

Shelton: Heís right Chris, weíve all got a problem right now with these British guys not each other, and we need to stop it right now

Masters nods his head in agreement and backs off

Masters: You know what, I have an idea and I think it will work out for all three of us. . . Iíll catch you both later

Masters turns round and walks down the hall as Shelton & Haas look at each other, both confused

Haas: Whatís he talking about?

Shelton: Donít know, but he better get it right for his sake



A recap from the last week when Kane wanted to chokeslam Kevin Thorn after a six man tag match, but The Undertaker stopped him by grabbing his arm and then Kane & Thorn both looking confused

Kevin Thorn makes his way down to the ring sporting a new look. His hair is shorter and spiky in addition to ditching the gothic attire.

Kane vs Kevin Thorn

Thorn pulls Kane up to his feet after a sleeper nearly forced Kane out of the match. As he gets Kane to his feet, he whips him into the ropes, but as Kane comes back, The Big Red Machine ducks underneath Thornís arm, runs through into the ropes but as he comes back, Thorn turns round into time to catch Kane with a big boot to the face. Kane drops to the mat again as Thorn drops down and tries for a cover 1 . . . 2 . . . Emphatic kick out from Kane as Thorn looks dejected and grudgingly stands back up to his feet and as Kane starts to sit up, Thorn reaches down to drag him up, but Kane shocks him with an uppercut thrust to the neck, knocking Thorn back across the ring. Kane gets back up and hits Thorn with a couple more uppercut thrusts, knocking Thorn down. It only takes a couple of seconds for Thorn to get back up, and as he does, Kane walks over and whips him into the ropes.

As Thorn comes back, Kane plants him with a SIDEWALK SLAM. . . The crowd cheer as Kane then walks over to the corner and climbs to the top rope. Thorn takes several seconds before he starts to come round and slowly stands back up, looking dazed and unaware as he turns round into the sight of Kane jumping off the top rope with a FLYING CLOTHESLINE. . . Huge pop for Kane as he stands back up and raises his arm in the air, signalling for the CHOKESLAM. . . Thorn doesnít take too long to get back up, and as he turns round, Kane wraps his hand around Thornís neck for the CHOKESLAM. . . BUT Thorn reacts quickly by taking a huge swipe with his boot, driving it right into Kaneís groin. . . The crowd boo loudly and the ref calls for the bell to disqualify Thorn, who looks relieved, but has a sadistic look on his face as Kane falls to the mat in pain.

AFTERMATH: Thorn leaves the ring to grab a chair from the timekeeperís table and slides back in the ring with the chair in hand. He walks over to Kane who is just starting to stand up, but as he is on his knees, Thorn smashes him across the head, knocking him back down to the mat. Thorn gets a real scary look on his face before bringing the chair down onto Kaneís right knee and then again, four more times before standing back up. Kane looks in agony as he screams out and the ref calls for help. Thorn backs up into the corner, drops the chair and watches on as the intimidated medics check on Kane


*Backstage, Finlay is in the locker room when MVP walks in*


MVP: Finlay my main man, howís it goin?

Finlay: (Looking surprised) Good

MVP: Good? Just good after what you did Sunday night to Rey Mysterio? . . . That was off the hook man and itís kinda why Iím here. . .

Finlay is still surprised and looks confused

MVP: I was really impressed, hell who couldnít have been impressed by what you did to Rey at Cyber Sunday. The passion, the aggression you showed man was just awesome

Finlay: Yeah it was, and I enjoyed every second of it, but whatís it got to do with you?

MVP: Look, hereís how it is. . . I wanna be the second team captain at the Survivor Series and I need guys like you on my team if my team is gonna win. . . With the aggression you showed last Sunday, youíd bring so much to the team and Iím asking you right now if you wanna be the first person on Team MVP


Finlay brushes his hand against his chin

Finlay: Iím flattered, really I am but havenít you heard the rumours about the second team captain?

MVP: Yeah I heard all about it, but Iím tellin ya itís not true, nothin big is goin down tonight and I will be the second team captain at the Survivor Series

Finlay looks him in the eyes and as he does, Rawís Randy Orton walks in the room


Orton: Gentleman, itís a pleasure to see you

Finlay shakes his hand as MVP looks confused

MVP: What you doin here Orton?

Orton: Itís quite simple. . . See William Regal made me one team captain for what is going to be the greatest ever traditional elimination match at the Survivor Series, and I see it as my duty to find myself the perfect team. . . A team that consists of superstars who have impressed me and have the ability to make sure that I and my team walk out victorious at Survivor Series. . .


Orton: . . . Finlay, I saw your match at Cyber Sunday and you very much impressed me. . . Not many people have the intensity and the aggression that you possess and I would be honoured if you would take the first place on my team

Finlay: Randy, it would be an honour to fight alongside you at the Survivor Series

MVP looks shocked

MVP: What the hell you doin man? I thought you were gonna be on my team

Orton turns to MVP

Orton: Your team? . . . Who made you team captain?

Finlay: Heís not, he just wants to be

MVP: I will be, everyone knows these rumours arenít true

Orton looks concerned

Orton: What rumours?

MVP: Some nut job has been sayin that thereís already another captain and that heís here tonight


Orton: Seriously, here tonight?

MVP: Ask him

Orton turns to Finlay

Finlay: Itís just what Iíve heard

MVP: And Matt Hardy. . . Shane wouldnít deny it either

Orton looks really worried for a second

Orton: You know what. . . it doesnít matter cos whatever team I put together, I will be victorious. . . Iím the WWE Champion and no one is going to stop me from being the sole survivor for the fourth time in five years. . . no one


MVP: Randy, I wouldnít worry about it right now. Rumours are rumours and Iím not worried one bit. . . And when it comes to the Survivor Series and itís my team against yours, Iíll consider it an honour to be going up against someone who has everything a champion should. . . class, integrity and respect


Orton: Well thank you for your generous comments. . .

MVP: . . . Donít worry about it Randy, just forget all about these rumours. Itís all trash, Iím not worried one bit and neither should you

Orton shakes his head, not sure what to think

MVP: Seriously guys, itís all gonna work out. . . Wait and see



Umaga vs Edge

Edge and Umaga both make their way back to their feet after Umaga missed a running splash in the corner with Edge side stepping it and dropping down to his knees to recover. Edge lands a couple of rights to the head of Umaga, but they donít have much effect as The Samoan Bulldozer starts chopping away at Edgeís chest and whips him hard into the corner, runs at him and this time connects with a SPLASH. . . Edge is barely able to stand up as he staggers out of the corner and Umaga pounces quickly, connecting with a SAVOTE KICK. . . Edge falls back to the mat immediately as Umaga then pulls him away from the corner and tries for a cover 1 . . . 2 . . . Edge just about kicks out in time as Umaga gets back up, looking very intense. He reaches down and drags Edge up to his feet, chops at him and whips him into the ropes, but as Edge runs back, Umaga ducks his head and Edge takes full advantage by kicking him square in the head and capitalising straight away with the EDGECUTION. . . Edge quickly turns over on the mat, reaches over to get Umaga on his back and hooks his leg as Batista counts somewhat slowly 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . Umaga kicks out as Edge stands up and looks furiously at Batista, asking him what he was doing.

Batista points out to him that it was two, putting his fingers right in Edgeís face, which prompts Edge to push Batista. Batista smiles before pushing Edge back, who reacts by throwing a right at The Animal. Batista grabs Edgeís hand as Umaga sits up and Batista then shakes his head at Edge before letting go. Edge holds his hands up to try and act innocent before swinging at Batista again, who this time ducks it, and as Edge turns round, Batista plants him with a SPINEBUSTER. . . Umaga gets back to his feet and doesnít know what to make of it, looking very confused as Batista then steps back and holds his hands up, practically telling Umaga to carry on. Taking a couple of seconds to think, Umaga then walks over to Edge and drags him to the corner, sitting him up against the bottom rope. He then walks across to the other side of the ring and runs back at Edge, CRASH. . . SAMOAN WRECKING BALL right in the face. Edge looks out of it as Umaga then drags him to the centre of the ring, drags him up to his feet, shouts out in Samoan and then knocks him right back down with the SAMOAN SPIKE. . . He drops down to the mat and covers him as Batista counts the fall 1 . . . 2 . . . 3.

AFTERMATH: ďVirtual VoodooĒ hits & Estrada is quick to climb on the apron, and has quite a smile on his face as Umaga gets back to his feet with a crazed look on his face. Batista looks down and smiles at the motionless Edge. Estrada walks over and tells Batista to raise Umagaís hand as the music cuts. Thereís a stare down between them as Estrada looks on with tension in the air. Batista goes to raise Umagaís hand, but The Samoan Bulldozer pulls his arm back and pushes Batista away. Batista shakes his head for a second before walking back towards Umaga, who reacts so quickly, hitting him with a SAVOTE KICK. . . The crowd boo loudly as Estrada then pulls a cigar out of his top pocket, lifts it into the air and snaps it in two, instructing Umaga to go to the top rope as he then leaps off, connecting with a SAMOAN SPLASH on the champion. Umaga gets back up to his feet as Estrada then raises his arm in the air and ďVirtual VoodooĒ hits again with Umaga standing tall over Batista & Edge.

JBL: Michael, you might just be looking at the next World Heavyweight Champion. . . Umaga

Cole: You might be right John. . . he just made one hell of a statement right here tonight


A short highlight reel of The British Bulldog is shown and then it shows him with his son Harry backstage from around ten years ago. It then cuts to clips of Harry Smith training in a gym and some location shots and then fades to a ďHarry Smith Coming SoonĒ text overlay.

ďBurn In My LightĒ hits & Randy Orton makes his way down to ringside and joins Michael Cole & JBL at the announce table

Cole: Randy. . . what the hell are you doing out here?

Orton: Michael, itís not really any of your business is it now?

JBL: Thatís right Cole, Randy would have told you if it was

Orton: Thanks John, but if Iím honest thereís no need for me to hide what Iím doing out here. . . See itís pretty obvious to anyone with half a brain cell Cole that Iím here to study the opposition, thatís if MVP is in fact the other team captain for the Survivor Series. . . Or on the other hand, I can come out and here check if in fact the rumours that have been going round all day are true, and that the second team captain is here tonight

Cole: Well I guess weíll find out very soon if thatís the case

Matt Hardy vs Montel Vontavious Porter (M.VP.)

Matt started off really aggressively, but as the match went on, MVP got back into it as Matt started to drop in fatigue

ENDING: Matt has MVP in the corner and pummels him continuously with right hands to the chest and then kicks him in the gut several times before grabbing his arm and whipping him into the opposite corner. Matt takes a second before running in, but as he does, MVP sidesteps and Matt runs into the turnbuckle pads, MVP runs into the ropes, comes back, and as Matt staggers out of the corner, MVP connects with a hard clothesline, drops to the mat and goes for a cover 1 . . . 2 . . . Matt is able to put his foot on the bottom rope to MVPís obvious frustration. He gets back up to his feet and waits for Matt, stalking him, looking like heís ready to explode. Matt stands up by the ropes, and the moment he gets up, MVP turns him round and smashes him with a hard right to the face, then whips him into the ropes and as Matt runs back, MVP drives his knee towards Mattís gut, but Matt grabs MVPís knee, holds on and rolls through for a cover 1 . . . 2 . . . MVP just kicks out and both men get back on their feet quickly as MVP again takes the beating to Matt with a hard right and again tries for an irish whip, but this time Matt is able to reverse it, and as MVP runs back, Matt kicks him in the gut and then plants him with a SIDE EFFECT. . .

The crowd go nuts as Matt gets ready to finish MVP, sitting up and stalking him as the crowd all get to their feet. Slowly MVP is able to stand up, and the moment he turns round, Matt stumps him in the gut and sets him up for the TWIST OF FATE. . . but MVP holds onto Micky Hensonís arm, stopping Matt from hitting his finisher. Matt lets go and so does MVP as Matt then knocks MVP down with a discus punch. MVP is back up quickly as Matt then shifts behind him and connects with a SIDE RUSSIAN LEGSWEEP. . . Matt then walks over to the corner and climbs to the second rope with the crowd cheering him on as he then leaps off, DAMN. . . SECOND ROPE LEGDROP FROM MATT. . . He quickly crawls across the mat to cover MVP 1 . . . 2 . . . Sighs ring throughout the arena as MVP just gets his shoulder up in time, Matt looks devastated, but is quick to get back up to his feet and pulls MVP up, kicks him in the gut, turns round and runs back into the ropes, but as he comes back, MVP drop toe holds him down to the mat.

He stands back up with a stupid grin on his face and takes his time before posing for the Balliní Elbow. He comes back off the ropes, and as heís about to hit it, Matt rolls back up onto his knees, punches him in the chest and plants MVP with a DDT. . . Crowd goes nuts again as Matt reaches out and puts his arm across MVPís chest for a cover 1 . . . 2 . . . NOOO! MVP just gets his shoulder up. The crowd and Matt are both amazed MVP got out of that one. Matt sits up with his head in his hands, then gets back up to his feet and waits for MVP, stalking him again for the Twist of Fate. . . It takes MVP a while to get up, looking almost out of it as he slowly turns round into a ready and waiting Hardy, who stomps him in the gut and again sets him up for the TWIST OF FATE. . . MVP this time reaches out and pushes Henson down to the mat, then drops to his knees and low blows Matt, who falls to the canvas, as does MVP. Both men remain on the mat for a good ten seconds, and itís MVP up first, but as he stands up, the lights go out and a video appears on the tron. MVP looks shocked and then walks to the ropes closest to the tron to watch.


November 2nd
Get Ready!
The time is here!
The time is now!
Time for the Saviour!
Synchronise Ė F_96HAC!

***The code runs down from 96 Hours And Counting to 0***



The tron goes blank and the lights stay off as the crowd cheer like crazy, wondering who the saviour is. After 5 seconds of darkness, the lights come back on and thereís a massive pop, ITíS DEAFENING . . . MVP remains by the ropes, unaware that SHAWN MICHAELS is standing right behind him. The crowd is going nuts as MVP looks shocked, then turns round into some SWEET CHIN MUSIC from the returning HEARTBREAK KID SHAWN MICHAELS. . . The roof just blew off & ďSexy BoyĒ blasts out as HBK kneels down to MVP and tells him heís the captain and then poses in the ring for his hometown fans as Orton looks on stunned at the announce table, stands up and takes off his headset. Michaels climbs to the second rope, close to the announce table and looks down at Orton as Smackdown goes off the air

Cole: I donít believe what Iím seeing John. . . Shawn Michaels is back and heís here on Smackdown

JBL: Screw that Michael, does this mean heís the second team captain for Survivor Series?

Cole: It must be John. . . the rumours were true but oh my god. . . Shawn Michaels is back


Chavo Guerrero df. Jimmy Wang Yang
Paul Burchill, Drew McIntyre & Dave Taylor df. The Worlds Greatest Tag Team & Chris Masters
Kane df. Kevin Thorn
Umaga df. Edge
Matt Hardy vs Montel Vontavious ended in a No Contest

Ted DiBiase Jr & Mike DiBiase df. Jesse & Festus


Batista (c) vs Umaga vs Edge

Team HBK (Shawn Michaels & ???)
vs Team Orton (Randy Orton, Finlay & ???)


Last Fall Wins the Title
Jeff Hardy (c), CM Punk & Cody Rhodes
vs Elijah Burke, Carlito & Santino Marella


Last Fall Wins the Title
Jimmy Wang Yang, Super Crazy, Johnny Jeter & Matt Sydal
vs Kenny Dykstra, Jamie Noble, Chavo Guerrero & Matt Striker

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