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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

AJJets's review

Promo 1: Nice promo for Triple H, I could see him saying that. It was common that Mr. McMahon would call for security. Looks like we're going to see a title match. I think Mr. McMahon will interfer.

Promo 2: I enjoyed this promo, I really enjoy the promos you write. Anyway nice way for Mr. Kennedy to talk about his past achievements.

Match 1: Nice way to make Victoria and Phoenix lose, because if they lost cleanly it would make them weak.

Promo 3: I was surprised that Mr. McMahon said sorry to Regal, something he would rarely do. I am guessing the title match is no more, but I guess HHH isn't ready for a title shot yet. Lol at the Santino and Elijah Burke promo, I see Burke winning the IC title unless theres somebody else.

Match 4: Squash match.

Promo 4: I am surprised Triple H would say sorry as well, something rare to hear him say. I think these two might form a stable in the near future. I am confused that Holly wants to beat the respect out of Hardy. I would think Jeff Hardy already respect him already.

Match 5:I read the match and you should put winnerwrestler' name) as it helps a lot. Anyway a very entertaining match, I expected Burke to do that.

Promo 5: Pretty much a normal Orton interview. Nice way to end the promo with Orton saying to himself team captain. Nice comfrontation between Victoria and Beth. Is Victoria a face?

Match 6:I enjoy hardcore matches and this doesn't change. So far Hardy has been in a ladder match and a hardcore match, and he won both. I think Jeff is going to drop the title at SS if its defended there.

Match 7: I am think Mr. McMahon will get himself DQ'd. The match was alright, I guess HHH will face Orton at SS for the title.

Promo 6: Man Stephanie really dropped the ball on this one. I was kind of dissapointed, I thought it was going to be something else. But I am guessing she will manage HHH.

Overall: Very enjoying show, even though I thought the announcement was something else.
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