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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

What a great show Nige! Here's a review for ya . . .
D-K-L's Raw review:

Opening promo:
I'm so glad that you're back to writing full promos, as this was brillaint. Writing full promos helps you show you're talent too Nige. Triple H got straight to the point which was expected after what happened at Cyber sunday. I like Triple H's promos when he is angry like this one. I like how you are using the fixed voting angle, I know I mentioned that you could use that angle but I expect you had it planned out beforehand. What HHH had to say was good, he was in character too. I really liked the line about his brain being the size of Vince's testicles, Lol that was funny and something that HHH would say. Vince coming out was expected. He was also in character, I thought he might wind HHH up which he did. It was the right decision to stop HHH getting at Vince at the start of the show. Regal coming down and making the match was interesting, i wasn't expecting him to get involved though.

Kennedy/Venis backstage:
This was excellent. Both seemed in character and both were interesting, I especially enjoyed what Kennedy had to say. kennedy was just like he is IRL, the lines saying 'mr chuckles' and 'mr pop.shot' were great, just the sort of things he would say IRL. This was always going to lead up to a match, should be decent . . .

Divas tag match
Wow a team of Beth Phoenix and Victoria would be unstoppable IRL I think! The match seemed good and seemed well written. I was actually expecting Mickie to win and continue her feud with Beth, but it looks like you're going for a Phoenix vs. Victoria feud, now that would be great! The ending was well written and a great way to start a feud between Phoenix and Victoria. This should be interesting.

This was interesting. I was suprised at how much Regal was getting angry at Vince though. I was suprised at Vince just taking it too, I was expecting a bit of an arguement between the two and maybe regal even leaving. Vince promising more control for Regal is good, so Vince will only be involved with the HHH feud fromnow on. Survivor Series should be brillinat, it looks like regal will make it one of the best!

This was brillaint. Marrella was just hilarious! Well done Nige for making him just as funy as real life! I'm suprised to see two heels involved in a feud, but it seems great so far. I love how you having Marrella mispronounce words as he does IRL, the 'battle of the royals' had me in stitches! Brilliant! The 'battle of the soup' line was hilarious too! Bringing American football was good considering you are one of us English!

kennedy vs. Venis:
This was a squash as expected. At least Kennedy is looking strong after losing at Cyber Sunday. I was maybe expecting something bigger from Kennedy on raw after his big interview at C.S, but I'm sure his time will come. Hopefully he'll be involved in a big storyline soon

HHH/Punk backstage:
This was Ok, both seemed in character. Their confrontation at C.S was a little more intense though as expected. This added a bit more tension to the HHH/Vince feud and keeps Punk involved on raw so this was good. The ending was good, a typical way to end a seg in the WWE

Holly/jeff confrontation;
This was great too. You could kinda tell that this would be just to put Jeff over though, but it was still good. Holly seemed in character as he was his usual sulky self lol. I like how he refered to jeff as a 'kid' as he does to most IRL, yet Jeff has been wrestling for almost 10 years Lol. The match later should be great

I.C title battle of the royals!:
This was good, well written again. You made the summary more detailed which was good too for a battle royal. This was very unpredictable which was great. you had been focusing on Marrella and Burke so I was kinda expecting one of those to win, marrella probably. But when I saw CM Punk was in the match I wasn't really sure. The ending of the match was great, I'm looking forward to the Burke/marrella feud now. I'm sure we'll see another funny marrella promo next week now, I don't know if you're turning marrella face or not though (Please don't!)
The announcement from Regal was very interesting. I'd like to here more about how it will be defended, whether it will be the last person left to win or the first pinfall. My bet is on Marrella or CM Punk to win the title.

orton interview/regal:

This was good too. orton bigging himself up as usual, he seemed in character too. Regal announcing another SS match is great, orton as team captain should be interesing. I would have maybe liked to see the WWE Title defended though.

Looks like we're gonna see a feud between these two then. That should be great, they would put on a great match too. I wonder who is stronger lol. Both seemed in character as far as I know, this shoul be great.

Jeff vs. Holly:
I was expecting Jeff to beat Holly which he did. Jeff is looking strong now alhough both had some good points in the match. there was good use of the weapons too, jeff hitting the Swanton bomb through the table was a great way to win.

Save us thingy:
Who is it? The obvious choice would be Jericho but I think you might have a suprise in store and make it someone else. I can't break the damn code anyway!

Main event:
This was great, having Vince in the match was great too. I think it was right to have orton face HHH practically on his own as HHH would destroy Vince if he got his hands on him. I think ending the match by DQ was expected, but the right decision. Now, the bombshell! This was great! I wasn't expecting this at all. Of course we all know they're together but in the wrestling world it would be an absolute bombshell. This should change raw totally and I can't wait to find out what happens from here! Bringing Stephanie back should make things even more dramatic too. This feud is getting really interesting and I can't wait to find out what happens from here. Well done as this must have been hard to book.

Overall:I think this was great Nige. In my opinion the promos were great and enjoyable to read, i'm glad you'r back to writing them in full as it makes it so much better to read. I'm loving the HHH/Vince and the Marrella/Burke feuds. The Matches were pretty good too. I can see that this thread is really picking up. Well done.

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