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WWE.com - Raw Results

RAW Results
29th October 2007

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
(The Igloo)


From last nights Cyber Sunday
• Vince McMahon announcing that Triple H just missed out on being voted to face Randy Orton for the WWE Championship
• Randy Orton defeating CM Punk with the RKO to retain his title
• Triple H searching for Vince and telling Coach & Regal that he will find him on Raw (TONIGHT)

***No time for pyro as “The Game” blasts out and a pissed off Triple H walks down the ramp***


He grabs a microphone passed to him by Lilian Garcia and puts it straight to his mouth

Triple H: Last night, I made it crystal clear what I was coming here to do tonight, and that is track down Vince McMahon. . .


Triple H: For those of you who didn’t see what happened last night, Vince decided to do what he’s been doing for weeks and screw me over one more time. . . and Vince, putting me in handicap matches every week doesn’t bother me, but you know deep down what I crave, the one thing that makes me tick and that is the WWE Championship. . .


Triple H: . . . But last night Vince, you did the worst thing you could possibly do to me, but the one thing you forget Vince. . . is you don’t piss me off. . .


Triple H: You don’t piss me off and you don’t insult my intelligence. . . you really think for one minute I believe that I just lost out on being voted in to face Randy Orton for the WWE Championship last night at Cyber Sunday. . . Do you really think I have the brain the size of your testicles Vince? And just by chance, it was you who had to come down and tell everyone that it was CM Punk who had got voted in ahead of me. . . Well Vince, I’m telling you now, I’ve had enough and tonight it’s time Vince McMahon finally gets what is coming to him. . .


Triple H: . . . I don’t know how Vince pulled it off last night, whether he had the votes rigged or if he was just plain lying, but it doesn’t even matter, and you know why?. . .

“No Chance in Hell” hits & an angry Vince McMahon walks out to the entrance ramp


Vince: Look here Triple H, I might be a lot of things, but the one thing I am not is a cheat. . . Hell I’ve told some lies in my time, who hasn’t? But the fact remains Triple H, that CM Punk got more votes. . . well vote. . . I had the records checked and it turns out he polled just one more vote than you did, and as unlucky as that sounds. . .

Triple H is fuming

Triple H: . . . You expect me to believe that out of all the people that voted, CM Punk scored exactly, exactly one vote more than me?

Vince: Like it or not, it’s true and you might have lost your last chance at becoming the WWE Champion for a long time


Triple H looks on the verge of snapping as he looks up with fire in his eyes and voice

Triple H:
Vince, do you really think I’m that stupid to not know what’s going on here?. . . You’re doing this for one reason and one reason only, but if it doesn’t stop, I will take matters into my own hands and you of all people know just what I’m capable of doing to get what I want

Vince: Triple H, you know just as well as I do that that is not going to happen. . . You wouldn’t dare cross that line and yeah, I’ve got a damn good reason and you know that to why I’m screwing with your life like you’ve screwed with mine all these years

Triple H: Look Vince, it’s pretty simple, you give me Randy Orton and a shot at the WWE Championship, then all this goes away. . . I won’t have to show you just how much further I can go to make your life a living hell even more than it already is. . . Give me Orton Vince and all this can go away


Vince: You’d like that wouldn’t ya? There’s no chance in hell you’re getting anywhere near Randy Orton or the WWE Championship. . .


Vince: . . . You’ve done enough Triple H and as long as my heart is beating and there’s blood flowing through my veins, I’m going to make it my one goal to make sure you never get your hands on the WWE Championship ever again. . . NEVER!


Triple H stops and stares at Vince for a couple of seconds

Triple H: Well Vince, let’s see how far you’re willing to go

Triple H drops the microphone, walks to the ropes and is about to climb through them


Vince: Woah, woah, woah, hold on just a minute. . . SECURITY, get out here. . . Walk a step further and I’ll have you removed from the arena


Around ten security officers walk out and down the ramp to stop Triple H getting anywhere near the ramp as. . .


“Born Naughty” hits & William Regal, looking angry too walks out to the ramp alongside Vince


Regal: Look. . . I’ve just about had enough of this. . . As far as I know Mr. McMahon, I am the general manager of Raw and it is I who makes all the decisions around here instead of babysitting that little bastard of yours every bloody night. . . So tonight I’m putting a stop to it, right here right now


Regal: . . . Tonight, I am going to make a match that I think everyone wants to see. . . a match that we deserve to see, and tonight it is going to happen, because in that very ring in our main event, it is going to be Triple H. . . versus Randy Orton, for the WWE Championship. . . Thank you very much

***HUGE POP***

“Born Naughty” hits again and Regal stares into Vince’s eyes with a look of anger before turning round and walking to the back. Vince turns round and looks furious before going after him as the camera then zooms in on Triple H smiling as we go to commercial


*Backstage we see Mr. Kennedy walking down the hall in his casual clothes***


Kennedy carries on walking down the hall and walks past Val Venis who laughs quietly, but Kennedy turns round, looking angry

Kennedy: Somethin funny chuckles?. . .

Val just smiles

. . . Nah, I didn’t think so since the only joke around here is you


Val: Is that right?

Kennedy: You’re damn right it is

Val: At least this joke has been the Intercontinental Champion. . . That’s right, Jeff Hardy beat you last night didn’t he?


Kennedy’s face turns to stone as he gets right in Val’s face

Kennedy: You wanna talk about me huh? Fine, let’s talk about me shall we. . . Yeah, last night I lost to Jeff Hardy. . . in a ladder match. . . a ladder match, not a normal wrestling match but a ladder match. . . As I said last night, I don’t need the Intercontinental title like a loser like Jeff does. . .


Kennedy: . . . See I’ve won Money in the Bank. . . I’ve beaten more World Champions than you could ever dream of, in the space of a year. . . Have you ever beaten The Undertaker in a first blood match?. . . Huh, no I didn’t think so, hell if you lasted more than a minute with The Undertaker, you’d call it a victory. . . So the next time you think about laughing at my expense, maybe you should think about who you’re laughing at

Val doesn’t seem fazed

Val: I know who I was laughing at. . . the most egotistical, selfish, over rated son of a bitch that’s ever stepped foot inside a wrestling ring. . . And if there’s any doubt in your mind. . . yeah, I’m talkin about you Kennedy


Kennedy just smirks

Kennedy: If I had a dime for every time someone said that about me, i could go out and buy a high quality adult film instead of watching cheap, talent less crap with the likes of you in. . . But you know what Mr. Pop Shot. . . you suck as a porn star and you’re even worse as a wrestler


Val looks ready to explode as he stares right in Kennedy’s eyes

Val: Well if that’s how you feel, maybe tonight you can put your big mouth to the test. . . hey, you might even win tonight for a change

Kennedy: Usually I wouldn’t allow myself to get in the ring with the likes of you, but tonight. . . for a change it’s gonna be you who gets beaten around the ring

Val looks really intense, as does Kennedy who slowly turns round and walks off, leaving Val looking on angry!


Mickie James & Candice Michelle vs Beth Phoenix & Victoria

Victoria is in total control after whipping Candice into the ropes and hitting her with a powerslam as Candice came back off the ropes. She then turns over and covers Candice 1 . . . 2 . . . Candice just gets her shoulder up in time. Victoria stands back up and then drags Candice to her feet and whips her into the ropes. As Candice runs back, she ducks underneath Victoria’s outstretched arm and runs through, then back off the ropes and then both divas connect for a DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE. . . The crowd cheer as Victoria and Candice then start to crawl towards their respective corners and make the tags to their partners. Mickie comes in flying as Beth climbs through the ropes.

Mickie explodes with a series of forearms, but Beth pushes her back and then walks over to Mickie but is met with a kick to the gut and then Mickie follows it up with a spin kick. Beth’s head drops as Mickie then grabs her head and is about to run into the ropes for the STRATUSFACTION. . . Victoria then gets back inside the ring, distracting Mickie, who stops herself from running and lets go of Beth’s head. Victoria runs at Mickie for a clothesline, but Mickie ducks it and Victoria CLOTHESLINES PHOENIX. . . Victoria looks down in shock before turning round into a MICK KICK from Mickie. Beth starts to sit up, and as she gets to her knees, Mickie lifts her up to feet and plants her with an IMPLANT DDT. . . turns over on the mat for the cover 1 . . . 2 . . . 3.

AFTERMATH: Mickie’s music hits and she hugs Candice as she walks into the ring. Victoria sits up and looks on angrily at Mickie


William Regal is in his office and Mr. McMahon walks in


Regal: Mr. McMahon, I’m not going to change. . .

Vince walks over and puts his hand up, to tell Regal to stop talking

Vince: Look Regal. . . I’ll get to Triple H in a minute, but first I need to say something. . . I realise I’ve taken over with a few decisions lately and I have taken a few liberties as far as Hornswoggle goes. . . But what I want to say. . . I am very sorry for taking over and from now on, this is your show and looking after Hornswoggle is Coach’s responsibility

Regal: Mr. McMah. . .

Vince: . . . But there is one thing. . . Triple H. . .


Vince: . . . I can’t allow Triple H to get a shot at the WWE Championship tonight or any night, so what instead it will be Triple H facing Randy Orton and myself in the main event later on


Regal looks pissed

Regal: What the bloody hell are you playing at? You just said this is my show. . . You know what, I might just have take up the offer of becoming Smackdown general manager where I would be appreciated and allowed to do what I’m employed to do and. . .

Vince: Regal, calm down. . .

Regal: Calm down, are you bloody serious after what you’ve just said? I don’t think so

Vince: Look, I want you to carry on as the general manager of Raw and I will allow you take control Raw from now on, with one exception. . . Triple H. . .

***POP for mention of his name***

Regal seems intrigued

Vince: . . . See with Triple H and me. . . it’s personal and I need to see him suffer for what he’s done to me. . . I can’t stand by and watch him become the WWE Champion again, after all he’s put me through, I just can’t let that happen. . .


Vince: . . . So any decisions that involve Triple H must go through me, but everything else is under your control. . . Are you okay with that?

Regal stops and thinks for a couple of seconds

Regal: Let me understand this Mr. McMahon. . . Only decisions about Triple H will be made by you, and no one else?

Vince: That’s right. . . I don’t usually makes promises, but I promise you that I will not allow myself to get mixed up in making decisions about anyone else except Triple H

Regal thinks again for several seconds

Regal: Okay Mr. McMahon, you have a deal


Vince: That’s great and I’m sorry I have to put you in this position, and I’ll tell you what. . . Survivor Series is less than three weeks away and I’m giving you a creative license if you will to create a grand spectrum for Raw to shine. . . and of course, with it being the Survivor Series, you cast your eyes across to Smackdown too if you so wish


Regal looks really happy

Regal: Oh Mr. McMahon, that is a tremendous idea, not that you have bad ones. . . I promise you I won’t let you down. . . I’m going to make it my goal to make this years Survivor Series, the greatest ever for everyone, especially you Mr. McMahon

Vince: Well Regal, I wouldn’t expect anything else, and that’s why I felt the need to come here and give you an explanation to why I’ve been acting so. . . so. . . well you know. . . It’s just Triple H makes my blood boil, and every time I see him, something inside me just takes over and that’s why tonight, he’s going to regret everything he’s ever done to me. . . because tonight I will end this once and for all



Santino is with Maria in the hallway


Maria. . . tonight is going to be a beautiful night, as almost as beautiful as you

Maria: Santino, you’re so romantic

Santino: Well Maria, I am Italian and you know Italian men make great lovers, but we also make good fighters too, and that is why I will win the battle of the royals tonight. . . And Maria, do you know what will happen after I win my match?

Maria: Why don’t you tell me Santino?

Santino: First, I will take you out to celebrate and then I will be getting my Intercontinental title back from that crazy man with purple hair who likes to jump off ladders

Maria gets excited, starts clapping and jumping up and down

. . . Woah Maria, save the excitement for later on when we’re alone

Santino looks her up and down

Mama mia!

Just as he’s smiling and looking at Maria, Elijah Burke walks up behind him and looks at Maria too, nodding his head and looking impressed. Maria stops and looks behind Santino at Burke, as Santino then turns round looking angry


Are you looking at my Maria?

Elijah: Well I’m sure as hell not looking at you

Santino turns to Maria

Maria, I will take care of him

He turns back to Burke

Maria is my woman and no one. . .

Burke: . . . Look, I’ve not come here to hit on your girlfriend, but we all know what would happen if I did. . .

Burke winks at Maria who smiles back

. . . But that’s not why I’m here tonight. I’m here for the same reason you are and that’s to become the number one contender for the Intercontinental Championship


You really think you can win the battle of royals? Don’t make me laugh

Burke: It’s a battle royal dumb ass, and there’s no way I’m leaving here tonight without a title shot ready and waiting for me. . . Get a load of this. . . See I have what we American’s call a strategy and that doesn’t involve telling bad jokes and telling everyone just how wonderful my country is like. . . well you. . . See Pittsburgh might be a toilet hole like Bret Hart said, but tonight is going to be the greatest night of my career, whether or not we’re in Pittsburgh


Well that is something we can agree on. . . But I have to make you sad now because you will not be the winner tonight, I’ve already told my Maria that I will beat everyone tonight. . .


Well I guess we’ll find out just how tough you are tonight and see if you can back up your big mouth

Santino: I do not have a big mouth, you have a big mouth

Burke laughs

You’re right, the difference is though, I can back it up and in just a matter of weeks, I will be the next Intercontinental Champion and you’ll still be telling bad jokes

Santino: I don’t think so. There is more chance of the Pittysburgh Steelers winning the bowl of the soup or the soup bowl than you winning tonight


Burke just shakes his head

Yeah you’re right. . . the Steelers suck, just like everything else in this pathetic city. . .


. . . But it doesn’t change the fact that I am winning the battle royal tonight and then I will be the number one contender for the Intercontinental Championship. . . And then, I’ll do what I’ve done all my life. . . I’ll walk into that ring and Jeff Hardy will join the list of names to get knocked out by the greatest superstar in all of wrestling. . . Elijah Burke


Burke gets a real arrogant look on his face as he then brushes past Santino, who then starts swearing in Italian with Maria looking on


Val Venis vs Mr. Kennedy

Kennedy unleashes some hard right hands to Val and whips him into the ropes, but as Val comes back, Kennedy runs at him for a clothesline, but Val ducks it, spins Kennedy round and knocks him down to the mat with a hard right hand. The crowd cheer Val as Kennedy then gets back up quickly, but is knocked down with another hard right hand. Kennedy is up quickly again, but is whipped into the corner by Val, who runs in and drives his knee right into Kennedy’s gut. Kennedy staggers out of the corner holding his stomach as Val tries for another whip, BUT KENNEDY REVERSES IT. . . and Val is whipped hard into the corner pads as Kennedy then follows in for a little FACEWASH for The Big Valbowski. This time it’s Val who staggers out of the corner and Kennedy is quick to pounce, hitting him with A GUTBUSTER. . . With Val rolling around on the mat in agony, Kennedy makes his way over to the corner, climbs to the top rope and leaps off for a KENTON BOMB. . . crawls across the mat and hooks Val’s leg 1 . . . 2 . . . 3.

AFTERMATH: “Wreckin’ Ball” hits as Kennedy gets his arm raised and then the lights go out as the microphone drops from the ceiling. Kennedy grabs hold of the mic, walks to the corner and climbs to the second rope

Kennedy: Ladies and gentleman, the winner of the match. . . the fastest rising superstar in sports entertainment today. . . MR. KENNEDYYYYYYYYY. . . . . . . . KENNEDYY!

He lets go of the microphone and the lights come back as he then drops down off the second rope and climbs to the outside with a wide grin on his face


We see Triple H in his locker room, pacing up and down when CM Punk walks in

***HUGE POP***

Hey man. . . I felt I had to come by after what happened last night. . . I said some things I shouldn’t, it was in the heat of the moment and I just wanted to say that despite what you might think, I have all the respect in the world for you and I never meant to piss you off

Triple H: Look, I realise I shouldn’t have taken things out on you and for that, I’m sorry too. . . It’s just that Vince is getting to me, week in week out, handicap match after handicap match and I felt the only way I could get back at him was by winning the WWE Championship last night, but of course, he has to go and screw that up too

Punk: Hey I’m sorry about that, I didn’t mean to get in between you and Vince. . . I don’t know if he rigged the votes or not, I just had to take the opportunity to try and become the WWE Champion

Triple H: Hey, I don’t blame you for anything, you put on a great match last night against Orton, and on another night you could have won the title

Punk: Thanks man, it means a hell of a lot coming from you, I just feel bad that I can’t help you out tonight against them

Triple H: It’s not you’re fault, Vince is just trying to throw his power around and trying to get back at me and he’ll do anything he can. . .

Triple H starts to get really intense

Triple H:
But last night was the last straw. . . well maybe not because he’s crossed the line again tonight, moving it forward every week. . . And all it’s gonna take for Vince to get what he’s got coming to him. . . it might not be far away


What the hell’s his problem with you two?

Triple H: Some things have to remain secret, but if Vince carries on like he is and pushes me just one step further. . . you and everyone else might just find out


Triple H:
. . . and maybe tonight. . . . If Vince is stupid enough to put himself in a match with me tonight, I might just show him he made the biggest mistake of his life


Good luck man, I hope you do!. . . I’ve gotta shoot for my match next, but good luck

Triple H: Thanks, but Vince is the one who’s gonna need the luck

Punk smirks and walks towards the door and out of the room


Jeff is backstage, walking down the hall with the Intercontinental Championship on his shoulder


He carries on walking and bumps into Hardcore Holly

Holly: You better watch where you’re going kid, and don’t look so proud of yourself because I might just slap the taste out of your mouth

Jeff: You know what, now you say it. . . I am proud of myself, and why not?

Holly: Don’t get too big for your boots kid, you might have got a big win last night, but don’t forget it was at your own game. . . a ladder match. . . Maybe you wouldn’t find it easy to play other people at their own game

Jeff: Yeah it was a ladder match and unlike you, I’ve actually got a reason to be proud of myself

Holly: All the bangs to your head last night must have got to your brain because you must be out of your mind to talk down to me

Jeff: I’m not talking down to you BOB. . . I’m telling it like it is

Holly: Like it is huh?. . . I’ll tell you how it is. . . I’m sick and tired of seeing pretty boys walking around here with stupid haircuts and especially ones with titles around their waists. . . And tonight, you’re gonna fight someone else at their own game. . . me and you in a hardcore match. . .


Holly: . . . I’ll tell you what, I won’t even make you put your title on the line. . . that’s if you’ve got the guts champ?

Jeff: Fine by me. . . I’ll play any rules, any time, any place


Holly: Great, because I can’t wait to beat some respect in to you

Jeff: I’ll meet you later on and you can give it your best shot


Jeff carries on walking as Holly turns round in disgust


FEATURING: CM Punk, Cody Rhodes, “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan, Paul London, Brian Kendrick, Tommy Dreamer, Stevie Richards, Balls Mahoney, Elijah Burke, John Morrison, Santino Marella & Carlito

A typical start to a battle royal with lots of brawling at all sides of the ring and people hanging on to the top rope for dear life. The first elimination came a couple of minutes in as Hacksaw had Morrison against the ropes after several hard right hands. He then stepped back and went for a clothesline, but Morrison stepped to the side as Duggan’s momentum took him over the top rope. And as Morrison turned round, Balls tried to take advantage by running at him, but Morrison saw it coming as he pulled the top rope down and ducked as Balls joined Duggan on the outside and out of the match. HACKSAW & BALLS ELIMINATED. . . Morrison went after Punk next, but Punk fought him off with martial arts kicks followed by a spinning kick. It took several minutes before the next elimination as Dreamer & Richards fought with Burke & Carlito. Burke was knocked down by a right hand from Dreamer as both Dreamer & Richards then turned their attention to Carlito.

Dreamer lifted him onto his shoulder and walked towards the ropes, but as he was looking to toss Carlito over the ropes, Burke got back to his feet and pulled Carlito off Dreamer’s shoulder. The on looking Richards turned round into a hard jab from Burke, who the followed up with a clothesline to eliminate Richards and as Carlito landed on his feet, Dreamer turned round into a standing dropkick that took him over the top rope. DREAMER & RICHARDS ELIMINATED. . . Carlito looked down to the outside and smiled, but from behind, Cody ran over, grabbed Carlito’s tights and tossed him over the top to get a huge pop from the crowd. CARLITO’S A GONNER AND WE’RE DOWN TO 7! . . . Burke was then on Cody straight away and tried to force him over the top rope, but Cody drove his boot hard into Burke’s face, pushing him back across the ring, and as Burke turned round, Cody ran at him and connected with a FLYING CLOTHESLINE. . .

As Cody got back up to his feet, Carlito slid back in the ring behind Cody and hit him with the BACKSTABBER. . . and before Cody fell to the mat, Carlito was up in a flash, grabbed him by the tights and tossed him over the top rope. . . CODY ELIMINATED. . . Carlito then left the ring to a ton of heat, but just laughed it off with a smug smile on his face. We were left with six and Punk fought with Santino while Burke & Morrison worked on London & Kendrick. Separating into opposite corners, London & Kendrick took advantage over Burke & Morrison, with London backing up and then hitting a DROPSAULT on Morrison, taking him over the top rope, but Morrison held onto the top rope. London then ran and jumped to the top rope to go for a dropkick, but was shocked as Burke ran over and pushed him off the top to the outside. Then Kendrick ran over before Morrison could get back inside and super kicked him off the apron to the outside.

Burke looked shocked and went straight for Kendrick, who stomped Burke and then got him in position for the SLICED BREAD and ran to the corner, but as Kendrick got to the top rope, Burke pushed him off to the outside. . . LONDON, MORRISON & KENDRICK ELIMINATED! . . . In the corner, Santino is on the receiving end of some chops from Punk, who then whips him into the corner, runs in and connects with a high knee lift, holding onto Santino’s head as he then runs out of the corner, planting him with a bulldog. As soon as Punk gets back up, Burke runs at him, but Punk sees it coming and lifts him onto his shoulders for the GTS, walks quickly over to the ropes and drops him over the top rope to the outside. BURKE ELIMINATED. . . The crowd go crazy for Punk as Burke hits the arena floor. Punk turns his attention back to Santino who picks himself up slowly.

Punk climbs through the ropes to the apron and waits for Santino to get back up and turn round. As soon as Santino turns round, Punk springboards off the top rope and hits Santino with a FLYING CLOTHESLINE. . . The crowd go nuts again for Punk as he stalks Santino, waiting for him to get back up, but he doesn’t see Burke getting back up on the outside and walking over to the timekeepers table where he grabs a steel chair. Santino is getting back to his feet and as Punk sets his sights on him, Burke slides back in the ring and smashes him across the back with the chair, knocking him down to the mat. The ref looks shocked and Burke follows it up with a shot to the skull of Santino as Burke then drops the chair and smirks

AFTERMATH: Burke stares down at Santino & Punk as “Born Naughty” hits & William Regal walks out to the top of the ramp with a microphone in hand


Regal: Will you people shut your mouths because I have something very important to say to every single one of you. . .


Regal: . . .Earlier tonight, Mr. McMahon gave me control of what happens at Survivor Series, and after I’ve just seen by battle royal well and bloody truly ruined by you Mr. Burke, I’m going to have to do something to clear this situation up. . . So what I’m going to do is this. . . At the Survivor Series, for the first time ever, the Intercontinental Championship will be defended in a traditional Survivor Series elimination match. . .


Regal: And seeing you have such a problem Mr. Burke, next week I’m going to put you in a tag team match when you team up with Santino Marella to face CM Punk and the Intercontinental Champion Jeff Hardy


“Born Naughty” hits again as Regal then makes his way to the back and Burke looks up towards the tron


*Backstage we see Todd Grisham standing by at the interview set*

Grisham: Ladies and gentleman, my guest at this time, the WWE Champion, Randy Orton

Orton walks into the shot with a smug smile on his face


Randy. . . last night at Cyber Sunday, you successfully defended your title against CM Punk, but you did come close to losing the match on a couple of occasions

Orton looks at Grisham with a shocked look on his face

Is that right Todd?. . . Maybe I missed something, but then again, all the matters is that I am still the WWE Champion. . .


. . . Last night I showed everyone and proved them all wrong by showing the world just what a great champion I am. . . Not only am I the youngest ever World Champion in the history of the business, I am also by far the best technically. . . and the best looking of course, but that all went out the window last night, because I went into my match blind. I didn’t have a clue who I’d be facing, whether it be Triple H, John Morrison or as it turned out. . . CM Punk. . .


. . . I didn’t have time to prepare myself, but I still got the job done against someone I have never faced before. . . That is the sign of a great champion and I showed everyone why I will go down in history as the best ever, especially since I’ve worked my way through everyone on Raw. . . well everyone that matters anyway

Grisham: Well Randy, it seems Triple H doesn’t see it that way and. . .

Orton: Woah Todd, calm down there. . . Triple H can look at it any way he likes, it’s not going to change the fact that I beat him for the WWE Championship at No Mercy and that I am twice the champion he has ever been. . . Even when he was at his best, I outgrew him to become the youngest ever World Champion of all time. . . If Triple H has any doubts about The legend Killer, he’ll find out tonight why I am the WWE champion and he’s not. . .


. . . Whatever Triple H might think, Vince McMahon is not screwing him over and helping me keep hold of my title, but tonight I’m gonna help Vince get rid of someone we both despise, and whatever Vince’s problem is, it won’t be a problem after tonight because. . .

William regal walks into the shot and taps Orton on the shoulder, who then turns round


Randy, I’m so glad I’ve been able to catch up with you

Orton: What’s the problem?

Regal: Firstly I want to say congratulations on retaining the WWE Championship last night, you truly were incredible

Orton: Thanks. . . I know it’s the truth, but thank you Regal

Regal: It’s because you were incredible last night and that you are the WWE Champion that I came to find you. . . See, I’ve had an idea for Survivor Series and I want to make one of the most famous matches in the history of World Wrestling Entertainment, and I thought who better to have as a team captain of one team than Randy Orton


Orton rubs his chin and thinks for a moment

Team captain huh?

Regal: That’s correct

Orton: And my title won’t be on the line will it?

Regal: Oh no, absolutely not

Orton still ponders his decision

You know what Regal, it would be an honour and I thank you for choosing me as team captain. . . You made the right choice

Regal: Thank you Randy, I am most grateful

Regal walks off as the camera then zooms in on Orton as he nods his head and smiles


Team captain!


Victoria is in her locker room getting changed when Beth Phoenix walks in and up to her


I hope you’re happy. . . Thanks to you, I lost to Mickie James again

Victoria: You can blame me for tonight, but don’t put the blame on me for you losing last week too, that had nothing to do with me

Phoenix: Well that wasn’t my fault either. . . But last night it was all down to me when I beat Mickie and kept hold of my title

Victoria: Well good for you. . . But if I were you, when you lose matches two weeks in a row, maybe you should look at yourself

Phoenix: Hey, like I said, I beat Mickie last night, and you wanna know why?. . . Because it was just me and her, no screw up tag team partners to get in the way and mess things up. . .

Victoria smirks

You should be able to win matches on your own if you’re the Womens Champion, but I can tell you one diva you couldn’t beat on her own

Phoenix: Oh and who’s that?

Victoria: ME!


Beth laughs

Oh please!

Victoria: Oh yeah. . . prove it!

Phoenix shakes her head and laughs

Like I need to prove myself to the likes of you


Beth then turns round and walks off. She can be heard laughing as Victoria looks on angrily


Jeff Hardy vs Hardcore Holly

Hardcore took control of the match early on, being very aggressive to Jeff with shots to the head and chest. Jeff was getting back into the match but as he went for an irish whip, Holly reversed it and as Jeff came back off the ropes, Holly nailed him with a perfect standing dropkick. Holly got back up and went outside to bring some of his toys into play. He grabbed a chair and threw that into the ring before then pulling out a table and sliding that into the ring. By the time Holly got back in the ring, Jeff was getting to his knees and Holly then lifted him up to his feet, whipped him into the corner, ran in and hit him with a hard clothesline. As Jeff staggered out of the corner, Holly went and picked the chair up, walked back over to Jeff and SMASHED IT across Jeff’s skull. Jeff fell straight down to the mat as Hardcore laughed and could be seen saying Jeff didn’t look so tough now.

Holly then dropped down to the mat and went for a cover 1 . . . 2 . . . An almighty pop rung out as Jeff got his shoulder up to Holly’s obvious surprise. As he gets back up, he pulls Jeff back up too and whips him hard into the corner again. Jeff hits the pads and Holly picks the chair back up, runs over and goes to smash the chair across Jeff’s skull again, but Jeff moves and the chair connects with the turnbuckle but doesn’t bounce back. Hardcore turns round into a stomp to the gut from Jeff, who then stole the chair from Holly and then HIT HIM ACROSS THE SKULL, knocking Hardcore down. Holly fell into a sitting position against the ropes as Jeff then put the chair facing up against Holly’s skull and then with the aid of the ropes, pulls himself up, then swings back, still holding onto the ropes, connecting with a DROPKICK TO THE CHAIR. . . right into Holly’s face, getting a huge pop. Jeff stands back up, turns round and sees the table, walks over and sets it up in the middle of the ring.

He walks back over to Holly, who is pulling himself up using the ropes and blocks a right hand from Jeff and pushes him away. Jeff runs back at him, but Hardcore moves out of the way as Jeff runs through towards the corner. Jeff manages to jump up to the second rope before hitting the pads and then connects with the WHISPER IN THE WIND. . . the crowd go nuts again for Jeff as he then lifts Holly up from his knees and plants him with the TWIST OF FATE. . . The crowd cheer like crazy for Jeff as he then drags Holly up to his feet and places him on the table, then walks over to the corner and climbs to the top rope. With the crowd on their feet and going crazy, Jeff leaps up and BOOM! . . . SWANTON BOMB THROUGH THE TABLE. . . It takes Jeff several seconds to recover, crawl across and cover Holly 1 . . . 2 . . . 3.

AFTERMATH: Jeff stands back up to his feet as “Loaded” blasts out & the referee raises his arm and passes him the Intercontinental Championship. He walks to the corner and poses with his belt on the second rope to a big pop from the crowd



Get Ready!
The time is near!
Time for the Saviour!
Synchronise – F_96HAC!


Triple H vs Randy Orton & Mr. McMahon

Trips was aggressive from the start, not letting Orton get in control for very long with Vince not wanting to get involved either, remaining on the apron. Trips is dominant and lifts Orton up to his feet, then proceeds to hit him with some vicious chops to the chest and then whips him into the ropes. As Orton runs into the ropes, he holds onto them and taunts Triple H, who then runs at Orton, but Orton lifts his boot up into Trips’ face. The momentum takes HHH back as he then turns around looking dazed, and Orton runs at him but into a SPINNING SPINEBUSTER. . . Huge cheers from the crowd as Vince looks nervous on the outside and Triple H looks so intense, reaches down and pulls Orton up to his feet, then sets him up for the PEDIGREE. . .

Orton looks out of it, but Vince threatens to get in the ring, forcing Trips to let go of Orton and run at Vince, who immediately pulls himself back through the ropes and jumps down to the floor, getting a lot of heat. Trips remains by the ropes and stares down at Vince with a strong look of hate on his face, but behind him, Orton is pulling himself back up to his feet. Vince starts talking trash to Trips, aware that Orton is getting back up to his feet and as Vince tries to look past Triple H, The Game realises, turns round and runs at Orton, who ducks under a clothesline and tries for an irish whip which is reversed by Triple H. Orton comes back off the ropes and ducks a knee lift from Triple H, and then immediately connects with a SIDE INVERTED BACKBREAKER. . . Triple H is down and Orton is straight on him for a cover 1 . . . 2 . . .

Huge pop as The Game kicks out in time and then starts to move around on the mat. Orton gets back up to his feet and Vince tells him to finish Triple H, so Orton then drops to the mat and stalks him for the RKO with the crowd booing loudly. Triple H slowly makes his way back up, selling it for all it’s worth. Orton looks ready to explode with Vince looking on with an evil stare in his eyes. As Trips gets back up, he turns round and Orton leaps for the RKO, but Trips is able to push Orton forward and into the ropes. As Orton comes back, he runs into a high knee lift from The Game, who then immediately pulls Orton back up to his feet and sets him up for the PEDIGREE. . . and with the crowd on their feet, Orton manages to drop to his knees and low blow Triple H, which gets a lot of heat and causes Mike Chioda to ring for the bell.

AFTERMATH: With Triple H on the mat, Vince stops and looks to have an idea as he then walks to the ropes and climbs to the outside where he reaches under the ring and pulls out a sledgehammer. It’s met with boos from the crowd as Vince then climbs back in the ring and Orton looks on smiling. Triple H starts to sit up on the mat and Vince walks over with the sledgehammer in hand, ready to smash The Game’s skull in. As Trips sits up, looking drowsy, Vince sets himself up right above him with Orton looking on smiling, when all of a sudden, Stephanie McMahon runs down the aisle and into the ring. Vince & Randy look confused as she gets on her knees next to Triple H and begs Vince not to hit him. He tells her to get out of his way, but she refuses to budge as Vince continues to scream at her. Vince looks serious until Stephanie stands up with a serious look on her face and walks over to the ropes and asks for a microphone. Lilian passes her one as Vince & Orton look on confused

Stephanie: Dad. . . this has gone way too far now, you’ve got to stop it

Vince stares a hole through her for a couple of seconds before turning back round to face Triple H getting to his knees

Dad, don’t do it or I’ll tell everyone just why you’re doing this. . . I’ll tell everyone what we said we never would if you hit him

Vince turns round and shakes his head at Stephanie and Orton just looks confused

Don’t do it dad. . . I’ll tell everyone, I swear


Vince looks at her and clearly mouths the words “You wouldn’t”. He turns round and raises the sledgehammer up and is about to bring it down when. . .

He’s my husband!

Vince drops the sledgehammer in shock and turns round to face Stephanie as Orton looks gob smacked. Vince looks pissed at Stephanie who just stares back as Raw goes off the air

King: Oh my god JR, did I hear that right? . . . Stephanie & Triple H are married?

JR: Why would Stephanie lie about something like that? . . . I sure as hell think she’s telling the truth

King: I don’t believe it JR, this is unbelievable

JR: What happens from here? . . . It looks like we’ll have to wait until next week King. . . Oh my god, what a shocker here on Raw tonight. . . Good night folks, we’ll see you next week. . . You’d be mad to miss it!


Mickie James & Candice Michelle df. Beth Phoenix & Victoria
Mr. Kennedy df. Val Venis
No Contest in 12 Man Battle Royal
Jeff Hardy df. Hardcore Holly
Triple H df. Randy Orton & Mr. McMahon

John Morrison df. Colt Cabana
Cody Rhodes df. Mike W. Kreul
Deuce ‘N’ Domino df. Balls Mahoney & “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan

Jay Jeter & Matt Sydal df. The Highlanders


Jeff Hardy & CM Punk vs Elijah Burke & Santino Marella



A Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Match with Randy Orton as one Team Captain

The Intercontinental Championship on the line in a Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Match

The vacant Cruiserweight Championship to be decided in a Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Match

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