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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

I thought I would just post it now, sory for the lateness.

Smackdown Feedback

The opening promo by MVP was great. Porter was in character throughout the promo especially how he was bashing Hardy. I like how you have continued these two's feud and I expect there match at Cyber Sunday nothing less than amazing. Interesting how you have chosen the World's Greatest Tag Team to be on this episode of the VIP Lounge, but it seems fitting. This is a good way to get the WWE Tag Team Championships some mic time, which is vivtal for a champion or champions. Having the WGTT suck up to MVP is another good way for them to get some heat. I figured Matt Hardy would interrupt. Calling them cowards was pretty funny and having Taylor and McIntyre come out surprised me a bit, but now seems obvious.

There was no way that a team made up of three champions was going to loose. Good booking by having them cheat to win, to keep their heat. I like where all of these angles are going and putting them together in a match like was a great idea.

Finally somebody is giving Chris Masters something to do. The idea of this feud is an interesting one but I wonder how long it will last. I suspect it will be used as a lauching pad for Burchill into bigger and better things.

I liked how Foley got his cheap pop, he always does that. Great to see Mick going for the old GM job, and I personally think he could make a great GM, as we have seen in the past before. I liked the interaction between Foley and Striker and it seemed like they had great chemistry. I don't like the match Foley made however. There was already one six man tag team match tonight, and it doesn't make sense to put this match on, but I am sure it will smooth out.

Exciting cruiserweight action here. This seemed like a great match with a great finish. A big win here for Jimmy Wang Yang as he is almost the only credible man in the match. Huge come back by Chavo Guerrero and this has to set up a feud between these two.

Great interaction backstage with interim GM Mick Foley. I loved how Rey Mysterio and Foley showed respect for each other and Rey tells him that at Cyber Sunday everyone will see a side they have never seen before. Edge walking in was good, and I may see some foreshadowing here with these two. Although it seems as though Rey Rey is in for a push I don’t see him beating Umaga tonight. Great match made for Survivor Series, and I can already see Chavo Guerrero walking away with the strap.

This was a good match between Chris Masters and Buchill. You could tell Masters was mad early in on in the match because of all the hard offense. Burchill picks up another good match but I don’t see Masters going away too soon.

I liked how you give the reasons as to why Umaga left RAW. It lets the reader understand your reasoning more and just makes a all better flow. I am a fan of Umagas and having win the World Heavyweight Championship wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Great six man tag team match here. It was good to see some back and forth action with some of the biggest men in the WWE. I like this push Big Daddy V and Thorn are receiving by being the same match at The Undertaker, and Batista that is a big step. Too bad it ended in a DQ, but I understand why, good booking there.

This next promo I really enjoyed, not sure why but I just did. Foley and Batista have good chemistry, and have always worked well together. For some reason I see Edge trying to screw Batista and Foley make the save.

Cyber Sunday card looks great, predictions at the end.

Great match! This main event was excellently written, even for a summary. I honestly thought Mysterio had this for a moment. You did a great job contrasting the two different styles, and having Umaga finish off with the splash was different. Good way to end the show with Batista getting the upperhand and Edge even being out there too.

All in all this was one of the better shows I have read leading into a PPV. You put a lot of focus on the big matches of the night and did not waste time. The two hours you had was used efficiently. Good booking throughout the show, and good job!

WWE Championship
Randy Orton (c) vs ? ? ?

Vote for Randy Orton's Opponent
A. CM Punk
B. John Morrison
C. Triple H

World Heavyweight Championship
Batista (c) vs Umaga

Vote for Match Stipulation
A. Special Referee (Edge)
B. No Holds Barred
C. Last Man Standing

Intercontinental Championship
Jeff Hardy (c) vs Mr. Kennedy

Vote for Match Stipulation
A. No Disqualifications
B. Ladder
C. First Blood

WWE United States Championship
Matt Hardy vs Montel Vontavious Porter (c)

Vote for Match Stipulation
A. 30 Minute Iron Man
B. First Fall To A Finish
C. 2/3 Falls

World Tag Team Championship
The Extremists (Tommy Dreamer & Stevie Richards) vs Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch (c)

Vote for Match Stipulation
A. ECW Rules
B. Tables Match
C. Bar Fight

Rey Mysterio vs Finlay

Vote for Match Stipulation
A. Steel Cage
B. I Quit
C. Stretcher

WWE Womens Championship
Mickie James vs Beth Phoenix (c)

Vote for Match Stipulation
A. Wrestling Match
B. Paddle On A Pole
C. Bra And Panties
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