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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Alim's Raw Review

Hey, sorry for the lateness dude, I've just been playing Smackdown vs. Raw 2008 a lot, so yeah. Nice promo by Triple H to start off the show. I think that having him come out was pretty much a no brainer, seeing as how last week he was in the handicap match. I think it was also good to have him hype up Cyber Sunday by saying that the fans will have the power, they can make the matches, etc. Vince coming in was nice too, he's really great on the mic. Another handicap style match, meh, I'm kind of not too fond of it, wonder what Punk and Morrison will be doing?

This was pretty odd. You have CM Punk going into Cyber Sunday looking pretty strong, you'd think he'd be in a more higher profile match on Raw, but he faces Hardcore Holly? That's pretty low tbh, it looked just like a squash. I would have prefered maybe a tag team match or something.

This was a pretty good segment consisting of both the Rhodes. Like Hataf, I don't like Cody Rhodes either, really haven't heard any of his mic work tbh, but I like the father/son interaction.

Great way to put over Burke by having him face Val Venis, and you didn't fully job out Venis either. The ref bump imo was unnecessary, but I guess this puts over Burke by making him a really 'dirty' superstar too. Sorry i've been playing SvR too much. :P

I really, really liked this promo. Length was awesome. The thing I liked the most is that Kennedy really dug into his past and used his passed matches as an example to put himself over. I really don't mind what type of match these two face each other at CS, I know it'll be good.

I don't like mixed tag matches, I don't know why, but I just don't, but this one was good. You used a tag team match to build three feuds in just one match, I really like that and I think that's a great booking decision. It was good to see that Kennedy/Hardy got a good amount of ring time, and Mickie getting the win was icing on the cake.

I find Randy Orton very bland on the mic, he just isn't entertaining. This promo was ok. More hype for Cyber Sunday was good, and he got his message out pretty clearly stating that he's ready for anyone. I'm really hoping for CM Punk or Triple H.

Santino is great on the mic, and he's really funny too. This promo wasn't an exception. I enjoyed the whole barbeque thing, in real life, JR would probably be real pissed lol. Harry Smith video interupting him was nice, hopefully he comes soon and not under DH Smith.

CM Punk and Regal promo, pretty interesting. I like the fact that you gave Punk some mic time, because his mic skills are really underestimated in real life, in the WWE of course. Builds to the feud, and adds some suspense. I wonder if he'll stay or he'll leave, we'll see.

This match was kind of dull tbh. I like the fact that you're building up to a strong tag division on Raw, I just don't like Stevie Richards and Tommy Dreamer teaming up. To me, they don't suit as a tag team.

Usually in these kind of matches, handicap, gauntet, etc, you see the face come out on top, exactly what happened. The choices for the teams facing Trips were good too, I'm happy to see Deuce n' Domino on Raw, they should help out the tag division. I knew this Open House rule would spark some new feuds and move some wrestlers around. Normally this would confirm Triple H getting the title shot, but this time we decide. Like I said earlier, I'd really like Punk or Trips to win the votes.

Overall, good show. I enjoyed reading it, you're promos are great and so are your matches. Cyber Sunday is looking fantastic, I've already sent in my votes. Good luck on Cyber Sunday dude!


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