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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Raw Review

Opening promo was very good as normal with your shows. The usual stuff you get with HHH and Mcmahon. Nice set up for Cyber Sunday and the show's ME.

Punk/Holly was nothing more than a filler match and too get Punk over. Build him up as a credible choice in the title match. He could do with a good feud after Cyber Sunday.

Rhodes promo was nothing much for me. The typical father/son respect thing and what you'd expect.

Good to see Burke's push continue. Came over as very arrogant and cocky which is good.

Kennedy promo was great. In character and very smart how you used the fact he's won big first blodd and ladder matches already. Great promo and well thought out

The 6 person tag was alright. Packing three feuds into one match makes sense with not much time to get them all on TV. Not too sure about Mickie pinning Beth. Smart move not having the men get pinned. Probably means Beth will retain at Cyber Sunday.

Orton promo was good again. Once again done by the book and what you'd expect on a normal Raw.

The whole Santino promo was a bit random. His hate for JR came out of nowhere and throwing Cena into the mix didn't make too much sense. Dont like it when 2nd generation wrestlers rely on their fathers or whoever too get them pushed. I'm alright with using Bulldog to get fans to know who DH is but don't overuse the connection and attach him to it. Give him his own character. The same with Cody.

Punk promo was good again. To the book and possible interference in the main event?

Not sure about the booking here having a match on the CS card on free TV. Would have been better going along with the two singles matches like last week. Good match though and the attack at the ned evened it up after Dreamer getting the pin.

Handicap gauntlet was a good idea. First two matches were obvious endings. Last one was more of a match. Morrison seems to be making the numbers up. Aftermath was good too. Punk coming out I saw coming but was a good touch. HHH eventually going over orton builds to his high momentum. I see Orton retaining now and continuing the feud. probably not a clean finish either. Obvious HHH is being pushed as the main contender.

Overall it was done very much to the book. What you'd expect from a normal Raw. Not your best one so far but still of a high enough standard. Booking was a bit random in places but promos and matches were all good. SD preview looks good too.
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