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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Sorry, this is too late. I know I haven’t reviewed some shows of your thread, but I didn’t really got any time left in my hands to dish out reviews. I got time now, and here I’m; dishing out reviews. Enjoy this review though. I’ll start reviewing from now on though, btw.

RAW Review
Good way to kick off RAW, with Triple H and Vince hyping up the Cyber Sunday main event even more. They just looked right to me because I can’t rate them exactly in a recapped promo. Looked like a good promo to start off RAW, and the finish was good too.

Punk looks strong now after defeating Hardcore Holly, but the match itself could’ve been better. You must’ve described more in this match, and Hardcore Holly should’ve attacked Punk more. HH is a legit tough guy, and you made him look like a jobber so that wasn’t fair, but apart from it; Punk, as I said, looks strong, and that’s what you need right now.

I’ve never found Cody Rhodes charismatic, but you made him look charismatic through Dusty Rhodes in this promo though. So yeah, that promo was nicely done.

Okay, the concept of this match was to put over Elijah, and you did a solid job here. The aftermath was scary though. Lol. The way you mentioned how Venis was looking pissed off means that we’d be seeing a feud between these two workers. Venis is too boring, and I hope we don’t see a feud. Yeah, I really hope.

Awesome promo by Kennedy. Man, you’ve got amazing potential. GO THE FULL SHOWS NOW~! Lol. I just got excited after reading this promo. Kennedy’s wordings were great, and the entire promo was great too. Awesome work.

Good action here in this 3 vs. 3 intergender tag team match up. I’m glad that the ladies were given a good amount of time in this match up too. The ending was also nice, as it puts Mickie over, but I would’ve liked more creativity here. Well, what I mean by that is that I just wanted to see Jeff picking up the victory or probably Cody, but not that sweet lady.

Okayish promo here with Randy Orton this time. It was decent enough to hype the Cyber Sunday main event though. Seeing John Morrison in this match isn’t great booking, btw. You need more main eventers on this brand to make things more exciting.

The way Santino ranted about Cena here makes me believe that we might see a feud between them later on, but I hope not. Santino isn’t great in wrestling, and I hate that guy. The promo was done nicely though, and the way Harry Smith’s video interrupted was a nice touch. Looks like Harry is on his way to feud with Santino.

Interesting segment here between Regal and Punk. So far, Punk has been used brilliantly in your thread, by the way. The concept of this match was good. Lets see what Punk decides he’s gonna do. Nice suspense.

You really don’t have exciting rosters, and feuds going on. The only exciting feud on RAW is Hunter vs. Orton. Everything else is nothing too special. This tag team match didn’t interest me at all. But the way you built up some momentum for Stevie and Dreamer here was nicely done.

Good main event to end the night for us. It was expected that we’d see Triple H with his hand raised in mid air to finish the night. Triple H has got a lot of momentum here by destroying all of his components (Although he got some help from Punk, but Triple H is the man of the night). Didn’t like the champ getting pedigree’d though, because it made Orton look weak, and he should look strong as hell cause he’s heading for a title defense at Cyber Sunday.

In the end, it was an okayish show. Nothing really too special. You haven’t delivered the the ‘excitement’ yet on the RAW brand. Seeing Morrison in a main event of CS is a disaster to me. Sorry, but it is. And right now, I think you should go for the full shows. Recaps aren’t really that much exciting, and don’t worry; I know you’ve got a lot of potential, and you WILL do it. I know, but you’ve got to try. Just try once, and you’ll be doing good.

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