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Re: Rate & Mini-Summarize the Last Movie You Saw

28 Weeks Later

After watching 28 days later, i was a bit skeptical coming into watching this movie. 28days later draged quite a bit in some parts, mostly in a half-assed attempt at character building. But after watching 28 weeks later, I thought it was better than its predocessor. There definitly isn't as much suspense as the previous movie, but were suspense is missing, action takes its place. Two gripes about the movie however, one is that it was too short. This problem ties in with the next problem, very little character building outside of the family. I wished they could have told the story of the female doctor or the solider that saves them. Yes i know its an action movie, but that doesn't mean they have to skimp on the plot. However, i did like the dad character and his build up. The ending also left some untied ends and hopefully sets up for 28 months later!

Overall Rating: Solid C + maybe into the B- Range. I have to watch it again.

Final Verdict: If you like zombie movies or horror movies in general, this is a good buy. It does hold your attention through the movie with relentless amounts of zombies, piled ontop of a several tankers full of blood, all mixed in with some military conspiracy.

Next Movie to be Rated: Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer

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