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Backstage WWE News & Rumours

Originally Posted by Pro Wrestling Insider.com

With Cyber Sunday rapidly approaching, it remains as no surprise that Triple H & CM Punk are the two front runners ahead of John Morrison to be voted in for the WWE Championship match against Randy Orton. The current storyline suggests that creative want Triple H as the one they want to be voted in but the internet community are bound to be pro Punk and it wouldn’t be considered a shock if Punk was chosen despite the opinions that it is a big push too soon. Morrison is only in the reckoning as it is the best time to take advantage of his status gained as ECW Champion earlier this year. A storyline with Triple H not being voted in is already being considered and in the latter stages.

Chris Jericho is still expected to make a return to the WWE in the near future, but the promo videos have been scrapped for the time being at least as creative prepare to bring him in if a deal has in fact been signed. Several TNA stars have their contracts coming to an end very soon also, but it's believed that the WWE have no interest in them as they feel that they are more than capable of building a success out of their own product, rather than panicking into using TNA talent to make shows easier to book with the big and former stars joining the rosters. Ouch!!!

The Raw Rating saw a steady increase, up to 3.8 this week following two weeks at 3.6. With the next Raw slated to be a “biggy” following Cyber Sunday and starting up the build up to Survivor Series, it is considered that no stone will be left unturned for next weeks show.

The reason for Umaga’s switch to Smackdown is down to the fact that he has done almost everything he can on Raw and with The Undertaker & Batista on Smackdown, it is thought that two high profile feuds will help Umaga get over as the monster he is being portrayed to be.

Mr. Kennedy’s match with Jeff Hardy at Cyber Sunday is causing many an argument backstage as several members of the creative team believe that Kennedy is beyond the mid card point and believe that an extended title run for Jeff will only help his character. On the other side, other writers feel that Kennedy is in need of a serious title reign before being built up to a serious main event contender with Wrestlemania coming up in March.

The Santino Marella / Harry Smith segment this week is scheduled to start off a storyline between the two when Smith does make his debut very soon. Both men are considered to have a decent future on Raw and this could be a feud that is taken very seriously for the benefit of both men. The same goes for Carlito & Cody Rhodes. It is expected that the pair could meet at Survivor Series with both Cody & Carlito’s fathers at ringside.

Deuce & Domino have indeed been switched to the Raw brand following their appearance on Raw this week. Since The Worlds Greatest Tag Team have been switched to Smackdown and become the WWE Tag Team Champions, it is beloved that they will get a big push, meaning that Deuce & Domino would be better off on Raw. More roster changes are expected, but whether or not big names will be moved around is not known yet.

Paul Burchill & Drew McIntyre made impressive debuts on Smackdown last week and it is believed that Burchill may get a strong push on the show in the next few weeks. McIntyre is set to chase the tag titles with Dave Taylor after they came close last Friday night.

Tommy Dreamer & Stevie Richards have received a strong push since joining Raw over two weeks ago and it is thought that they could leave Cyber Sunday the World Tag Team Champions. Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch are well thought of and the push that the challengers have received may well result in a big win for Cade & Murdoch this Sunday. However, there are some strong pushes being made for a title change here.

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