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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

D-K-L's Raw review:

Opening promo:
This was a good way to start the show after what happened last week between the two. What Triple H had to say was good. Vince coming down was expected, and the match he made is very interesting and was something that Vince would do. It'll be interesting to see where this storyline goes, although I'm sure Triple H will have the last laugh. Hopefully everybody has voted in CM Punk to face orton, but if Triple H is voted in I think Vince will cost him the match.

CM Punk vs. Hardore Holly:
This seemed like a good match, having Punk beat Holly is a good way to make Punk look strong. I like how you had Holly wrestle stiff, just like he does IRL. I think this would be a good match to watch. Hopefully Punk will be voted to face orton on Sunday, but it may be too early for him to win the title. It would still be an enjoyable match to read though.

Rhodes seg:
This was good, a good little build up for the match later. It was interesting seeing Dusty at raw. I like the 'dats cool' line.

Venus vs. Burke:
This seemed like a good match. I was expecting a squash match but it didn't come off that way. The ending was very nicely done, a good way for a heel to win. I maybe would of liked to see Burke win cleanly, but i'm sure he will win lots of matches cleanly in the future. I'm a big fan of Burke, so hopefully he will do well on Raw. It looks like that short storyline involving Burke, Duggan and Venus is finished now, so it'll be interesting to see what you have in mind for Burke now.

Kennedy interview:
This was a very good interview. He was a typical heel by interupting Grisham. kennedy was very much in character, he was his typical cocky self. I love the way he gave examples of the last time he wrestled in the first blood and ladder matches, it was good booking to remember that and use it in the interview.

Six person tag:
This seemed like an exciting match. It was a good way to continue the three rivalries. The action involving Hardy and Kennedy in particular was well written. I wasn't expecting Mickie to get the win over Phoenix at all, I was actually expecting cody to get the win over Carlito. Mickie winning is interesting, although I think that Phoenix will come out on top when it really matters. But Mickie is looking strong going into C.S which is good. None of the men lost the match, I think this is good as it means you can continue their rivalries without one of them looking weaker, if that makes sense Lol.

Orton interview:
This was another good interview with Orton making himself look strong. The comments about each of the options were good, the one about Triple H in particular. It seems you are slightly pushing for Triple H to face Orton at Cyber Sunday.

Santino Marrella:
This was very funny, but it seemed a bit out of nowhere.I don't know where his hatred for JR came from, but the comments about the barbecue were very funny. Marrella seems to be insulting everyone at the moment, so no doubt someone will eventually shut him up. I think with the D.H Smith video playing, it might be him to shut Marrella up. I think Marrella would be a good person to put Smith over. It'll be good to see what happens.

Punk/regal seg:
This was good little seg, although I think it was obvious that Punk wouldn't leave. The comment Punk made about the shower was good.

Dreamer/Richards vs. cade/Murdoch:
I was suprised to see this match on the card since it's also going to be at Cyber Sunday. But it is a good thing to do by having a non-title match first, and this thing is used a lot IRL too. I wasn't suprised to see Dreamer and Richards win, as they now look strong going into Cyber Sunday. I can't decide where you are going with this, so it'll be interesting to find out. But at the moment Richards and Dreamer are favourites.

Main Event:
This was good. I was expecting Triple H to win the first couple of matches, which he did. The endings for the matches were well written. I was suprised to see Deuce and Domino on Raw, but I suppose you needed some heel tag teams. The final match was exciting, having Orton not wanting to get involved was good and realistic. I was expecting Triple H to beat Morrison, but having Morrison get disqualified was a good way to end it. I was expecting Punk to come down, which he did. It'll be interesting to see if Punk gets punished for coming down. I liked him giving Orton the GTS, he looks strong going into Cyber Sunday now. VOTE PUNK! Either way, the WWE title match should be good.

This was a good show Nige, the storylines are building very well. The matches were good, promos too, you had some good interviews too. The Vince/Triple H feud is building up very nicely, I can't wait to find out where it goes. Cyber Sunday should be great, the card looks strong. Good show, keep it up!

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