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Re: Official Indy DVD Help Thread

Fith Year Festival: Finale

Delirious vs Colt Cabana.

Very comedic match, starts off funny and ends funny. Todd Sinclair getting involved really made me chuckle or bust out laughing. Overall, fun opener and did what it was ment to do. ** 1/2-** 3/4

Sara Del Rey and Allison Danger vs Jetta and Eden Black?

Who cares? [B]N/R because of lack of interest.

Jimmy Jacobs vs BJ Whitmer.
Very fun brawl, some pretty sick bumps really made it something else. Once Whitmer SHUTS UP and is in a brawling based match were he gets no to very little offense, he's slightly enjoyable. *** 3/4

Matt Sydal vs PAC
I can see why people hated cocky Sydal, he was just boring when it came to playing his role. As expected, it was just a flippy match. Pretty fun stuff. *** 1/2.

Brsicoe vs Briscoe
A match filled with MOVEZ~! and STIFFNESS~! The same thing you'd expect in a Briscoes match, but they really brought something extra that made it stand out. Somewhere on the borderline of either really good or great, **** or even **** 1/4. But no where near the **** 1/2 t hat I've seen commonly.

Naruki Doi and Shingo vs No Remorse Corps.
Great tag match by both teams. Alot of frequent tags on both teams, filled with it's share of spots and Intense moments. Davey needs to work on his heel work and learn that less is more in being a heel. Other then that, really great tag. **** 1/4.

Nigel Guinness vs Jimmy Rave.
Rave should have KEPT WITH THE LEG, ground the larger man instead of taking him on head on. Some of the spots here are sick, mostly the ones involving the guard rail. Can't say much more, good match. ****

Homicide vs Samoa Joe
Christ, this could have been SO much better. I'm confused if Homicide is face or heel in this match. I had some pretty high expectations, but it was just a mess for me. Juilis Smokes selling his hilarrious, he broke into a seizure after taknig and Ole kick. Crowd was hot, though the action wasn't all to there. Meh. *** - *** 1/4.

GREAT buy. not one 'bad' match on the card. Had a fair share of every style and the crowd was hot for even the 'decent' matches. If you're looking for a great recent ROH show, this should be what you get.

*** 3/4 - **** Overall. Go buy it. [/I]

Who cares?

I remember the golden years.
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