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Re: Ghetto Anthony, Seek Help

Due to my professionalism in investigative reporting, I've gotten down and dirty with the down and dirty mystery of this situation. Here are my dicoveries, or myths...

Recently, I've obtained the documents or a record conversation between GA and Holt. GA, real name Tony Gerald Riveria, had asked Holt, real name Theodor Thomas Titan, if he would go to Bundesrepublik Deutschland to explore the lands of Berlin and Saarland. Uncomfortable because of the treatment of his Jewish ancenstors, Titan reluctantly accepted. Because he likes the Discovery Channel, Titan accepted on the terms that he would learn more about Ludvig van Beethoven. If that wasn't enough, he would be allowed the chance to see the infamous Allianz Arena.

On March 7th, things turned for the worst. Upon receiving a phone call from the airlines, Titan had found out that Tony Gerald had, infact, enrolled him into THEE Shanghai Jiaotong University, where the two would become roommates. Titan was devistated because he would have to pay €500 per semester, and he just doesn't have that because he's still helping his friend out with her money issues. Plus Germany would just be too democratic for him. Upon learning this, Titan called up Tony Gerald and demanded an explanation. After stuttering for the next five minutes and thirty-seven seconds, there was an uncomfortable silence. Titan then throws the curveball!

At 9:34 PM - Titan throws the curveball. He demands that Tony Gerald immediately change the destination to somewhere in Eartern Canada where it has been Titan's lifelong dream to paint a picture of the Saint Lawrence River and to buy a home near the Gulf of Saint Lawrence. Being anti-Canadian and totally hating the French, Tony Gerald's feelings were, for a lack of a better word.... hurt. He took exception to moving up North and strongly tried to convice Titan otherwise, explaining that a black man living in Canada hasn't been socially accepted in the year of 2007, and probaly wont be until the year 2018 (claims Scientific studies). An angered Titan then hangs up the phone at 10:15 PM, three minutes before Tony Gerald would get emotional.

There's more to it, but because of legal reasons I cannot share more. That's how it's done, Fox News style!

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