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Re: I think I'm going to be grounded

Originally Posted by MMA
A friend and I were arguing over who the best wrestler of all time is. He was saying Randy Orton and I was saying John Cena. I said Randy Orton is cool but Cena has way more charisma, mic skills, and wrestling ability than Randy Orton. He HATES John Cena, and I don't know why. He is the champ for a reason and that's because his merchandise sells and he is way over. He says that "it doesn't fucking matter if Randy Orton isn't that over because Cena is a fucking joke." He was getting real pissed off at me and I could tell but I kept going because I wasn't gonna lose this fight.

Anyways I straight up tell him "Cena is the best wrestler ever and if you have a fucking problem with it then that's your deal bitch." So he REALLY gets mad at me and starts punching me in the face. I grabbed a can of pepsi and smashed it over his face and he starts to cry and runs straight to his mother and now I am gonna be grounded by my mom for doing this. I asked him why he starting punching me and he said because I called him a bitch, whatever it is his fault that I am getting in trouble don't you think?
wow if you two arguing over who the best wrestler is sparked a fight between you and a friend...well then your friend is pathetic. thats kind of...no...it is sad that such a stupid thing would cause a fight...whatever. I think your friend takes wrestling TOO SERIOUS.

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