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Re: What's another year?

Originally Posted by Rajah
Not bagging the site, no matter what your opinions, are a requisite for starters. Don't rock the boat, even when you are in it. You think I'm happy with things? I've learnt to bite my tongue of the years.

You think everything that happens here is because of me? My God you are mistaken.

Oh, and did you realise that you bringing up post count in Wow was discussed in the staffroom and as a result the post count has now been turned off in Wow. And you think it's all up to me?

Above post as well plz.

I am pretty sure you have the power to veto any staff decisions. I base that off your previous pathetic "You'll never be mod" post.

My suggestions (and that is what they were, suggestions) were voiced here because I am not staff, and never will be. Are you saying that to be staff, public constructive criticism is not allowed?

I know well everything that happens here is not because of you. What I do know is that you take every oppertunity to talk down to everyone, including your own staff. Case in point, calling me a moron for absolutely no reason except that I raised some issues. You are very happy to claim your position as big man when an issue of power comes to the frame. Consistency would be nice.

The issues were topical, factual issues that could do with being addressed. I have no idea why you care to take that personally, but feel free to get your panties in a bunch about it. The fact remains that I never addressed you, and yet you sought out a challenge. Do you expect me not to respond? Especially when I am in the right?

I respect what you do for this forum, for no financial reward. What I do not respect is being talked down to when your responses ignore the content of my post, even though you take personal issue with a general observation, and are merely an attempt to "pwn", for want of an actual word, an observation.

Continue to act superior, by all means. But do not for one second think I attribute the shortcomings of VerticalScope to you. The only shortcomings I attribute to you are the ones relating to your own ego.

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