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Re: What's another year?

Originally Posted by Blade
My point is that you are saying staff go along with everything the admins say. We have to go along with it, but that does not mean we agree with everything they say.

Like i said they have the final say if we agree or not.

Fair enough. My point is that apparently because I disagree with Rajah on a certain topic I am disqualified from being Mod material.

Regardless of my qualifications and personal bias of my own awesomeness (going by what 75% of mods have told me), I am not qualified because of a difference of opinion. I can accept the consuqeuences; the "you'll never be a mod" was predictable as hell when I decided to stand up for what is entirely accurate. It's just pretty fucking pathetic.

And yes, what I have said is entirely accurate. I don't care if people aren't willing to say it out loud, I have received unpredicted messages of support simply because I'm voicing my opinion. An opinion which is not only justified, it is completely factual.

Seriously, how many points have I brought up? And I get called a moron. I defend the accusation, and my arguments are yet again ignored. What do I get? A childish "You'll never be a mod".

The state this place is in, I would have thought some objective opinions would be welcomed. I certainly didn't expect them to be met with such immaturity simply because what I've said is both correct and contradicitive to the decision of head cheese.

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