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Default Re: What's another year?

Originally Posted by WCW
The guy that pushed the button.
I thought that was a Chem Bro's referance at first

With regard to Cal being perm banned:

Plagiarism, by definition, involves the claim of ownership or creation. Forgetting to give credit and acknowledging that the piece is not your own work is not plagiarism. An ommission of credit does not constitute plagiarism when it is acknowledged as someone else's work.

On top of that, it was used in an informal discussion in a random chat thread where the conversation changes every couple of minutes, and every single person was aware (as it was acknowledged) that it was not his. It's a bullshit ban.

Furthermore, if this particular ban had not been enforced, I'm quite sure the perm ban would not have come about. Cal had been posting within the rules for some time, and it would be pretty shitty if he had been perm banned out of nowhere after the 5th ban was randomly realised. It wouldn't have happened.

The plagiarism ban shouldn't have come about (and it shouldn't. It wasn't plagiarism.), and by that, the perm ban is pretty fucking harsh.

Obviously, nothing will change. He aint coming back. Doesn't mean it can't be said that he shouldn't be gone.


I am well aware that the staff cannot action things like the arcade; you have told us that repeatedly. I brought up the issue because it went with the point about desirability and attractiveness of memberships. I was well aware that you nor David can access the arcade, which is why I did not say "the staff" need to do something...even though I suggested things which you guys CAN do. It was part of the same point, albeit (along with the server issue) an issue that goes above your heads. Feel free to clarify such a point in the future before calling me a moron
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