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Re: What's another year?

Originally Posted by MrMonty
Cali got banned for a bullshit reason. I am taking this oppertunity to invite the ban happy person to show themselves. I only ask, because in a time when staff are being asked to be more lenient, banning someone for posting a review in an informal conversation where ownership was neither intended nor attributed seems pretty fucking retarded.
He'll be back tomorrow night sometime...

The servers still suck cock. Statistically, over 95% of websites are faster than us. And pretty much all of them have the search function. Yeah, I know it's not the mods problem, but it pisses me off.
Everyone hates it.

The WOW section. If it counts towards your post count for saying 8.5/10(A fair rating would be 8, but you gotta add the .5 for the 5 character rule. Notice how many women have gone up .5 lately?), surely it should count towards it when you're having an indepth discussion in rants. You have people racing to 5000 points (I'm looking at you Rusty) by spamming the hell out of the section. Why is post count turned on there? Look at the sections it is off in. And it is on there. You simply cannot argue that the posts in there are more worthy of a hard earned +1 post count than others. Yes, rants might have a load of spam. WOW is nothing but spam, bar the opening post.
If post count is off in Media, why should it be on there? It's even more spam then T4, tbh.

2007 joinees have been pretty shit overall. What's up with that?
I've noticed that as well, 2007 appears to be a bad year.

Happy anniversary on the forum, btw.

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