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Re: What's another year?

Originally Posted by MrMonty

The WOW section. If it counts towards your post count for saying 8.5/10(A fair rating would be 8, but you gotta add the .5 for the 5 character rule. Notice how many women have gone up .5 lately?), surely it should count towards it when you're having an indepth discussion in rants. You have people racing to 5000 points (I'm looking at you Rusty) by spamming the hell out of the section. Why is post count turned on there? Look at the sections it is off in. And it is on there. You simply cannot argue that the posts in there are more worthy of a hard earned +1 post count than others. Yes, rants might have a load of spam. WOW is nothing but spam, bar the opening post.
Completely agree on that one and im also going to add that imo Currently Listening should be in a section with no post count either. There certain people on this site have more posts in that one thread than they have on the rest of the site combined. Similar to the people who only post in the WOW section or at least post a vast amount of times in there. Certain ones who used to do the same in the media section before that was turned off but suddenly stopped posting once it didn't count.

The call out thread was awesome. It needs to be brought back.
Don't remember this to be honest but it sounds fun.

Make memberships more attractive. The rep bonus was a great incentive. Why not keep it going? Why not make the VIP section desirable? Turn on the arcade in VIP. Give bonus rep to anyone who buys a new membership. You want to entice members? Let members rant on the staff in VIP without getting banned. Do something.
Another good point maybe its time we did do that again, but that ones up to the admins.

Contrary to popular opinion, it IS possible to have a couple of tabs of the same site open at the same time. I know, I was shocked too. I fail to see how someone gets slandered because of consistent posting in TTT. Guess what, I have that thread open right now! Yet how am I posting this!? Surely you cant post in two places at once!? Why posting in TTT while scrolling the site is viewed upon as drinking and driving is beyond me.
For every person doing that though there is alot who for lack of a better word live in that thread.

2007 joinees have been pretty shit overall. What's up with that?

The following people may or may not be twats. Who's who? Iono.

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