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Re: Killa Cali: The Big Meanie

Originally Posted by CanadianWWEFan
Can someone please tell me why Killa Cali is such a mean man? It seems everything I post, no matter how vanilla, I still get neg repped by this guy. I don't know if he has had a rough childhood, or maybe he's trying to be a tough guy over the internet by neg repping me and insulting me!

Everyone here who knows me knows I am a great guy. I'm tall, handsome, smart, and funny. There's no reason for anyone to hate me, other than the fact that they may be jealous of my unbelievable charisma and popularity. It really is a sad thing, a great guy like me can't spread joy over the internet because one guy has a bug stuck up his ass.

I'm disappointed in you Killa Cali...

I've wiped my ass with harsher shit...

Tis a good thing you're not a Colbert fan. Because a Wag of the Finger woulda sent this rant beyond the depths of excrement it's already acheived.


If I were a black man...I'd call my penis the Oreo Fun Stick.

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