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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Bradley's RAW Review:

I liked the opening promo, it could have been longer but I guess it was recap. This does kind of make HHH look like too big of a contender against Orton but the interaction was there and it was definitely in character. The only thing I didn't like was Regal doing basically nothing. It's in the UK; get him something to do! The main event should be interesting even though it was on RAW.

Nice to see Tommy Dreamer get a win. Having him and Richards win the tag titles would make the tag division a LOT better in my eyes so it needs to happen.

A nice Cabana from Carlito but Carlito is meant to invite the guest out first. It would have made a lot more impact in my eyes. I like the fact it is getting personal and I know you are high on both of these guys so we should see them get good air time in their imminent Cyber Sunday match. Carlos and Dusty should also be involved.

Nice to see Morrison be a lot more sneaky but he sounded too much like Nitro and not Morrison. He didn't sound in character and could have used metaphors etc but the structure was there and I could clearly see what was going on.

Burke gets a win, he needs to go for the I.C title at some point in the future, he needs to be built up big time.

I like the intimidation aspect by HHH, probably something he would do more as a heel but w/e. Vince giving in to his demands and then looking angry is weird. He is the boss, he could have fired him.

A decent tag match here. Shame Cody wasn't involved but it doesn't matter. Hardy actually performed really well and I guess the win was academic for Carlito as any of the other guys being pinned would hurt them a lot.

Harry Smith returns? Aw3s0m3nesz!

A weird Santino promo, this better get to something good, Torrie needs a bodyguard, maybe (*HARRY SMITH*)and we see Smith vs. Santino at Cyber Sunday.

A nice women's match but the pace of the match was too fast for a women's match. It didn't seem to flow all that well but the story behind it was good. You will have a talented women's division in the next few months.

Interesting Kennedy promo, not so brash and cocky but I guess it was just to hype up the Cyber Sunday match, which could be match of the night. (Unless we get PUNK VS. ORTON!!) Vote for him god damnit!

Punk doesn't compete again, that sucks. Maybe Punk/Vince rivalry in the future, it would certainly be new.

Well at least HHH got some offense in but this match should never have happened. At least let Punk intefere! I wasn't a big fan of this match at all but at least it had suspense and HHH could have won and the RKO DID come out of nowhere so I guess I can let you off!

Overall, I liked this show, don't get me wrong, I just felt that you set the benchmark too high in your first RAW. It was outstanding, this was just good. I hope you see where I am coming from and I am not trying to criticise you.

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